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Alexa control and App control

The Proscenic 800T robot vacuum supports Alexa voice control and phone app control. Just by speaking to 800T or connecting it with your phone via wifi, your robot will work as you require. You can effortlessly schedule cleaning times and choose cleaning modes, monitor the cleaning status, stop your robot vacuum and enjoy the convenience of automated housework. Clean your floors wherever and whenever you are.

Electric water tank

The 800T robot vacuum has an electric water tank. On the app, you can control the water seeping speed (Low, Moderate, High) as you wish. Design with advanced microelectronic control technology, don't lose water when charging. Besides, bringing an auto damp mopping spa for hard floor and making mopping more efficient and reliable.

Ultra silent wet mopping

It decreases the noise to the maximization when working with wet mopping mode,as the fan is ultra-silence design. it will not disturb you rest When 800T is working, and brings the relax and happiness into your life.

Built-in 350ml big size water tank

Ideal for cleaning your big house floor, so you are able to enjoy a completely clean home with a single watering.

Powerful suction

Provided with a suction power of 1800 Pa and 2 side brushes, it can easily pick up particles, dirt, debris and pets hair on hard floors and carpets. And You can choose different vacuum mode as you like to give a superior clean. Suitable for many kinds of floors, such as wooden floors, tiles and carpets.

Boundary magnetic marker

Boundary magnetic marker tape Design,allowing you to keep your robot vacuum finishing cleaning in certain area and prevent the 800T getting into a specific area. It can extremely improve the cleaning effectiveness as your requirement. For families with big and complex house, it is a necessary skill.

Maximum gradient of 15mm

Design with the two-wheel, the robot goes up smoothly on multiple levels. The robot can easily pass through maximum height 15 mm barrier. Besides, robot vacuum cleaner will not get in stuck when it can't go up the carpet which is too high. Functional robot cleaner meets all your cleaning needs.

Anti-fall sensors

Automatically dock

2500mAh Li-ion battery
Charging time
5 hours
Dust container capacity
Water tank capacity
Robot height
Length of the side brush
Cleaning time
100-130 minutes
800T User Manual
2019-06-28 08:59:39.0


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