Pre-order Proscenic WashVac F20 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner,Accessories
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Pre-order Proscenic WashVac F20 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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    Vacuum and wash with 15KPa Large Suction
    With the ability of vacuuming and washing simultaneously in 15KPa large suction, the F20 cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner can effortlessly and flawlessly tackle dirt on various floor types.
    Multi-surface Cleaning
    The roller brush can clean dirty area on wood floor/tile surface/cement floor etc hard floor and mop them as well. Also, the roller brush cannot give scratches to the floors.
    All-Around Edge Cleaning
    The brush head of the machine has been upgraded with Proscenic’s exclusive Double Narrow Edge design to be able to thoroughly reach and clean the edges and corners along walls or other stationery items, making sure no hidden dirt remains in these hard-to-reach areas.
    Self Cleaning & Odor-Free Brush roller
    With various functions of Electrolyzed Water Sterilization, Self Drying, and Self Cleaning combined, the air circulation on its brush roller is rapid enough to effectively prevent molds, germs, and odors from growing, leaving no bad smells both before and after cleaning.
    LED Display Screen
    The current operating status of the machine, including the battery level, cleaning modes, error reports, and reminders, are clearly visible through the LED display screen on the top of the main unit, which offers users a direct view of everything they need to pay attention to when using.
    Self-Propelled Design
    The F20 cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner has adapted a drive mechanism to turn its wheels automatically so that users do not need to push it back and forth manually when cleaning, which saves themselves a great amount of effort and energy compared with using a traditional vacuum cleaner.
    Infrared Sensor
    By equipping with an infrared sensor on its brush head, the F20 cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner can intelligently detect both wet spills and dry dirt, and automatically adjust suction power and water volume to the optimal level in smart mode.
    Smart Voice Assistant
    The real-time work status of the machine, such as powering on/off, changing cleaning modes, charging, errors being detected, starting/stopping Self Cleaning, and more, can be reported through voice prompts to give users timely notifications.
    Detachable Battery
    The battery of the F20 cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner is detachable, so there are two charging methods available to be chosen; either place the entire machine directly on the charging station or take out the battery to charge separately.
    Smart App Control
    After linking to the“Proscenic” app, some basic information of the machine can be directly viewed through smart phones, such as monitoring the accessories life cycle, error reports, cleaning data and rankings, etc.
    Solid-Liquid Separation
    With a filter plate installed in the middle of the waste container, liquids and solids will be automatically separated after both wet and dry messes are sucked up from the grounds, which makes waste disposal easy and hygienic.
    Special Suction Mode, Quick Drying
    The F20 has a special Suction mode, in which the machine only absorbs liquids and does not spray water, suitable to clean floors with too many liquids(e.g. in the bathroom). Get a quick drying!
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Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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