Reviews & Price of 2021: Blueair Blue pure 211 Vs. Honeywell hpa300 Air Purifier
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By pppggg | 22 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Reviews & Price of 2021: Blueair Blue pure 211 Vs. Honeywell hpa300 Air Purifier

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A good air purifier will help you have comfortable and fresh breathing air and ensure that your health is excellent. Air pollution is almost inevitable, especially for a busy household. All in all, you want to ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing in clean air.
Blueair blue pure 211 and Honeywell hpa300 air purifiers are among the best investments you can always make. Selecting the best of the best can be tricky. That is why this article is here. You will understand the specs of each and ultimately pick one that will serve you right.
In this post, we will cover
1. Blueair Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier Reviews & Price
2. Honeywell hpa300 Air Purifier Reviews & Price
3. Blueair Blue Pure 211 vs. Honeywell Hpa300: What's Different?
4. Blueair Blue Pure 211 vs. Honeywell Hpa300: Which Is Best for You?
5. Comparison With Other Brands of Air Purifiers: Blueair Blue Pure 211 vs. Honeywell Hpa300 vs. Proscenic A8
6. Conclusion


Blueair Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier Reviews & Price


Blueair blue pure 211 air purifier is not that big even by looking at it. Its compact size will give you enough space for storing it, which is already a win. Even though it's small, you can trust that its efficiency is top-notch. Usually, this product can serve a room of up to 550 square feet.
The coverage is so big relative to other even larger air purifiers. The best thing is that it is still affordable, even for the amount of space it seeks to serve. You can get it at about $339.99, an excellent price for the value you are calling from it.
Besides being efficient at purifying the air of large rooms, it does work five times in an hour, which is about 120 times for the whole day. With such, be sure to be breathing sparkling air at the end of the day. Isn't this what we all want?
The noise that an air purifier produces is also something else that people would typically consider. Blueair blue pure 211 air purifiers feature HEPAsilent technology. This technology ensures that the cleaner makes less noise as it does its job.
This air purifier also features two washable pre-filters. The filters can capture 99% of the particle in the air, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander. Its activated carbon filter helps to eliminate odors and gases in the air.
You can get the washable pre-filter in either dark shadow color or the diva blue color. Usually, you can purchase such additional pre-filters to maintain your Blueair blue pure 211.
Another remarkable feature of this air purifier is its particle sensor. You don't want your air purifier to be running on the whole day or, best still, even after the air is clean. Please give it some breathing space! The intuitive auto mode in this product will change instantly to the actual time conditions. The particle sensor reports this, and the air purifier will then automatically adjust.
Working with a malfunctioning filter will not make your air 100% clean. A spoilt filter may also damage the entire air purifier. And from your busy schedule, you may lack time even to check how your device is performing.
However, with the Blueair blue pure, this should be the least of your concerns. This air purifier has a one-button control that will alert you on when to replace the filter. You need not bother about making adjustments since the button will control the air purifier's entire functioning.
Energy is an excellent factor in air purifiers. With Blueair blue air purifier, it has a low energy consumption of about 30 to 60 watts.

Honeywell hpa300 Air Purifier Reviews & Price


Honeywell hpa300 can draw pollutants from the air and clears 99.97% of them. It can deal with even as small as 0.3 microns of dirty particles, including allergens, mold, pollen, pet dander, mold, and dust particles. Its features also allow it to capture 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, ensuring that you breathe fresh and clean air.
It does all this cleaning with the help of its True HEPA filter. Besides the True HEPA filter, this air purifier also features Turbo Clean setting that also helps eliminate dust, mold, pet dander smoke, and the air's likes. The Turbo Clean setting also helps in capturing the germs and removes odors from the air.
The True HEPA filter with three cleaning levels and the Turbo Clean setting plays a significant role in ensuring that you have the perfect air. It also features an activated carbon filter and a pre-filter. They filter large dirt particles.
For the coverage, this air purifier can remove dirt in the air in extra-large rooms. It is works perfect for rooms that are up to 465 square feet. It can therefore be an excellent fit for large classrooms or conference halls. Moreover, it cleans up to 5 times in an hour which is 120 times a day; therefore, you can be sure to be breathing fresh air throughout the day.
Upon purchasing it, you will get an air purifier kit comprising four pre-filters and 3 HEPA filters that play a significant role in absorbing allergens from the air.
The filters are of high quality and can need replacing. The filters ensure efficiency in the air filtration process. Also, you need not worry about replacing the filters since the filter-life indicator will guide you.
For the noise, it will depend on the speed with which you are running the air purifier. The low rate will mean low noise.
Honeywell hpa300 goes for $249.99, which is an excellent price for the services it offers.

