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APP Control

With the WiFi connection, you can schedule, monitor, control, pause and customize cleaning anywhere, using your phone; you can also check the cleaning map and the history. Note: this robotic vacuum cleaner App only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

600ML Dust Bin

With a 600ML large dust bin, the 820S vacuum robot can hold more dirt in a cleaning session, and you don’t need to clean the dust bin as frequently.

Powerful suction

This robot vacuum has three suction modes to choose from: normal mode for sucking hair, animal hair, debris, dust and dirt in a simple and efficient way; max mode for sucking up larger waste items and to deep clean carpets, and which is suitable for various floor types such as parquet, tiles, short-haired carpets, etc.

Auto carpet boost

The professional carpet detection automatically recognizes a carpet and switches to maximum suction power to clean it. As soon as the robot leaves the carpet, it returns to the previous suction power.

Anti-collision sensor

With its infrared anti-collision sensor, it can easily identify and evade obstacles, to reduce collisions with furniture or other household items and prevent damage to these items.

Anti-drop sensor

This smart robot uses a sensitive cliff sensor, which can detect stairs and steps during cleaning, and thus protect itself from falling down. It then re-plans the route to complete the task and prevents damage to itself.

Automatic recharging

When the cleaning is finished, or the battery level is low, the robotic vacuum automatically returns to the charging station and starts to charge, so it is always prepared for the next cleaning session. (Please set up the charging station in a suitable position, otherwise the return journey of the cleaner will be affected.)

Alexa voice control

The Proscenic robot vacuum can be controlled by Alexa voice commands. Connect the robot vacuum with Alexa and then give instructions, e.g. start cleaning, stop cleaning or go to the charging station etc. (Skill Name: Proscenic Robot).

Battery type
Li-ion, 2000mAh
Suction power
Max 1800 Pa
Dust container capacity
Charging time
3-4 hours
Cleaning time
60-120 minutes
820S User Manual
2019-12-10 10:02:16.0


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