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Hoover vs Bissell: Full Comparison of the Top Model in 2020

Hoover vs Bissell: Full Comparison of the Top Model in 2020

Hoover vs. Bissell — both of these names have commonplace in the vacuum market for over 100 years. Despite their similar years of operation, Hoover and Bissell have both grown into distinctively different brands. Bissell vacuum carpet cleaners or best hoover cordless vacuum? Now that is indeed a hard question. These are significant labels. Both come with a vacuum-cleaning reputation. Both boast outstanding features to make washing the carpet a breeze. Moreover, as for home carpet cleaners, both are big players.

Hoover and Bissell cover a huge variety of floor cleaning items above just vacuums and we find them better rivals than any of the other top brands.


Hoover vs Bissell Main Differences

There is, the question that we pose is which one is better? There seem to be no sharp answers to this question, with both the machines having some huge benefits over one another and some downsides. This is of course the very first point you might think about when analyzing two carpet cleaner vacuums. That is, simply put the primary aim of purchasing the vacuum. Therefore, if the vacuum cleaner’s capacity is not sufficient or efficient enough, there is no point in even staring at its lovely, streamlined frame.

1.Hoover vacuum: 


these models certainly have relatively high suction power, allowing for rapid action when sucking in dirt and dirty water. The extra benefit of potent suction is that your carpet will dry up more quickly. The range of Hoover carpet cleaners is much smaller, and they are all upright models.

2.Bissell vacuum:

these products show up with their invented heatwave technology, which helps maintain water temperature relatively stable throughout the cleaning process. Besides, as we know, hot water is much more effective in purifying dirt from anything, including your carpet. The Bissell range is wide enough to cover over 30 different carpet cleaner products through three types: upright, portable, and canister. Their collection contains a line of professional carpet cleaners. Bissell’s versions of these products contain extra capabilities such as “lift-off” which provides two devices in 1: you get an upright carpet cleaner for entire rooms, and a portable spot cleaner for stairs, upholstery, car interiors and other unreachable areas. Other options include “Pet,” “Premium” or “Deluxe” for instance, each offering minor differences in specifications and attachments such that you can customize your requirements.


The Similarities between the Two Brands and models

Both Hoover and Bissell would be more budget-friendly than most models, such as Dyson vacuum range compact vacuums or even any of the top end Shark vacuum cleaners. For even the most advanced models, most Bissell and Hoover vacuum cleaners fall into the moderate-low price ranges.

However, Hoover focused on the upright vacuum market; it has since spread to other regions, including cordless stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, canister vacuums, and even hands-free robot vacuums.

As Hoover, Bissell has also been around for such a long time — in reality over 100 years. Today’s Bissell vacuums include all main forms of vacuum – handheld; stick, upright, canister, or robot vacuum.

Comparing The Vacuums in Detail

Each series of vacuum cleaners have many different specifications that are improved and therefore, the table below will compare the products.

Popular Hoover Models


 Hoover linx cordless stick bh50010Hoover powerdash pet carpet cleaner, fh50700Hoover windtunnelHoover smartwashHoover floormate
TestConvenient efficient stylePet brush roll tackles tough pet stainsGreat for petsSimple. Push forward to clean, pull back to dryGreat for hardwood floors
ComparisonStrong recline for hard-to-reach areasGrab & go for moderate traffic areasWhole home cleaning from floor to ceilingBest full size upright carpet cleanerWash & dry mode selector
ReviewFor small to medium sized homes with a bare floor or low pile carpet2X More cleaning power & heat force powerDeep cleaning suction. Flexible for carpets and floorDeep clean as quick as vacuumingSafe on sealed hard floors


Popular Bissell Models

 Bissell proheat
Bissell crosswave pet pro
Bissell pet hair eraserBissell steam mopBissell spinwave
TestAdvanced Deep Cleaning System Best for carpet and rugs, low pile carpetGood for carpet, bare floors, hard floorsMade for bare floors, hard floorsMade for hard-floor cleaner for sealed hard floors
ComparisonAdvanced bristles scrub, washing and brushing the carpetVacuum and wash in one-step. Multi surf pet formulaA developed, internal hair-management system.The Built-in scent disc trayDispense spray and easy fill tank
ReviewEasy to fill, empty and cleanRemove debris and minimizes pet hair wrapMade for homes with petsMade for your floors to sanitize, scrub and steam themGreat spinning mop to scrub your floors

