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807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - App Control

App Control

The Proscenic humidifier can adjust temperature, humidity and misting through the App on your phone, making it smarter and easier to improve your quality of life. It also supports Alexa voice control, the name of Alexa skill is Proscenic Humidifier.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Large capacity for a long working time

Large capacity for a long working time

This mist humidifier has a 5.5L capacity water tank with a maximum working time of up to 36 hours, 7-speed gear adjustment, heating, constant humidity, negative ion function, baby mode, etc.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Aromatherapy function

Aromatherapy function

Add the essential oils to the aroma container, and then use the misting function to give your home a pure and fresh aroma. It is suitable for yoga studios, gyms, living rooms, bedrooms and, nurseries. Note: Do not add essential oils to the water tank, as this will cause leakage and stop the machine from working properly.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Intelligent constant humidity

Intelligent constant humidity

The 807C air humidifier comes with humidity sensors that automatically sense the humidity in the air, and adjust the output for the most comfortable humidity, which greatly improves air quality.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Scheduled humidification

Scheduled humidification

The humidification time and humidification mode can be programmed through the App or the remote control. The machine will automatically shut-off when the water level is too low.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - 360-degree spray nozzle

360-degree spray nozzle

The nozzle has an advanced design, making the 360-degree spray even better for humidifying the air.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - HEPA filter the air

HEPA filter the air you breath in to make it cleaner and healthier.

Note: The filter placed in the humidifier is wrapped in a plastic bag, please remove the plastic bag before use. Otherwise, the humidifier will not work properly.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Nighttime automatic screen design

Nighttime automatic screen design

The humidifier can automatically sense when it is nighttime and uses the night rest screen. This intelligent design helps to give you a comfortable sleeping environment.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Memory function

Memory function

Remembers the previous humidification mode. When you turn it on, the memory function can remember the previous working mode; if you need to change it, you can reset it manually.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - LED sensitive touch control display

LED sensitive touch control display

In addition to the App control, the humidifier can also be manually controlled by touching the screen.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Baby mode

Baby mode

In baby mode, the humidifier will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature, so that babies have a comfortable sleeping environment.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Negative ion bacteriostatic function

Negative ion bacteriostatic function

Can help filter out some bacteria, preventing allergies, coughs and scratchy nose & throat by keeping the humidity above 43% and provide you a comfortable, hygienic and healthy living environment.

Breath easier, sleep better

The humidifier functions silently with low noise level, the moist air will make you breath easier and provide a better sleep to you.

807C Ultrasonic Air Humidifier - Note
Working time
up to 36 hours
App Control
Alexa voice control
807C User Manual
2019-08-01 03:02:36.0


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