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By Lauren Quan | 19 March 2021 | 0 Comments


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Neato Robotics is a well-established household name in the vacuum industry. Their recent shift to making robot vacuums has made them earn a decent share of the now lucrative robotic vacuums. The popularity of robot-driven vacuums has skyrocketed as of late. Different companies have now stepped in. The Neato robot vacuums come in different models. These include the XV series, Botvac and the D-Connected series. In this article, we shall review one of the vacuums from the Botvac series, the Neato D7. The review shall be based on different metrics such as its physical properties, features, performance and how it compares with other vacuums in the market.


This is one of the latest vacuum models in the market in terms of technological innovation and efficiency. The vacuum comes with a variety of features that are user-friendly and worth every penny.


The Neato D7 vacuum is similar to other vacuums in the Botvac series when it comes to design. It is D-shaped with metallic aesthetics for durability and to avoid scratches. An additional two indicator buttons have been added to this vacuum adding up to four. The predecessor models such as the Neato D5 had only two buttons. When it comes to measurements, the vacuum is 3.9 inches in height, 13.2 inches in width and 12.7 inches in depth. The extra length can be attributed to the navigation feature at the top. Also at the top is the dustbin, and in the lower compartment are the brushes, wheels and treads. The vacuum weighs 3.4kg and is cordless with no carrying handles.


The D7 vacuum comes with an excellent battery. The battery is removable and has a display monitor within the vacuum. In terms of battery retention, the Neato D7 has a maximum battery life of 122 minutes, minimum battery life of 98 minutes with a recharge period of 130 minutes. When recharging, the vacuum is placed on its recharge dock system.


When it comes to accessories, this vacuum comes with a charging dock station and a magnetic band of 2m in length that acts as a boundary setter. Also accompanying the vacuum are the spare brushes, removable brush roll, filters etc. The vacuum lacks the following additional tools: an On and Off brush roll switch, a turbo brush, a crevice tool, soft bristle brushes, hard bristle brushes, extension wand, a crevice tool, ceiling tools and pet grooming tools; that are common in other vacuums of its calibre.


Since the D7 is a robot vacuum, its automation and application use is of importance. This vacuum is app-operated, it uses the Neato app. Inside the application are features such as a post-cleaning coverage map, a detailed cleaning history of the user, a planning map for multiple floor use, a No-Go lines guiding system and a quick boost charging feature.

In terms of automation, the remote control system is limited to the application, bag emptying is not automated. The recharging system is automated, a feature for advance scheduling of tasks is enabled, a smart path tracking system is available; random path tracking is unavailable.

In the application system, the central screen displays the name of your vacuum with the current status of the available battery capacity. Also displayed is the cleaning history of your appliance, the various cleaning modes that you can switch to and other statistics for your past 20 cleaning sessions.

The application is available for both Android and IOS users.



The vacuum comes equipped with a dustbin that is more than adequate of 0.7L. The vacuum is bagless and has a full dirt compartment indicator that notifies the owner when the bin is full.
In the filtration systems, Neato D7 is fitted with the HEPA filter system, a higher level filter system that is capable of even allergens. Attached is the Ultra-Performance filter.


Based on efficiency in the cleaning process, the D7 is very reliable. On the bare floor, the Neato is rated at 8.1, in low pile carpet it’s at 7.1; high carpet pile is 7 and for pets is at 8.7 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest efficiency level possible). This vacuum is highly recommended for pet owners as it has a whopping 97% success in cleaning pet hair from the floor.

The available cleaning options in this machine are four; the House mode (has both Eco and Turbo modes), Spot mode and Manual cleaning modes. Neato commonly uses the Turbo mode as its default cleaning mode.

In manoeuvrability, the appliance is given a 7 out of 10 and is self-propelling too; excellent when manoeuvring under the table and couch. The vacuum is also portable and can be operated remotely by use of phone. It’s one of the few vacuums with the Google Assistant feature.



