Is Roomba e6 Good for Pet Hair?
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By Lauren Quan | 29 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Is Roomba e6 Good for Pet Hair?

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In this Roomba e6 review, we tackle all relevant questions you need to know. We also give answers to the product. So, read on so that we can help you discover much more. At the end of the review, you may decide whether you can find any worth in the product or not. Not all Roomba models are good fit for all homes and don’t fit in budget of every one. Find out in our review if Roomba e6 can fulfil your needs in your house. We also look at it in different perspective and comparison with products in the same line.
1. Why Should You Consider Roomba e6? 
2. iRobot Roomba e6 from Different Aspects
3. Is iRobot Roomba e6 good for Pet Hair? 
4. What is the Difference between Roomba e5 and e6? 
5. What is the Difference between Roomba e6 and Proscenic m7 Pro? 
 Why Should You Consider Roomba e6?
Roomba e6 has several features that various entry-level or affordable models lack. Other it doesn’t match the 900 series or even i7 series, Roomba e6 holds itself against other popular Roomba models. It has superior cleaning performance and budget-friendly.

The Roomba e6 iRobot has premium 3-Stage Cleaning System. It operates with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, High-Efficiency filter and Power-Lifting suction for thorough cleaning every day. Edge-Sweeping Brush of this iRobot vacuum concentrates on the corners and edges. The Dirt Detect technologies and intelligent navigation guides the robot go around furniture, focusing on places needed mostly.

Roomba e6 has the potential of vacuuming all types of floors. If you have kids around that like playing with dirt and leave them around or pets which shed fur around, the Roomba e6 can clear all those messes away.

The iRobot has various latest innovations like treaded wheels that have remarkable climbing power. It provides Wi-Fi connectivity to smartphone users. You can install the iRobot’s app so that you can remotely operate it. Alternatively, you can opt to pair with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to voice control.

While cleaning, the iRobot’s rapid-thinking sensors provide smooth navigation. It has lithium-ion battery that can sustain the iRobot for about one and half hours.

Features of iRobot Roomba e6

You can use Roomba e6 in different ways. It offers a better way of cleaning your house smartly.

Extensive Runtime

Behind the high performance of quality Roomba e6, we have lithium-ion battery. The battery has a large capacity that allows the iRobot to operate for a maximum of 1.5 hours on full charge. The unique design allows it automatically seat on a dock and takes approximately 3 – 4 hours to charge fully.

Unwavering Suction

Apart from long runtime, Roomba e6 has suction that doesn’t fade even when the battery goes low. It has a very impressive suction strength compared to other models or brands.
The robot vacuum cleaner has the dirt-detect mode, sensor-controlled feature commonly called Dirt Detect Series 11. Immediately the sensor comes in contact with extremely dirty spot, it alerts the robot and increases the suction power.

Flexible Brush rolls

The Roomba e6 iRobot has two brush rolls made of rubber that detangles the hair by themselves. The counter-rotating brush rolls prevents tangles against forming and gives enough versatility of lifting better compared to rigid brush rolls.

The iRobot has triple-propeller brush on the side, bent at 27o angle. This allows it clean any corner of the house from all dirt. The triple-propeller brush also can remarkably dust baseboards.

Smart App, Advanced Level of Cleaning

You don’t need extra remote controls to your home collection. You can comfortably control the Roomba e6 through smartphone app compatible with Androids or iPhones. With Wi-Fi network home connection, the iRobot app helps you make daily or weekly vacuuming schedule. The app also gives you statuses and alerts. You can conveniently view the level of the battery, receive full-bin alerts, and see cleaning history and so on.

Speak Up!

Looking for the best way of making a smart home? You can increase your network with the addition of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device. When you paired, you just speak to Roomba e6 iRobot to start cleaning, stop or dock. You may as well send the Roomba e6 robot to a charging dock and put spot mode. This spirals it in 3-foot circle, cleaning piles of dirt.

Smart Sensors

In terms of responsiveness of sensors on vacuum sensors, iRobot confidently takes the lead. Roomba e6 has sets of sensors to make navigation decisions click of seconds. It has cliff sensors that keeps it out of stairs and raised landings.

