i10,Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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    Powerful Suction for Thorough Cleaning
    Empowered by a high-efficiency 350W motor, the i10 can generate up to 25000 Pa suction to effectively clean any tough mess.
    50mins Long Runtime
    With 8 2200-mAh large-capacity batteries installed, the i10 can run up to 50 minutes, sufficient to clean the entire house in one go.
    3 Adjustable Working Modes
    There are three working modes (Auto mode, Eco mode and MAX mode) to be chosen based on different cleaning scenarios. In Auto mode, the machine will adjust its suction power to the optimal level when cleaning on different types of floors and different sizes of dirt. Once Eco mode is selected, it will run on the lowest noise level and maximum battery life with minor suction power. By contrast, the full suction power can be activated when MAX mode is turned on.
    LED Touch Display for Easy Monitoring
    A LED touch screen provides real-time working modes, battery levels and maintenance alerts as you vacuum.
    VBoost Technology
    Our VBoost Technology detects the floor types. Suction power automatically adjusts to Max when detecting a carpet, and returns to normal level on hard floor. No more switching settings to adjust cleaning power.
    Detachable Battery and Flexible Charging Ways
    Detachable battery design makes it possible to further extend the runtime with an additional battery. The unit can be charged on the wall-mounted charging dock or on the main body.
    Led Headlights Illumination
    The LED headlight on the brush head provides users with a bright and clear view of dark spots such as the space underneath the couch or bed, ensuring no dirt and dust hidden.
    Versatile Brushes for Various Cleaning Scenarios
    The i10 Cordless is supplied with several auxiliary brushes.  The Mini Motorized Brush: remove dust and mites on beds, sofas and pillows. Round brush: together with an extension tube, ideal to remove hair and dust from curtains, bookshelves and sofas. Long Crevice Nozzle: remove debris from corners and crevices.
    Multiple Stages Filtration System
    Captures and locks in 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers to provide an extremely clean environment.
    Applicable to Multiple Floor Types
    Featuring multi-functional auxiliary brushes and immense suction power, the i10 can work perfectly on any type of floor without leaving scratches and damage.
Free Shipping on All Orders
Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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1-Year Limited Warranty
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