The vacuum is durable, with a Build quality of 8 (quality of the vacuum in terms of materials, ease of assembly and durability)

In terms of user maintenance (demand for cleaning, how easy it is to perform cleaning and maintenance) Neato scored a 7; recurring costs (constant investments one has to make to keep their vacuum running efficiently: a vacuum with fewer expenses scores high; batteries are not accounted in this evaluation) the Neato D7 underperforms with a score of 4 which means that one is likely to incur lots of recurring expenses. It has a rack station for storage purposes.

Advantages of the Neato D7

  • The battery life is excellent
  • The vacuum can navigate tight spaces
  • The boundaries are application-based
  • 3rd party features such as Google Assistant can be incorporated

Disadvantages of the Neato D7

  • The vacuum is expensive compared to other vacuums of the same caliber
  • Dustbin capacity is limited
  • There’s a likelihood of one experiencing noise pollution.

One of the best robot vacuums from the Proscenic series. It is a multipurpose vacuum in that it can perform both mopping and vacuuming functions. It comes in handy with a nice app, user-friendly customization options and an effective performance.

Unlike the D7, this vacuum is circular in shape and measures 13 inches in width and 3.8 inches in height. The dustbin capacity is 0.6L. The vacuum weighs 3.62kg.

The vacuum can be remotely operated as it is also app-based; through the Proscenic Home companion app, or with voice commands via Amazon Alexa.

The app has features such as scheduling tasks, battery consumption, boundary setting, cleaning history and selective cleaning. While cleaning the app displays the areas covered, time taken and the available battery life. Manoeuvring with the vacuum is also easy thanks to the sensors and the laser navigating system.

Its dustbin is easy to access, but clients with allergies might be forced to acquire the vacuum’s automatic dust and dirt collector.

The vacuum has 3 cleaning strengths and two modes: Quiet, Standard, and Strong—with the strong mode having up to 2700Pa max suction power. It uses laser light for navigation. The two modes are the Auto and Sport modes. The Spot mode is recommended for cleaning small debris.

The M7 can also be used for mopping as there is a 0.1L spare volume for water that can be fitted with a mop cloth. Its mopping capabilities are limited when it comes to tougher debris.

Advantages of the Proscenic M7 Pro

  1. One can set up boundaries restricting the appliance to specific regions
  2. One can also customize it to cleaning specific areas
  3. The maximum suction strengths are very practical when it comes to carpets
  4. It serves both as a vacuum and a mop

  1. During the mopping process, it’s difficult to avoid carpeting
  2. Expensive as other additional equipments such as the automatic dust collector are bought separately
  3. Mopping mode is only limited to fine debris and cannot clean tough surfaces.

Comparison between the Proscenic M7 Pro and the Neato Botvac D7
These two are both robot vacuums and they do have both variations and similarities between them.


In terms of battery life, the D7 has an upper hand with a battery life of 122 minutes (4200 MAh) compared to the M7’s 103 minutes (2700 MAh). The dustbin capacity of the D7 is also bigger than that of the M7; 0.7L and 0.6L respectively. The M7 is also equipped with a water tank and cannot be controlled remotely. The M7 is noisier with an average sound production of 88 decibels while the D7 averages 69 decibels.

D7 has a replaceable filter which is absent in the M7 vacuum. Data from previous cleaning sessions can also be accessed with the Neato D7; the same cannot be said of the Proscenic M7. The Neato uses the Neato Robotics app and has a single side brush, while the Proscenic M7 uses the ProscenicHome app and has two side brushes. The M7 Pro is equipped with an automated dirt disposal feature that is unavailable in the D7.

These two are also identical in several ways; for instance, they both can be integrated with Google, have mapping and navigation features. They also have charging stations, are app-controlled with structured cleaning modes.

These vacuums are also nearly identical in height and width. The two can be said to compare favourably to each other and both can be recommended.


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