How to Use Proscenic Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Spare Parts
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By Proscenic | 24 February 2020 | 0 Comments

How to Use Proscenic Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Spare Parts

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You can use your vacuum to clean more than just your floors. All you need to unlock the versatile cleaning abilities are the vacuum cleaner spare parts. Knowing how to use those accessories can help you clean everything from your mattress to your curtains to your refrigerator coils. 

We'll show you how to get the most out of your vacuum by using your spare parts. We'll explain each tool and where it cleans the best in your home. 

The Six Most Common Spare Parts

Six vacuum spare parts normally come with your vacuum. The first four spare parts are most common: the crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and the extension wand. Two spare parts are less common: the airflow brush and hose attachment. 

Crevice Tool

This spare part is the long skinny tool with the angled tip. You can use it to get into those tight spaces that are hard to reach. Clean between your couch cushions, in corners, along baseboards, and around radiators and vents. 

Dusting Brush

This spare part is round and has long soft bristles for knocking dust free. You'll run the bristles over your framed art, bookcases, and windowsills. As the bristles clean, the vacuum sucks up the dust to leave you with a clean home. 

Upholstery Tool

This spare part has a wide mouth with a lint-catching fabric. As you work the attachment over your chairs, sofas, cushions, and mattress, it will coax the dust, dirt, and hair out. 

Extension Wand

The extension wand makes it easy to reach those high places. Just attach it in between the vacuum and the end piece.  This wand is a solid plastic or metal tube that lets you create a solid long piece with your attachment at the end. 

Airflow Brush

This is a less common vacuum cleaner attachment and is a smaller version of the vacuum's powerhead. Use this attachment to clean the spaces where your vacuum’s main powerhead won't fit. 

Hose Attachment

This plastic tubing comes with upright vacuums to help you maneuver the smaller spare parts into tight spaces. You can use it with upholstery, crevice, and dusting tools. This hose becomes especially useful when cleaning stairs. 

Proscenic Vacuum Spare Parts

To improve your experience in cleaning and to satisfy your different needs, Proscenic provides a variety of spare parts for Proscenic vacuum products.

For example, the robot vacuums that Proscenic produces have a variety of Accessories available as discussed above. They include a bristle brush attachment, replacement wheels, dust bin, HEPA filters, mop cloths, and a water tank. 

Also, the cordless vacuum cleaners have a variety of brushes, electrical adapters, air HEPA filters, and replacement dust bins. 

Outfit your Proscenic vacuum with the best vacuum cleaner spare parts.



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