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  • More powerful, IPNAS 4.0 technology

    More powerful, IPNAS 4.0 technology

    The new generation technology IPNAS 4.0 debuts in M8, it has adopted the 4th generation Precision Laser Mapping and Navigation system, truly achieves 1.8x precision of mapping and smart rows, the power of cleaning efficiency could be increased by 50%.

    The powerful suction of 3000Pa, stronger and faster

    The more effective and comprehensive cleaning capability brings 1.5x powerful suction which totally prevents the dirt, pet hair, debris from falling down or floating anywhere.

    Big battery of 3200mAh, the max vacuuming area is up to 200SQM.

    The battery capacity supports the Max runtime of 120mins in the silent mode, which means the max vacuuming area will be around 200SQM. 

    Cleaning also mopping, 2-in-1.

    280ml dust tank and 300ml water tank makes vacuuming and mopping available in one breath, which saves 50% of your time.

    The Vboost technology, challenge your dirty carpet 

    The highly intelligent Vboost technology could automatically increase the suction power to the max when it detects the carpet. After recognition, it quickly eliminates dirt like tea stains, coffee stains, biscuit crumbs, etc. Some other robot cleaners might hardly reach so deep. 

    The Intelligent voice recognition

    The sound of your voice will be a clever choice when you control with Google Assistant or Alexa, say like “Alexa, ask smart bot to start cleaning.”

    Y- Mopping ,with the perfect cleaning experience

    Mopping with an unique Y-shaped cleaning path which enables triple-pass mopping action and clean every dirt and grim.

    Invisible walls, which it never touches. 

    Proscenic M8 could tell as it's seen the invisible walls. As simple as dragging and sizing lines or boundary boxes where you want them on the map, you can set done the customizable No-go zone. At most 10 no-go zones are allowed for a cleaning cycle.  (Note: Proscenic only support for 2.4GHz)

    Intelligent iRoom cleaning system, picking at most 10 regions 

    The intelligent iRoom cleaning system divides your whole house into different regions, any single room could be cleaned or multi-rooms be chosen once. Also, different rooms might be arranged with your own cleaning sequence.

    Multi-level mapping memory resolution, more floors

    M8 supports Multi-level mapping memory resolution which could identify different floors of your home, then automatically choose the most reasonable route with efficient cleaning.

    Friendly to babies—lower noise

    The newly designed wind tube after being optimized reduces the wind resistance, creating the perfect baby-friendly environment, the noise is lower to 60db in the silent mode.

    Overcome various obstacles

    It’s able to overcome various obstacles of 2cm and clean the whole house – regardless of how many floors it has.

    Multiple cleaning modes

    Multiple cleaning modes could be chosen by the app "Proscenic", whole cleaning, customized cleaning, spot cleaning, etc, the different customizable ways for you.

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安全& 安心