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All-Around Edge Cleaning

All-Around Edge Cleaning Good wet dry vacuum’s brush head can reach and clean the edges and corners. WashVac F20 has a unique design, 8mm Double Narrow Frame. It can clean the edges near walls or other stationery items as close…

Detachable Battery

Most of wet dry vacuums use built-in batteries. When the battery health decreases, you can only replace the whole unit to solve the problem. Proscenic WashVac F20 adopts detachable battery design. When battery drains fast, you can replace the battery directly. Moreover, its 45mins runtime can…

Big Water Tanks & Long Battery Life

Big water tanks and long battery life can avoid frequent refills and charges. WashVac F20 has the largest water tanks in the market and a large battery with 45 minutes runtime to clean the entire house in one go.

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