Deebot Hoover vs Bissell Models: How they Stack Up

    Hoover linx cordless stick bh50010       vs                         Bissell proheat
– It has interchangeable batteries for remote cleaning
– Easy to use for carpet and hard floors
– Easily removing dirt, dust, and pet hair
– Fits under counter edges
– This hoover linx cordless stick product with a single button you can empty the debris
– It has a deep cleaning system
– Improved bristles scrub
– Good suction for surfaces
– It has a heater to maximize cleaning
– This Bissell preheat 2x is easy to use and it has a large tank system.
Hoover powerdash pet carpet cleaner,      vs        Bissell crosswave pet pro
– It has more cleaning power
– Upgraded faster drying
– It is good for small spaces
– Dual tank system installed
– This hoover powerdash pet carpet cleaner has a low profile for reachable places
– At the same time, you can vacuum and wash the floor
– It has a pet formula
– Add on a brush roll
– This Bissell crosswave pet pro also has a pet hair strainer
Hoover windtunnel 2                                   vs                  Bissell pet hair eraser
– It has an upgraded deep cleaning power
– Implemented an extended cleaning reach
– It is suitable for pets
– Easy eliminates pet odors
– This hoover windtunnel has allergen block technology
– It has implemented an internal hair management system
– Multifunctional ground cleaning
– This model holds dust and allergens inside the vacuum
– This Bissell pet hair eraser has installed a Febreze filter
Hoover smartwash                                    vs                     Bissell steam mop
– Upgraded automatic cleaning technology
– It has an auto dry system
– Dual tank system
– This hoover smartwash has a low profile and easily removes stains
– Good for tough, sticky messes
– Improved technology for germs and bacteria
– Insert spring breeze fragrance disc
– Easy filling and storing
– This Bissell steam mop uses a deluxe mop pad kit and also scent waters
Hoover floormate                                        vs                       Bissell spinwave
– It has removable brushes
– Dual tank system
– It has inserted a wash and dry mode selector
– This hoover floormate model has a clean surge control.
– Lightweight design
– It has a washable mop pads
– Easy to the full solution tank
– Gentle cleaning for wooden floors
– This Bissell spinware has a quite operation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Hoover vacuum better than Bissell?

The Hoover model is quite enough if you’d like a carpet cleaner that can clean up slight pet stains and feces on the carpet. On the other hand, Bissell also has a good advantage if you are continuously handling poop and vomit with the hand tool.

  1. Is Bissell a good vacuum brand?

Thanks to their many qualities, the Bissell Vacuum cleaners have won their popularity. The Bissell goods are of high quality, thus, from getting a very low price, hence why the company deserves its heavyweight reputation in the market.

  1. What is the best home carpet cleaning machine?

Here are some of the best carpet cleaning machines:

Finest Overall: Bissell Proheat 2X Lift-Off Pet

Finest for Small Areas, Pets: Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro

Finest for Area Rugs, Budget Pick: Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

Finest for Pro-Level Cleaning: Bissell Big Green Machine Professional

Finest for Apartments and Condos: Hoover Power Dash Pet

  1. Which is better Bissell crosswave vs Hoover Floormate?

The Bissell Crosswave vacuum is much more durable than the Floormate Hoover vacuum. It can be easily navigated around chairs, all around baseboards, and under chairs of medium height. If you are in a furniture-crowded space sweeping the surfaces, the Bissell Crosswave will spare you the job of clearing the area to vacuum the ground.

  1. Can I use vinegar and water in my Bissell CrossWave?

Yes, you can add that mixture in the vacuum. It is a simple step. You only add the vinegar and the water together. Add enough water and cleaning liquid to the washing tank, and there you have it!

  1. Is the Bissell CrossWave worth the money?

The Bissell Crosswave is not really the cheapest or most expensive vacuum cleaner on the marketplace, but it is economical considering that vacuuming and cleaning would still be able to scrub the carpets and floors.

In Conclusion

That is not an easy decision to make, to pick between Hoover and Bissell carpet cleaners, as there are several types to pick from with each offering something completely different. Depending on your preferences, all labels have decent choices.

Although many people favor Hoover’s twin tanks and portability, some assume that a single tank is easier to manage and disinfect, and think Bissell’s pet-friendly features a great benefit.

Steam, for instance, is one factor that Hoover consumers swear by, but then, on the other hand, you can note that many prefer Bissell’s hot water system as being far more powerful in washing carpets.

Overall, all tend to be effective devices, but if the budget is a limitation, you are more likely to have a Hoover model that suits your wallet than a Bissell one.


You know, it’s not easy to choose a good vacuum cleaner, we still did some tests in addition to the vacuum cleaner I showed you above. We recommend to you a product with higher cost performance: The Proscenic P11 . After a fifth round of testing, encompassing 32 different vacuum cleaners and more than 400 hours of lab and real-world trials, the Proscenic P11  remains our pick as the best vacuum cleaners for most people. It has kept its place for so long for many reasons. In raw performance, it stands among the best vacuum cleaners we’ve ever tested, the maximum suction of 25,000Pa is exceptionally powerful. In fact, it’s more than 50 percent more powerful than your average upright vacuum. If you’re looking for a very powerful motor, you’re going to be well satisfied.The dust bin is nice and big, and it’s easy to empty. And when it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean, as is the filter assembly. Finally, it’s easily the most affordable vacuum cleaner of its capabilities we’ve ever found.

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