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Comparison between Shark NV352 and Shark NV360

Established by Mark Rosenzweig in Montreal, Canada; SharkNinja is one of renowned household gadget manufacturing enterprises.  Famous for its quality material, remarkable efficiency  and morden design this manufacturing company  is the toughest rival  to Dyson Ltd. Some of the outstanding products developed under the shark brand name include coffee systems,  vacuum cleaners and other related products to fulfill day to day needs of the customers .
Ever since its establishment under sharkninja operating LLC; Shark  enterprise has been expanded to Boston, Needham and Massachusetts. Additional benefits available to its customers includes long term warranty and return policy depending upon the type of product. Shark NV 352 and Shark NV 360 are Ultra powerful upright vacuum cleaners available in the market today. Some of the exceptional features of of these vacuum cleaners are mentioned below;

Shark Navigator Lift Away NV 352 Vacuum Cleaner
Developed under the  Shark  Corporation, Shark Navigator Lift Away NV 352 can be a great addition to your housekeeping. Possessing some of the fantastic attributes  this product offers outstanding  manoeuvrability,  durability  and a stylish outlook.
Embedded with a Root Cyclone Technology  HEPA filter  along with a  bagless dust container, NV 352 is lightweight, having only 12.5 pounds of weight and is easy to carry around. Moreover, addition of Swivel steering and a 25 feet long power cord makes the vacuum turn around easily without tripping over.
Incorporation of a 1200 watts motor offers greater suction power coupled with a lifetime suction technology and a special brush designed to capture pet hair efficiently. The appliance is claimed to have 2 in 1 function and can readily be converted into a canister to perform the task even at a very narrow or enclosed space that might be difficult to reach with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
The cyclone technology provides extremely fast and powerful suction that can not only clean hardfloor but also carpets. Moreover, the device is also excellent for sucking away pet hair from deep inside the carpet material. Shark also claims to never lose the suction ability which has been proved correct over time. Most of the NV 352 users report the everlasting suction ability of the vacuum cleaner making it a perfect choice among household cleaning devices.
In addition to this, HEPA filters have the capability to absorb microscopic dust particles along with pollens making the technology suitable for asthma patients and people with various allergies. Furthermore, the device can easily be converted into a canister to perform the tasks that can be accomplished using an upright vacuum cleaner. Alongside this,  a long power cord ensures that vacuum can easily be moved around a large space without causing the inconvenience of removing or adjusting the cord again again to the customer.
Additional Benefits
Shark NV 352 is available in the market with a variety of accessories i.e. a motorized crevice tool and a dusting brush, that can be utilized depending on the task. In addition to this the product comes with a 5 years guarantee making it favourable to most of the users along with its durability and compact construction.
The product is available around $170 in the retail stores and is one of the inexpensive vacuum cleaners under the banner of SharkNinja.
Suction Power 
Another integral feature that left us blown away is the suction power of NV 352. It is a known fact that the overall efficiency of the cleaner is largely dependent on its ability to suck away all the dust.  NV 352 performed significantly well on surfaces like sleek and thin rugs, sofas or other household stuff.  It can be operated on different suction modes to meet the intensity of cleaning tasks. 

  • Anti-allergy HEPA filter
  • Root Cyclone Technology
  • Long lasting Suction ability
  • 5-year warranty
  • Large Dust container 
  • 25 ft. long power cord


  • Over heating
  • Difficult to empty the dustbin
  • Concerns regarding durability of dust container

Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 Vacuum Cleaner
The 2 in 1 shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 is based on the latest technology featuring a classy modern design with a durable and sturdy body that does not get easily damaged. A worthy rival of many corded vacuums nv360 is second to none in terms of efficiency and performance. Some salient features of this product are mentioned below;
Similar to most vacuum cleaners in this range, Shark NV360 is also lightweight i.e. 13 pounds and portable and contains a large detachable canister to capture a great amount of debris and pet hair from places that are difficult to reach otherwise. In addition to this, the system contains cyclone technology and a HEPA filter alongside a completely sealed container to restrict dust and allergens escape.
Integration of a 25 ft. long power cord in the system offers great assistance to the users making the vacuum easy to manoeuvre and use in a large area without any interruption or external issues. Moreover, an extra-large dust container attached to the device enables the customers to capture large quantities of waste in a single cleaning attempt.
Suitable for cleaning multiple types of floors Shark Navigator NV360 is best for cleaning hard floors and carpets. The powerful cyclone technology enables the vacuum cleaner to suck minute particles from the carpet fibers completely transforming them after one cleaning attempt. In addition to this, HEPA filter and proper sealing of containers enables the system to trap pollen and dust materials allowing the cleaner to be used around various allergic and asthma patients.
Swivel steering coupled with a long power cord makes it easier to use the vacuum cleaner without plugging and unplugging the vacuum cleaner again and again. Thus, enhancing their performance over the long term. The reusable and washable filters embedded in the system are also a selling feature of this vacuum cleaner.
Additional Benefits
Additional accessories including a dusting brush, a pet hair cleaning brush, a nozzle and a crevice tool available with the apparatus provide additional benefits to the customers. Similar to NV352, this model also comes with a 5-year long warranty along with the ability of the device to easily change into handheld apparatus from an upright vacuum cleaner making it easier to be used around stairs and furniture especially in enclosed spaces.
With the price tag of $159, these NV360 vacuum cleaners are available throughout the market very easily. You can head over to amazon and seal your purchase from most of the renowned e-commerce websites. 
Suction Power 
Like NV 352, NV360 is installed with numerous suction modes as well for user convenience. It works smoothly on uniform and plain surfaces. Though the performance seemed to dwindle a bit when the cleaner was used on tough carpet. 

  • Washable Filters
  • Strong Suction
  • HEPA filter and Cyclone Technology
  • 2 in 1 function
  • 25 ft. long power cord
  • Large dust container


  • Pet hair might clog the system
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Heavy at the top
  • Not efficient on deeper pile carpet

Shark NV352 V/S NV360? Which is Better?
Both Shark NV352 and NV 360 have been manufactured by SharkNinja and have exceptional features along with brilliant performance rating and customer reviews. Even in terms of performance both are quite similar to each other except a few notable differences. Though they are not the best in the market, they are still a worthy competitor to some very expensive upright vacuum cleaners out there in the market.
With regards to performance Shark NV 352 is more efficient than NV360 mainly because of its lifetime suction potential along with its ability to capture pet hair even from very deep fibers of your room carpet. Moreover, the super suction speed of NV352 avoids clogging in the apparatus which is one of the major issues faced by the users of the other model. 
The only advantage Shark Navigator NV360 vacuum cleaner has over its former counterpart is the inclusion of reusable filters that makes it easier to use. Upon the expiration or excessive use of cleaner you can conveniently access the filter and replace it. Thus, cherish the effortless house maintenance again with Shark Navigator NV360 vacuum cleaner.
If instead of performance, price is kept as an indicator to which model is better than it an undeniable fact that NV360 is cheaper than NV352 by $11. There is not much of a price difference but still the cheap takes most of the attention. 
The large canister capacity is another aspect that you will appreciate even if it exceeds by a few quarts. The NV352 is supplied with the canister capacity of 1.1 quarts while its competitor takes the crown with the capacity of 1.2 quarts. Moreover, the NV352 offered us an effortless canister detachment and attachment while the story was different with NV360. 
Suction Power 
None of them wins the race in the competition of suction power. While we observed some flawless cleaning on smooth surfaces but both the vacuum cleaners struggled with sucking the dust on tough surfaces. 
In my humble opinion I would choose NV352 over the 360 version because of its specifications and efficiency instead of price to avoid unnecessary trouble arising related to the maintenance of the Shark NV360, that would cost me even more than just $11. Thus, these were some insights into both of the products. As to which one is better can be decided by the user depending on their need.


You know, it’s not easy to choose a good vacuum cleaner, we still did some tests in addition to the vacuum cleaner I showed you above. We recommend to you a product with higher cost performance: The Proscenic P11 . After a fifth round of testing, encompassing 32 different vacuum cleaners and more than 400 hours of lab and real-world trials, the Proscenic P11  remains our pick as the best vacuum cleaners for most people. It has kept its place for so long for many reasons. In raw performance, it stands among the best vacuum cleaners we’ve ever tested, the maximum suction of 25,000Pa is exceptionally powerful. In fact, it’s more than 50 percent more powerful than your average upright vacuum. If you’re looking for a very powerful motor, you’re going to be well satisfied.The dust bin is nice and big, and it’s easy to empty. And when it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean, as is the filter assembly. Finally, it’s easily the most affordable vacuum cleaner of its capabilities we’ve ever found.

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