U6 (Only for Europe),Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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U6 (Only for Europe)

Laser Navigation, 2700Pa Powerful Suction.

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  • Laser Navigation System
    The U6 Robert Vacuum Cleaner is an intelligent home cleaning device that help you make a perfect plan for cleaning. The laser sensor is used to scan the surroundings, generates accurate maps of your house and locates the obstacles, which ensure sweep and mop in high efficiency.
    High-Capacity Battery
    Supports your Robert Vacuum Cleaner runs continuously for up to 150 minutes. Best choice for big house and multiple rooms. Note: The working time depends on different mode, will be shorter if you choose a higher power mode.
    Carpet Boost
    Smoothly moved from hard floor to carpet, the vacuum cleaner can recognize carpet and turn its suction power into max mode to provide a thorough clean. On hard floor, suction power will be reduced to lower the consumption of battery and also makes your home much quieter.
    Auto Recharge and Resume
    The Robert Vacuum Cleaner will automatically seeks the charging dock after it is finished or on low battery, that means it is always ready to work. Since it remember where it has cleaned, the cleaner can get back and continue its job after recharging from the spot it left off.
    2 IN 1 Cleaning
    Equipped with carefully adjusted water tank and dust box. Not only can the vacuum cleaner sweep the floor but also clean your floor with mopping pad without manual changing.
    Y-shaped Mopping
    Mopping with effective Y-shaped cleaning path that imitating human wiping. With 3 water levels adjustable truly meets the needs of user.
    Super Powerful Suction
    Strong suction power of 2700Pa and 17.7cm large suction port equipped with V-shaped floating roller brush, which makes it more efficiently to clean rugs, pet hairs and stubborn garbage on the ground and across uneven ground.
    Electric Water Tank
    Electric control water tank ensures even water outlet speed. The seepage will stop when meets interruption and charging, so as to prevent the situation of leakage.
    Forbidden Areas
    Define forbidden areas on the app and the robot vacuum will automatically skip those areas. You don’t have to stick anti-collision strips any more.
    Selective Room Cleaning
    U6 divided your house into multiple regions, you can choose a specific room or multiple rooms to clean. Also, you can schedule the time to clean different rooms.
    Multiple maps saving
    The app for robot vacuum can save multiple room maps. That means it will be more convenient to clean houses with more than one floor and the efficiency will be improved.
    With anti-drop technology, the robot vacuum can sense the ledges and avoid falling down. No need to pay any attention.
    Non-Stop Cleaning
    U6 has strong obstacle climbing ability which can climb the door ledges with height of 20mm step easily.
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Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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