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Multi-function charging stand

The accessories are easy to store. The charging station will not damage walls, unlike traditional wall mounted brackets, and it is also easy to move. The charging station can also charge the vacuum cleaner and the spare battery at the same time.

Automatic dust detection

There are 2 infrared detectors at the connection with the motor head. The vacuum cleaner can detect the amount of dust using these infrared detectors, so that it automatically adjusts to the appropriate suction.

Powerful suction

Three-level suction for your choice: The first level has a suction power of 10.5 kPa, which can pick up hair and dust etc. The second level has a suction power of 16 kPa, which is suitable for cleaning small particles such as breadcrumbs. The third level has a suction power of 22 kPa, which easily picks up cat litter and coffee beans etc.

NIDEC brushless motor

The Proscenic I9 wireless vacuum cleaner features NIDEC brushless motors with speeds of up to 80,000 rpm and produces up to 22 kPa of suction for easily cleaning dust, hair and large particles.

Multiple filtration system

The filtration system consists of a premium stainless steel filter, a sponge filter and a HEPA filter. The stainless steel screen consists of 0.25 mm holes to effectively filter finer dust. The sponge filter an HEPA filtration system achieve effective dust isolation without any secondary pollution.

A variety of brush heads

The different shaped brushes help you clean every corner of the house, as well as floors, sofas and walls, etc.

Round brush head

The round brush heads are ideal for removing hair and dust from curtains, bookshelves and sofas.

Long flat brush head

With the long flat brush head, you can easily remove dust from corners and cracks.

Mini Motorized Brush

Includes a mini motorized brush that removes pet hair, dust mites and other harmful microbes, especially on beds, sofas and pillows, to provide a clean and comfortable living environment.

LED headlights

The ground brush head has 4 LED lights for use on all hard floors and carpets, it clearly sees dust and dirt in the dark, such as under beds and other furniture.

Removable battery

The large lithium-ion battery boosts run time up to 45 minutes; the detachable design allows it to be interchanged with another spare battery (sold separately).

LED display

Shows you the mode you are using, and the amount of remaining battery life. (When the vacuum cleaner is switched on, the automatic mode is turned on.)

Empty dust box

The container can be emptied at the touch of a button for easy and hygienic cleaning.

Cleaning the dust box

The dust box can be washed directly with water. Tip: To ensure optimal performance, please also wash the HEPA filters, dust buckets and floor brushes on a regular basis. Allow the HEPA filter to dry thoroughly before reinstalling.

LED Headlights
Battery Detachable
Multi-function Charging Stand&Rechargeable Battery
Brushless motor
Max Suction Power
Running time
Up to 45min
Charging Time
Mini motorized tool
2019-11-21 11:42:49.0


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