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1. What is the Proscenic Affiliate Program?
The Proscenic Affiliate Program is an online marketing platform that allows partners to promote Proscenic products online. Register, share our unique referral links and earn Proscenic Credit when customers purchase Proscenic products via your links. It’s that simple.
Proscenic is the smart home cleaning products. Founded in Shenzhen, China in 2013, the company has revolutionized the smart home industry and kitchen appliance products with platforms that are reliable and easy to use for people everywhere.
2. How do I earn commission?
Visit to get your product link and share it online. If someone clicks your link and buys from the Proscenic Online Store you will earn a commission.
The commission will only be counted if a person buys a product within 365 days of clicking your link. Your commission will be transferred to your account only if the product is not returned and refund is not requested within 30 days of purchase.
3. When does the link cookie expire?
The cookie expires in 365 days. Only orders made within 365 days of clicking your link will be considered an affiliate sale. Proscenic Credits will be transferred into your account only if the consumer fails to return the product or ask for refund within 30 days of purchase.
4. What types of promotions are not permitted?
To keep the affiliate program fair, a number of promotion types are not permitted, including but not limited to the following:
1) False links: The use of illegal means to tamper with the target user link.
2) Creation of programs or scripts to simulate genuine purchase patterns.
3) Persistent pop-ups and full-screen pop-ups.
4) Hiding links under other content.
5) Putting links directly into search engines, including but not limited to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
6) Tricking people into clicking links.
7) Creating seemingly official Proscenic websites in order to mislead people into purchasing.
8) Any actions in violation of Proscenic Affiliate Program terms.
Proscenic has the right to penalize those who violate the Proscenic Affiliate Program agreement.

Start Promoting
1. What is affiliate sales?
You can generate an affiliate sales link for Proscenic products or accessories.
2. What is affiliate marketing?
Create and share a link to any page of the Proscenic website. If someone clicks your link and goes on to make a purchase, you will earn a commission.
3. What is affiliate product sales?
Create and share a product link. If someone clicks your link and goes on to make a purchase you will earn a commission.
4. How do I get an affiliate link ad for my website?
Copy the code and share it on your website, social media.

Performance Report
1. How do I view the Performance Report?
In the Performance Report Tab, you can check your total commission, the available balance, pending income.
2. How do I view Total Commission?
You can click the Total Commission to check the total income youve ever earned.
3. How to view My Current Balance?
In the promotion page, you can check My Current Balance to see how much was already withdraw, and how much do you have left to withdraw.
4. What are Pending Earnings?
Pending Earnings refer to pending commissions from paid orders. These are not considered as Account Earnings as buyers may still return the product or request a refund. Account Earnings refers to the commission generated from successful orders where the buyer has not requested a refund or returned the product within 30 days of receipt.
Earn Commission
1. What is Proscenic Credit?
Proscenic Credit is the amount you can ask to transfer to your PayPal account.
2. Do Proscenic Credits expire?
The Proscenic Credit availability period is from the date when Proscenic Credit is made available until December 31 of the following year. For example, Proscenic Credit made available on September 1, 2020, will expire on December 31, 2021.
3. Can I use Proscenic Credits to buy Proscenic products on other websites?
Yes. We'll transfer the amount to your account when your Current Balance is over $100, and then you can use the amount to buy products on other websites.
4. Can I transfer my Proscenic Credits to other user's accounts?
No. Proscenic Credits cannot be transferred.
If you experience any issues, contact
5. How much commission do I need to earn before I can withdraw cash commission from my account?
You can withdraw your commission to PayPal when the Current Balance is over $100.
6. Do I earn a commission if the product is returned?
If the product is returned within 30 days of receipt, the commission will not be awarded.
7. When is the settlement date? How long is the settlement period?
Settlement Date: Settlement Date refers to the date when the commission is sent to the Proscenic Affiliate. The following details are for reference only.
1. Under normal circumstances, the commission will be settled with 30 days after a product is purchased.
2. In the case of major events or force majeure, the affiliate will be notified of the change of settlement date.

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