The 4th generation Precision Laser Mapping and Navigation system, 1.8x precision of mapping, the power of cleaning efficiency increased by 50%.

Dot-LiDAR Technology

An advanced dot structured light system with high precision dToF detection sensors, which scan 4,500 times/s to create accurate maps and ensure the most efficient cleaning path.

Sonic Mopping System

Mops with high-frequency vibration, scrubbing the floors up to 2,500 times/min, perfect for removing stubborn dirt like coffee stains and soy sauce.

Ultrasonic Carpet Detection

A new generation of ultrasonic technology to accurately detect carpets. On vacuuming mode, once a carpet is detected, the suction is automatically switched to Max. On mopping mode, no climbing on carpets.

Y Mopping

Enables triple-pass mopping action

and clean every dirt.


Auto-identify the carpet and

switch to the max suction.

Auto Empty Base

Auto empty dust from dustbin.

Auto Clean

Detects the amount of dust and

automatically adjusts to the appropriate suction.

TurboAir Technology

7X Air Circulation Speed, increases the cooking efficiency by 30% and quickly locks the moisture inside the food to make it crisp and juicy with up to 90% less fat.

UPV 2.0

Enhances effective air purification with less noise and energy consumption.

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