The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet-keeper
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By Proscenic | 24 March 2020 | 0 Comments

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet-keeper

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It is no doubt that keeping a pet offer companionship and makes your house homely, but they can have a detrimental effect on your health. Especially when the season changed, their hair can be at all corners of the house. Throwing them away is not a solution, but regular cleaning and brushing them still can’t get you away from their hair. Besides, after a week of working, no one wants to spend so much effort to clean the house. That’s why you need a helper, which can clean the house when you are at home or work.
The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair
To figure out what is the best vacuum cleaner for pet-keeper. We spend hundreds of hours to investigate and test.  Here is some function of Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner you have to consider if you are a pet-keeper:
Edge Cleaning

Most families keeping a pet of dog or cat, they shed their hair and drag them to all the corners of the house. That’s why you need a vacuum cleaner that can reach different-to-clean corners such as the area under the bed or sofa, which is the favorite place of pet to play hide and seek with you.
Carpet Boost

Pets love to stay on the carpet especially in winter, as a result of that, their hair will stick on it. So you need to consider buying a vacuum cleaner that can smoothly move to the carpet. A good robot vacuum can not only clean on the hard floor but also identify what kind of surface is it cleaning and across the obstacle to the mess.
Strong Suction

Different from other debris, pet hair can be light, it will float in the wind. If a vacuum cleaner has strong suction, it will suck the hair on the floor before getting close to the hair. The greater the suction power, the more hair can be picked up, which can help you complete your home cleaning work efficiently.
Mopping mode

All vacuum cleaner can pick up dust, hairs, and crumbs, but few of them can mop the floor at the same time. Think about the pawprint on the floor, would it be better if the vacuum cleaner can mop it away? No matter how strong the suction is, you still need a mopping function to make the floor really clean.
Forbidden areas

One of the most important things to consider when buying a robot vacuum for a home with pets is that the product comes with some kind barrier that will restrict the movements of the robot. Setting barriers by using App or boundary strips that gives your pet the privacy they need. You can set a no-go zone around your pet’s food and water bowls, his bed or even block out one room where your pet can escape from the roaming robot.


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