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By Proscenic | 28 March 2020 | 0 Comments

How to Tell if You Need a Humidifier

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Whether it is winter or summer, people may have dry skin problems. Especially when you use air-conditioner or heating.
When the air is dry, your respiratory system feels unhappy. Even if you have no medical problems at all, you can suffer. Your skin and nasal passages get dry, all the way down to your lungs. You can wake up with a dry mouth and start coughing for no reason.

How do you know if it is too dry
Our body sensitivity can be affected by many reasons, sometimes the air is warmer, colder or drier than we think it is. Here are a few reliable ways to know if you are is too dry:

How dry air affects you?
First of all, dry air will increase the spread of bacteria. Also, and the increasing dust and suspended particles are the media for bacterial transmission. Elderly people and children with weak resistance are vulnerable to bacterial. Respiratory diseases are also the reason for dry air.
Secondly, the skin loses moisture will accelerate aging. And skin fibers will shrink due to dehydration. Gradually, unrecoverable wrinkles will appear.
What type of humidifier do you need?
● Ultrasonic humidifier: Like an impeller humidifier, this humidifier spreads a cool-mist through the room via ultrasonic vibration.

● Steam vaporizer: This electric-powered option heats water and cools it off before pushing water vapor out into the room. Vaporizers can be moved from room to room.

● Evaporators: This type of humidifier blows moisture through a moistened filter. Fans push the humidity out into the room.
How to get the most out of your humidifier?
● Use purified water: Tap water contains a lot of minerals, which will cause damage to the humidifier and cause air pollution.

● Do not use a humidifier all day: In winter, the most suitable humidity is 40% -60%. Dry air will cause cough and dry mouth, while high humidity will cause diseases such as pneumonia.

● Regular cleaning: Clean the filter as often as possible to avoid any mold or bacteria that could grow inside it, at least once a month.

● Do not repair humidifier yourself: If the humidifier doesn’t work, please contact customer services, repair it yourself may cause the component wire connection error.


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