Water volume advice

1. polished ceramic tiles: low volume
2. wooden floor: medium volume
3. matte tiles: high volume

Does not vacuum

Clean the dust box or replace the HEPA filter.

Does not resume cleaning

1. Check if “Do not disturb” time conflicts.
2. Enable the “resume cleaning” function.

"Dust box not installed"

1. Install the dust box well in place. Check if the metal contact pieces of the dust box and robot are free from dirt.
2. Replace the dust box if the metal contact pieces on both sides appear to be different. If so, please reach customer service.

Water leakage

Fill up the tank and tighten the lid, then place the tank horizontally. If water runs out, then the tank needs replacement.

Large water volume

1. Tighten the lid of the water tank.
2. Adjust the water volume via APP.

No water from the water tank

1. Check if the metal pieces of the tank are normal, and clean them.
2. Clean the mopping cloth.
3. Replace the water tank.

Slow response

1. See if the space around’s too little or with obstacles.
2. If controls with APP, make sure the network’s fine. Usually, the robot responds more slowly in rush hours due to network delay.

Cannot be fully charged

1. Use the original charger and place the charging base horizontally. Unplug and plug it, then try to recharge.
2. Reinstall the battery.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

Short runtime

1. Charge the robot for 4-5 hours and check if the light of the charging stand is energized when charging.
2. When fully charged, check how long the robot could run and the battery level.
3. Replace the battery if needed.

Does not charge/recharge

1. Check if the charging base is powered. Unplug and plug it in for charging.
2. Leave enough space around the charging base for better receiving the signal.
3. Check if the metal charging pieces of the robot are free from dirt such as oxide.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

Does not avoid obstacles

1. Check if the front bumper’s blocked by pushing and releasing it a few times.
2. Loosen the screws at the bottom of the front bumper a bit.
3. Reinstall the front bumper.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

Robot leaves charging base automatically

1. Use the remote control or APP to cancel the scheduling.
2. Reset the machine via APP.
3. If the problem was not solved, remove the battery, and install it after 3-5 minutes.
4. If the robot’s powered on and a pet touches it, it may auto start.
5.The use of remote controls of other household appliances may interfere with the robot due to infrared signals.

Hot motor

Such is normal when using right after being fully charged. Please turn off the machine and allow it to cool.

Mopping mode descriptions

When in mopping mode, the side brush turns, the roller brush turns slowly, and the fan stops.

Strange noise

1. Remove the side brush to clear the tangles, then reinstall it.
2. Remove the roller brush cover and the roller brush to clean, then reinstall them.
3. If in vain, remove the roller brush cover and the roller brush, then run the robot to see if the noise disappears. For further support, please reach customer service.

Fan error

Please reach customer service.

Side brushes won't turn

Remove the side brush and clear the tangles, then restart the robot.

Roller brush error

Remove the roller brush and clear the tangles with the small cleaning brush attached. Clean the bearings on both sides as well.

Wheels stuck

Check if there were blockages around the wheels.

Robot reverses / stuck / does not move

1. Check and remove blockages.
2. Clean the side brushes, wheels, roller brush and sensors.
3. Push and release the side wheels, and see if both rebound normally.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

APP connection

1. Place the router, robot and phone closer.
2. Grant permissions for APP such as GPS/location.
3. Use a 2.4GHz network.
4. Enter the WiFi name and password correctly.
5. Use another phone’s hotspot as WiFi to test if the connection failure was due to network.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

Cannot connect to APP

1. Please use the Proscenic APP with a 2.4GHz network.
2. Press both buttons on the robot until the lights flash blue to enter network configuration mode.
3. Choose the WiFi and enter the password correctly. Keep the WiFi password between 8-12 characters long.
4. Connect to the Proscenic hotspot, then returns to the APP.
Please reach customer service if the Proscenic hotspot does not appear on the WiFi page.


1. Disable other devices’ connections if there are too many connections to the same WiFi network.
2. Use another phone’s hotspot as WiFi and see if it happens again.

Auto clean mode / Room Clean Mode

1. When in Auto Clean mode and the area is larger than 5㎡, maps would be divided automatically. Partitions can be split or merged.
2. Partitions can be reset or deleted and set as many.
3. Maps would automatically be divided in different colours only when the cleaning’s finished in Auto Clean mode.

Use of map partitions

1. When the robot finishes the cleaning in Auto Clean mode and recharges, the whole maps show and can be divided and renamed.
2. You can set zones as rectangular or polygon and select zones to clean once or twice.

No-go zones

When the robot’s running, no-go zones will show on the bottom left of the map. You can set no-go zones under different modes, e.g. mopping mode.

No cleaning records

Let the robot finish the cleaning and return to the charging base automatically for charging. Otherwise, the cleaning records would not be saved.

Unable to locate

Place the robot on a flat surface/floor, then restart it. (The robot needs to reposition itself when the surroundings change, so this is a normal reminder).

"Place it in a safe location"

1. Check if the robot’s off the ground, place it on a flat surface/floor and restart it.
2. Clean the cliff sensors around the bottom edge of the robot.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

Off the ground

Flip the robot over, clean the cliff sensors around the edge, and restart it.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

Reacts to remote control of other household appliances

It may happen in a few cases due to infrared signal interference.

Cannot remote control

Replace the remote control’s battery.

Firmware upgrade fails

1. Ensure the network’s fine.
2. Ensure over 20% battery power.
3. Keep the robot powered up on the charging base during the upgrade and do not interrupt it in the middle of the upgrade.

Map errors

Check if the network’s stable.
It’s normal that maps show differences in the situations below:
1. if the robot was blocked frequently.
2. if the robot runs under the bed or sofa.
3. if the robot’s moved manually.
4. if detergent was added to the water tank.

Missing areas

1. Check if obstacles prevent the robot from entering the areas.
2. Check if objects were moved or surrounding changed.
3. Check if the magnetic tape was moved.
4. Check the battery level after cleaning. The low battery could cause missed cleaning.

Radar blocked

1. Use the small cleaning brush to brush the radar lens gently, or use a hairdryer’s cool wind to blow it.
2. Stick the finger around the radar and rotate it. Wipe the lens with alcohol, then restart the robot.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

Sensors error

1. Check if the front bumper’s blocked by pushing and releasing it. Clean the front bumper lens.
2. Clean the cliff sensors around the bottom edge of the robot.
If in vain, please reach customer service.

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