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Ninja AF101 Vs. AF100, what are the Differences?

Are you torn between buying Ninja AF101 and Ninja AF100 air fryers? Then worry no more as, by the end of this guide, you will have more insights about these two Ninja air fryers’ differences.

Due to technological development, kitchen appliances also have advanced. One of the unique kitchen appliances is the air fryer. It helps sort out different cooking functions at ago. But due to a large variety today, we will inform you about the Ninja AF101 and AF100. They have a similar look, but some aspects differentiate them.

What are these features? Please continue reading the guide to get an extensive understanding of the air fryers.

1. Comparison Between Ninja AF101 and Ninja AF100

Always cook guilt-free meals with either AF101 or AF100. They are the best in the market. Therefore, here are their aspects.

1.1. Features of Ninja AF101

Before informing you about its features, the AF101 is a multipurpose and reasonably priced air fryer in the market. Also, it is made with precision to aid you when cooking meals.
So, here are its features.

One-touch Control Panel

You want an air fryer that is easy to use, and this is what this Ninja kitchen appliance does. Its control panel is user friendly as all buttons are well labeled. On the panel, you can increase or decrease temperature or time and choose your cooking preset quickly. Also, you will see the cooking temperature on display in between temperature and time functions.

Four Cooking Functions

How do you want to prepare your meal? Do you want to dehydrate, roast, air fry, or reheat your meal? Then you can do all these when you have the AF101. With this feature, you will reduce the number of appliances in your kitchen.

Large Capacity

The AF101 is a four-quart capacity air fryer. This means you can prepare more meals at ago. For example, you can cook two-pound fries and six fish fillets, which you can eat with three to five people.

Easy to Clean

You can wash removable accessories of this air fryer in your dishwasher. This is because they have a non-stick ceramic coating. Additionally, the basket’s coating is PFOA, and PTFE free, which guarantees high-quality.

Temperature Range

The temperature range determines how long it will take you to cook meals. But with this Ninja air fryer, it won’t take much of your time. This is because it has a temperature range of 105 – 400˚F. Moreover, this ensures that your meals cook evenly and become delicious without under or overcooking.

Sideways Ventilation

According to our analysis, many air fryers in the market ventilation are found on the appliance’s bottom part. This endangers the surfaces below the air fryer. But after Ninja considered this aspect and placed the ventilation of the AF101 on the side. Thus, in no way will the surface (countertop) be damaged by the hot air.

Less Fat

After a thorough test by the analytical testing laboratory, they found out that this air fryer uses 75% less oil when preparing meals. This protects you from disorders like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

1.1.1. Pros and Cons


  • This air fryer has easy-to-use control features and a display
  • It has a ceramic coating that provides maximum circulation of hot air in the air fryer, ensuring an evenly cooked meal
  • The AF101 has four cooking presets
  • Its accessories are dishwasher-safe


  • You cannot prepare meals for more than five meals
  • Its body is made of plastic thus overheats

1.2. Ninja AF100

The Ninja AF100 air fryer has a similar resemblance to the AF101. Even though they look the same, they have some differences. But before you get to learn about their differences, here are the features of the AF100.

Ceramic-Coated Crisper Plate

The AF100’s interior part has a ceramic coating. This provides maximum circulation of hot air in the air fryer, ensuring that meals cook well. Additionally, the crisper plate splits meals from excess oil as it cooks. This crisper plate is non-stick and PFOA-free, and PTFE thus safe for use.


The cooking basket and crisper plate are non-stick, thus dishwasher-safe. This makes cleaning effortless and straightforward for you.

Wide Temperature Array

You can select your choice temperature as this air fryer has a temperature range of 105 to 400˚F. This gives you a wide selection, thus choosing the right temperature when preparing meals.

Four Cooking Presets

Same as the AF101, the Ninja AF100 has four cooking functions. Other than air frying, you can roast, dehydrate, or reheat. This enables you to save on the cost of electricity and buying different kitchen appliances.

Intuitive Control Panel

Operating this air fryer is very easy due to its control panel. The panel functions are well labeled, enabling you to know which cooking preset, temperature, and time you are setting.

Uses Less Oil

When you compare it with traditional ovens, the AF100 uses 75% less fat in meal preparations. This ensures that you don’t consume lots of cholesterol that might cause lifestyle diseases. Other than it provides that you eat guilt-free meals.

2.2.1. Pros and Cons


  • The AF100 is lightweight and has a compact design making it versatile and the best for your kitchen
  • It has four cooking functions
  • Easy to use as the control panel is well visible
  • It has dishwasher-safe removable parts


  • It is made of plastic thus overheats while cooking
  • It makes a lot of noise
  • Not the best for a large family of seven people. As it can cook meals for up to five people.

Note: These two Ninja air fryers don’t have smart features. But here is a table showing their differences.

 Ninja AF101Ninja AF100
Cooking Capacity4-quarts4-quarts
Cooking Functions44
Weight12.2 lbs.10.58 lbs.
Temperature Range105 – 400˚F105 – 400˚F
Dimension13.6” x 11” x 13.3”13.6” x 11” x 13.3”
ColorBlackBlack and Gray
BPA FreeYesYes

2. The Best Alternative: Proscenic T21

As a buyer, you might not be convinced of buying either the Ninja AF101 or AF100. Therefore, we got you the best alternative of these two air fryers. Proscenic T21 is our recommendation for today. This air fryer has smart controls and advanced features not found in any of the above Ninja models.
Therefore, the following are features of the T21.

App and Voice Assistant Control

When you have the Proscenic T21 adjusting its settings or monitoring it is simple. All you need is to download the ProscenicHome app or Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With the app, you can monitor its operation, adjust settings and check out recipes. This helps you to spend the rest of the cooking time doing other chores.

As for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, they are voice assistant apps in which you can issue commands. These smart control features simplify your cooking time. To download the Proscenic T21, you need to go to your phone’s Google Playstore (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Eight Cooking Menus

With this Proscenic T21, you can cook fish, chicken, pizza, bacon, shrimp, French fries, steak, or cake. Also, you can customize your preferred recipe.

User-Friendly Touch Screen Panel with Display

You can choose your cooking function, set the time and temperature on its simple touch screen control panel. Additionally, on the panel, there’s a display that shows you the cooking temperature.

Guilt-Free Meals

Prevention is the best medicine, and Proscenic wants to help you avoid disorders brought by high amounts of cholesterol in meals. This is made possible by using 85% less oil than conventional ovens and other air fryers in the market.

Combination Functions

The T21 has three combination functions: schedule + menu + keep warm. You can decide to pick any of them. What I can inform you is that this aspect is only found in this air fryer.

Rapid Hot Air Technology

This cooking technology ensures that the hot air circulates faster and heat is well transferred on the food cooks evenly.

Large Cooking Capacity

Proscenic T21 has a 5.8-quart basket. This can be enough for three to seven people. The capacity is large than the AF101 or AF100.

Easy to Clean

Its basket is non-stick and has a dual Teflon coating, which doesn’t allow food to stick. Thus, cleaning is simple as the basket and drawer are removable and dishwasher-safe.

2.1. Specifications

  • Cooking capacity: 5.8-quarts
  • Wattage: 1700 Watts
  • Cooking Presets: 8
  • Temperature Range: 77 – 205˚C

3. Summary

The Ninja AF101 and AF100 are some of the best and affordable air fryers you can purchase. They ensure you prepare meals like a pro chef and offer the best aspects. Even though they provide a great deal, Proscenic T21 is the best choice, according to us. It has smart control features, and it is inexpensive. Additionally, it has a large capacity enough to prepare meals for up to seven people.

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