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By Lauren Quan | 19 March 2021 | 0 Comments


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Robot vacuums are the latest trend in the market. These powerful AI-driven machines are now preferred to even the cordless vacuums. A variety of vacuum companies are now involved in the robot vacuums industry. Shark Ninja and Neato are some of the well-known vacuum companies and are arguably front runners when it comes to robot vacuums. These two companies have their fair share in the now lucrative market for robot vacuums. In this article, we shall compare robot vacuums from these two companies. The comparison will be made in terms of the physical attributes, performance, features, maintenance expenses, general reviews and many other metrics. The vacuums of choice here are the Neato D7 and the Shark AI Robot.

Neato D7 is a new vacuum that is highly rated in the market. It is an upgrade from its previous model, the Neato D6 Robot vacuum. The Shark AI-driven is also a smart appliance that is highly regarded by customers in the market.
  1. Physical Characteristics
These two are nearly equal in size when it comes to their physical attributes. The Neato D7 is a robot vacuum weighing 3.6kg, a length of 33.55cm, a width of 31.9 cm with a depth of 9.96 cm. On the other hand the Shark AI comes with a weight of 3.16kg, a height of 13.5cm, a width of 31.5cm and a depth of 37.5 cm. This vacuum has no carrying handle. They are both cordless vacuums.

  1. Battery Capacities
The runtime of these two vacuums is almost similar. Variations occur when it comes to their recharge duration. Neato D7 has a maximum battery life of 122 minutes, minimum battery life of 98 minutes with a recharge period of 130 minutes. Shark AI has a minimum battery life of 90 minutes and a maximum of 203 minutes. Its recharge period is at 232 minutes. Both of these vacuums come with removal batteries and a recharge dock system. Battery life monitors are also displayed in both of them.

  1. Quality of Life features
Quality of life features are the aspects of a vacuum that ensures its optimal performance levels are met. The Neato D7 has a variety of these features. The vacuum is self-propelled, with an easy to switch on and off. The adjustment system is manual. Neato D7 also provides four cleaning options/levels; the default scheduled cleaning mode, the Whole house and Spot cleaning mode, the Eco mode and the Extra care navigation mode. All the modes are manually-adjusted.

On the other hand, the Shark AI comes with the following quality of life features: a self-driven propeller, a user-friendly on and off switch. Adjusting to different floor surfaces is through a manual system too. This vacuum also has 3 power levels; the Eco mode which is an energy-saving mode, the default mode and the Maximum mode for maximum cleaning demands. These modes are adjusted manually. Both of these vacuums have no headlights. They also come with no rotating heads.
  1. Tools and Brushes
When it comes to tools and brushes comparisons between the two vacuums, the Neato D7 has a brush roll, the brush roll is removable. The Shark AI also has a removable brush roll. These two vacuums are not that fully equipped in terms of additional tools and brushes as they both lack the following; an On and Off brush roll switch, a turbo brush, a crevice tool, soft bristle brushes, hard bristle brushes, extension wand, a crevice tool, ceiling tools and pet grooming tools.
  1. Automatic control
This is one of the most important criteria for gaging these two vacuums as both are robotic. They are both app-driven; the Neato D7 uses the Neato app that has features such as a post-cleaning coverage map, a detailed cleaning history of the user, a planning map for multiple floor use, a No-Go lines and a quick boost charging feature. The Shark AI uses the SharkClean app that includes features such as the different cleaning modes, a scheduling system and a remote control system.

These vacuums are similar in automation as they both share the following features: the remote control system is exclusively for the apps, bag emptying is not automated while the recharging system is automated, schedule programming is enabled in both, smart path tracking system is available; random path tracking is unavailable.

  1. Filter system and Bin Capacities
When it comes to the filtration process, these vacuums are different. The Neato D7 is fitted with the HEPA filter system while the Shark AI comes in a standard filter. The HEPA filters are top-notch and are capable of trapping allergens and accommodates an Ultra-Performance filter. The Shark AI has a pre-motor filter in the dustbin compartment and a tangle comb for trapping hair wraps. Its bin capacity is 0.3L and the bin is removed by pressing its release button. Neato D7 has an upper hand when it comes to bin capacity, its bin volume is 0.5L. It also has a full dirt compartment indicator that notifies the owner when the bin is full, this feature is absent in the Shark AI.
Both of these vacuums are bagless.
  1. Performance
This is the most vital metric to gauge these two vacuums. In terms of performance and efficiency in cleaning, the Neato D7 is clear ahead of the Shark AI. On the bare floor, the Neato is rated at 8.1 while Shark AI is at 7, in low pile carpet it’s at 7.1 for Neato and 6 for Shark; high carpet pile is 7 and 6 respectively and for pets is at 8.7 for Neato and 5.4 for Shark.
For instance, the Neato D7 vacuum has a 97% success of cleaning pet hair from the floor while the Shark AI has an underwhelming 64% of the same. The Neato also recorded 59% of large debris reaching the dirt compartment when the dirt compartment is filled with 0.25L of debris, compared to the 53% recorded by the Shark AI under the same subjection.

The Shark model generally employs the default normal setting in its daily use while the Neato commonly uses the Turbo mode as its default setting.

In manoeuvrability, the Neato was rated at 7 out of 10 while the Shark AI was given an 8. This can be attributed to the differentials with the Neato being a bit heavier. The Shark AI is also good a rug with a tursel and an electric cord compared to the Neato D7.

They’re both excellent when manoeuvring under the table and the couch.
In terms of portability, the Shark AI is also highly rated compared to the Neato, at 8 and 7.8 respectively. This too can be attributed to the difference in weights. Both of these have no lift handles.

  1. Maintenance
A good number of customers usually consider the costs they’re likely to incur in keeping their appliances functioning. Since they’re both bagless, their maintenance costs are likely to be higher compared to other vacuums with bags.

In assessing the build quality (quality of the vacuum in terms of materials, ease of assembly and durability) Neato scored an 8 while Shark had a 7.5.

In terms of user maintenance (demand for cleaning, how easy it is to perform cleaning and maintenance) Neato scored a 7 while Shark underperformed with a 4. When it came to the recurring costs (constant investments one has to make to keep their vacuum running efficiently: a vacuum with fewer expenses scores high; batteries are not accounted for in this evaluation) the Neato D7 secured a score of 4 while the Shark AI outperformed it with a 5.

The two vacuums nearly scored the same in the evaluation of storage, the Shark with a 9 and Neato with an 8.9. Both have rack stations for storage purposes.
Generally, bagless vacuums have few running costs.

For those considering buying any of these two vacuums, the following is a summary:
The Neato D7 is a superior appliance when compared to the Shark AI. It outscores the shark AI in the following categories such as durability and performance.

In durability, the Neato was superior which ironically in terms of maintenance expenses the Shark was the ideal vacuum. The Shark is also lighter than Neato and therefore portable and easy to manoeuvre with especially in tight spaces.

When it comes to performance and efficiency in cleaning, the Neato is the preferred vacuum. It is way superior to the Shark in cleaning large messes, pet hair, low and high carpet piles. The filtration system of Neato is also better than that of Shark. So for people with a priority in effective cleaning, the Neato is the vacuum of choice.

In automation and robotic control, these two vacuums are nearly identical. They’re both app-driven with the only difference in the cleaning modes each is equipped with.

The vacuums are also nearly similar when it comes to tools and brushes, battery type and quality of life features. The Shark is wider than the Neato, the same cannot be said in terms of height, the Neato is taller. The bin capacity for the Neato is 0.5L while that of the Shark is 0.3L.  All in all, the Neato D7 is a superior appliance compared to the Shark AI.


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