Blueair Blue Pure 211 vs. Honeywell Hpa300: What's Different?

One thing that you will like about these two air purifiers is their price. The Blueair blue pure 211 costs are a lot more than the Honeywell hpa3oo. As such, even the quality and the specs are not the same.
Both the Blueair blue pure 211 and the Honeywell hpa300 works well in removing dust, pollen, and smoke. Blueair 211 has an indicator that will alert you when to replace or clean the filter.
Operating this air purifier is also easy. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is at 350 cubic feet per minute. What's more, it can clean air in a room of up to 650 square feet, which is a prominent figure relative to that of Honeywell hpa300.
Another difference is that Blueair blue 211 is relatively more minor and easily portable from one room to another. It also uses low energy of about 30 to 60 watts, and its sound is usually soft.
For the Honeywell hpa300, it is a true definition of great price and the service it offers. It has balanced the price with its quality performance. Unlike the Blueair blue 211 air purifier, this cleaner features three HEPA filters. The filters need replacing every three months, which can be pretty expensive.
Its coverage is at 465 square feet, which is small relative to that of Blueair 211. Also, this product can be too loud than which is unlike the blue air blue pure 211.

Blueair Blue Pure 211 vs. Honeywell Hpa300: Which Is Best for You?

Selecting the best among the two is not easy, but you only need one at the end of the day. Now, look at the features of the Blueair blue pure 211. It takes the lead at being quiet during operation. Its appearance is also great, and using it is pretty straightforward. Also, it is of high quality and does an excellent job of removing dust particles from the air.
For the coverage, it also takes the lead, making It suitable for huge rooms. Even considering that it is energy efficient, it can be a very nice pick. However, it is a bit pricy compared to Honeywell hpa300.
Honeywell is pretty affordable and also does a great job is removing dust particles. However, it can be too loud, and replacing the filters will eat up so much money.
Looking at the above feature, the Blueair blue pure 211 stands to be the best air purifier.

Comparison With Other Brands of Air Purifiers: Blueair Blue Pure 211 vs. Honeywell Hpa300 vs. Proscenic A8


Blueair blue pure 211 will work well for extra-large rooms and has a high CADR rating of about  350 cubic meters per hour. Such ensures that your air is spotless. It is efficient in removing 99.97% of dirt particles from the air. The air purifier also features HEPA filters that provide quality dirt removal.
The Honeywell hpa300 covers a room of about 465 square feet. It can circulate the room five times in an hour. Its 3 HEPA filters and the pre-filters ensure that does away with every pollen, allergen, bacteria, and germs. It also features the carbon filter that helps eliminate odors and absorb VOCs.
Proscenic A8 is unique for the intelligent control that will allow it to function well even when you are not around. It also provides for automatic real-time monitoring of the air quality through the automatic mode. Also, its Alexa control ensures regulation of the air purification process.
Proscenic A8 includes some unique features, such as a 4-stage filtration process. Well, it contains a pre-filter, the Nano filter along with the activated carbon filter and a True HEPA filter. The filters ensure that it captures 99.97% of air particles.


If you know what you want in an air purifier, it is easy to settle on one. You need to ensure that the filtration system is reliable and eliminates almost all the dirt in the air. The Proscenic A8 will not disappoint you in this case. It is easy to use, and through the smart and Alexa controls, you can carry on with your activities as it does its job.



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