Dual-Mode Barriers

We have areas in the house you don’t wish a robot vacuum to reach. The iRobot has the dual-mode virtual wall barrier that can stop it from entering rooms or places in rooms.
Moving the barrier switch up or down toggles between halo mode and line mode. Roomba e6 has two barriers so that one goes at one door opening and the other at another area.

Adept Climber

Some robot vacuums cannot switch between cleaning surfaces. You can’t experience such difficulties with Roomba e6 iRobot. It has treaded wheels that come in a pair. They measure 13.6” wide and 3.6” high for easy maneuverability over thresholds. It can move to higher floors and via thick carpet.

Detailed Allergen Filtration

The bin of the Roomba e6 carries more than debris and dirt. It features high-efficiency pleated filter that can trap 99% smallest allergens of about 0.3 microns. This implies it can capture smallest particles including bacteria, mold spores, pollen, soot, dander and dust.

Is iRobot Roomba e6 good for Pet Hair?

The iRobot Roomba e6 is ideal robot vacuum cleaner for a home that have pets. The special dual multi-surface rubber brushes that pets’ hair can’t tangle them easily. The brushes easily adjust and flex so that it remains in contact with hard floors and carpets constantly. The high-efficiency filter can trap 99% of dog and cat allergens. Besides, the iRobot Roomba e6 comes with washable dust bin which allows you to rinse away all the dirt and debris

What is the Difference between Roomba e5 and e6?

Ideally, Roomba e6 is an improved version of Roomba e5. It has similar parts on its side but slightly different in appearance outside. Just like e5, e6 is budget-friendly with outstanding cleaning performance.

Roomba e5 lacks virtual walls while e6 features virtual walls. Roomba e5 has pre-installed filter while Roomba e6 has both pre-installed filter and single replacement filter. Roomba e5 comes in full black color whereas Roomba e6 has two-tone color, black as well as tan.
However, Roomba e5 conveniently can clean large and heavy debris faster than the e6 as it has a powerful suction system, 5x better. iRobot Roomba e5 also features the dynamic floor plate that places suction inlet closer within the floor.

What is the Difference between Roomba e6 and Proscenic m7 Pro?

The Proscenic M7 Pro can function either as a mop or as vacuum cleaner. It adds value to just having a robot vacuum cleaner. It boosts its flexibility to a cleaning device in such a price range.

Roomba e6 has suction power of about 1700 Pa compared to 2700 Pa of Proscenic M7 Pro. Thus, Proscenic M7 Pro has greater suction power to easily pick smallest litter in every corner of the living room.

Roomba e6 has a width of 13.50 inches and height of about 3.70 inches. The Proscenic M7 Pro measures 13.65 inches wide and about 3.8 inches long. The big difference between the Roomba e6 and Proscenic M7 Pro is the battery life time. M7 Pro powerful battery allows you to comfortably clean the house for approximately two and a half hours. It has large 5200mAh battery capacity, largest upgrade to 90 minutes offered by Roomba e6 iRobot vacuum cleaner. It takes about 4 hours 30 minutes to fully charge and just like the e6, it goes back to the charging station when discharged.

Roomba e6 vs Proscenic M7 Pro

Model Roomba e6 Proscenic M7 Pro
Suction Power 1700 Pa 2700 Pa
Weight 7.43 lbs 5.0 lbs
Height 3.70 inches 3.8 inches
Width 13.50 inches 13.65 inches
Battery Capacity 5200 mAh 1800 mAh
Charging Time 1 hour 30 minutes 4 hours 30 minutes
Running Time 90 minutes 150 minutes
Dust container 500 ml 600 ml
Roomba e6 is quite a versatile handy robot vacuum cleaner you can have around your home. Those working on a fixed budget can have iRobot Roomba e6 as their best option. It offers considerable performance with excellent filtration, powerful suction that can handle carpets and hard floors and features tangle-free extractors.

Compared to Roomba e5, the e6 comes with an extra filter and has two virtual wall barriers. This makes e6 a better choice than the e5. The best thing about Roomba e6 is the larger capacity washable bin and has various control options including mobile app.

Roomba e6 features a unique design and has good balance between price and performance. Although looks as an entry-level, the diverse exceptional specs of Roomba e6 makes it highly solid for most people. You can easily operate and maintain the Roomba e6.


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