Basic functions

Power button: only for turning the machine on and off.
Power levels: 4 power levels (Level 2 by default when turned on). Icons would light up one by one as the level goes up.
Adjust power levels: tap the fan icon on the screen

Low suction power

Please clean the dust cup, floor brush and roller brush,then re-install them. If in vain, please contact customer service.

Flat battery

Please charge the battery. If still can’t turn on with a full battery, then replace it.

Run time

Level 1: about 60mins
Level 2: about 33 mins
Level 3: about 251mins
Level 4: about 12mins


Charge the battery directly, or install it and charge the machine.
Charge the battery solely:
flashing blue – charging
solid blue – fully charged.
Light would be off in 1 minute.
Charge the machine:
battery icon flashes – charging
% – real time battery level
lights off – fully charged

Turning off

Press the power button to turn it on. Machine would turn off in about 2 seconds.

Floor brush doesn't turn

1. Please check whether the lights of floor brush and LED are on.
2. If the roller brush doesn’t turn, please remove the metal tube, and install the floor brush with the host. If in vain and LED lights are off, please replace the floor brush.

Can't switch on

Please reinstall the battery, then fully charge it. If in vain, please replace the battery.

Short run time

Please refer to each level’s run time, and check if the battery’s fully charged.

Dust cup broken

Please replace the dust cup.

Connection clip broken

Please contact customer service.

Connection clip of the floor brush broken

Please replace the floor brush.

"E3" flashing

Please ensure to use the original charger. If in vain, please replace the battery.

"E2" flashing

Please use the original charger.If in vain, please replace it.

"E4" flashing

Please replace the battery.

"E5" flashing

Please replace the battery.If in vain,please contact customer service.

Dust cup icon flashes

Please clean the dust cup and filter component in time. If problem persists, clean the floor brush and metal tube. If in vain, replace the dust cup.

Roller brush icon flashes

Please clean the floor brush and roller brush in time. If in vain, replace the floor brush.

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