Sensors error

No cleaning records


Cannot connect to APP

APP connection

Wheels stuck

Roller brush won't turn

Side brushes won't turn

Strange noise

Fan error

"Water tank not installed"

"Dust box not installed"

Large water volume

No water from the water tank

Mopping error

Roller brush error

Robot reverses / stuck / does not move

Short runtime

Cannot be fully charged

Does not charge/recharge

Does not avoid obstacles

Robot leaves charging base automatically

Slow response

Hot motor

Does not resume cleaning

Does not vacuum

Cannot power off

Stops suddenly / Flashing red

Missing areas

Map errors

Firmware upgrade fails

Cannot remote control

How to connect with Alexa
How to connect with google home
How to connect with google assistant
How to clean side brushes and do maintenance
How to clean the dust bin and filter
How to clean the charging contacts
How to clean the roller components
How to connect with Proscenic Home App
850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Quick Start
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