Proscenic P10 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Testing & Review
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By Proscenic | 25 February 2020 | 0 Comments

Proscenic P10 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Testing

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Do you have the trouble that the dust and hairs on the floor can never be cleaned? This is a headache problem, especially for people with OCD. Fortunately, I met a P10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Since I have the P10, I no longer have to worry about dust and hair at home. So how about the P10 vacuum? In the following test, we will show you the details.



The product package is simple, there is a sketch of P10 on the box, simple but stylish.



In the package box, we can see the accessories of the machine. There is host, charging base, adapter, product manual, electric floor brush head, roller brush, metal extension tube, mini motorized tool, long crevice nozzle, round brush, cleaning brush. Among them, the host can be freely matched with the four brush heads to meet your different cleaning needs.


The design of the main body is full of science and technology, and the net weight is only 2.2kg. As a convenient wireless vacuum cleaner, the Proscenic P10 has controlled the weight just right, and the body can be lifted even with one hand.


It has a touch-sensitive digital display, on which you can see the remaining power of the vacuum cleaner, switch and select the cleaning modes. It has four levels of suction, the first speed is for dust, the second speed is for daily use to clean fine particles and dust. The third speed is used to clean large particles that have accidentally dropped. The fourth speed has a maximum suction power of 22,000 Pa. It can be used to make deep cleaning for mattresses and sofas. Besides, the P10 also has a fault sensing system. If any part is damaged, the system will notify you as soon as possible.



The dust bin of P10 also adopts the "humanized" visual design. You can observe the garbage collection volume through the transparent dust cup, and it is easy to disassemble, and the product details are also very attentive.



The most exciting thing is that this product is equipped with a V-turbine floor brush with dual brush heads, which cleverly combines the soft pile brush and the hard brush into one roller brush. With the soft and hard dual brush heads as a cleaning combination, there is no need to change the brush head when cleaning whether it is a hard floor or carpet. This is undoubtedly the greatest benefit for lazy guys. And there are 4 LED indicators on the front of the floor brush head, you can find the dust even in a dark environment.



To test the flexibility of the P10 electric floor brush, a test was conducted to clean the corners of the wall. The actual measurement showed that the P10 can easily be turned against the wall. It seems that the corners are not difficult for it.



As shown in the picture above, the long crevice nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is also very simple to install, because its crevice nozzle is very long, it can deeply clean the dust and debris in the places such as furniture gaps. Its host weighs only 2.2kg, which can be lifted with one hand, so you can also clean some high places.



As we all know that the mites are harmful to our body, and it is too small to be found. However, it is very easy to clean the mites with an electric mite-removing brush. With the wireless design, it can avoid the entanglement of the wires, so the mites on the bed, pillow towel, and sofa can be easily removed.



A round soft brush can be used everywhere, without any limitations. So many brush heads are not limited that which brush head must be used in which specific place, you can choose freely according to your needs.



For users, the most painful thing is cleaning the carpet, because the dirt is very easy to hide in the soft carpet, even if you wash it with water, it is difficult to make it 100% clean. I scattered all kinds of rubbish that would be produced every day on the carpet, and I stepped on it deliberately to make the rubbish deep into the crevices of the carpet. The cleaning power is not a problem at all. The P10 took up all the rubbish in a few whiles. And this P10 has a four-layer filtration system, namely: cyclone dust, steel mesh filtration, sponge filtration, and HEPA filtration. The combination of these four filtrations can also avoid secondary pollution caused by the use of vacuum cleaners!



For a vacuum cleaner, we also care about battery life. After all, no one wants to stop the machine to charge it when half of the house is cleaned. The Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner includes 6 lithium batteries. Its working time is different at different speeds. Cleaning time can reach up to 50 minutes and cleaning area to 260 square meters. And the battery is detachable, you can buy a spare battery if you need longer cleaning time.



The charging and storage of the P10 vacuum cleaner are combined into a station, and the back is the charging interface. It can be put into the charging base when it is used up. It can charge when the store on the station, save a lot of space for you.



Adopts one button dirt ejection, the dust bin of the P10 is also very easy to clean. You only need to pull the buckle below, and all the trash inside will be poured out, and your hands will not be soiled. If the dust box is dirty, you can rinse it with water, which is very convenient.

No matter the design of the main body or accessories, the Proscenic P10 vacuum cleaner has considered the possible use scenarios. The combination of five brush heads can meet different environmental cleaning needs at home and easily deal with various environmental problems. With the P10 wireless vacuum cleaner, doing housework has become easier and more fun. Hurry up and start the P10 vacuum cleaner and enjoy the pleasure of cleaning!



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