Reviews & Price of 2021: Coway vs. Winix Air Purifier
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By pppggg | 11 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Reviews & Price of 2021: Coway vs. Winix Air Purifier

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When it comes to comfort and hygiene, the atmosphere is one of the most telling sources to look at every time. However, the atmosphere can be too contaminated for you to expect anything fresh from it. That's why technology air purifiers.
Air purifiers do what the name says. They purify the air in your environment. How do they work? They suck in the air (usually contaminated) in your environment and circulate much fresher air. They're undoubtedly beneficial to asthmatic patients and allergy sufferers. We have two brands here to look at in this article. If you stick around till the end, there's an added product that gives you all these benefits at a completely affordable price.
This article includes;
1. Coway Air Purifier Reviews & Price
1.1 Coway Airmega 300
1.2 Coway Airmega 150
2. Winix Air Purifier Reviews & Price
2.1 Winix Air Purifier - A230
2.2 Winix Air Purifier - A231
3. Coway Vs. Winix: What's Different?
4. Coway vs. Winix: Which Is Best for You?
5. Comparison With Other Brands of Air Purifiers: Coway vs. Winix vs. Proscenic A8
6. Conclusion


Coway Air Purifier Reviews & Price

We will look at two of Coway's best air purifiers below. However, don't decide yet until you see the Winix and the other superb product at the bottom.

1. Coway Airmega 300


The Coway Airmega 300 model is an excellent tool for purifying the air in your home. The air cleaner cleans the air at least twice every hour when you use it, as recommended by the manufacturer. It has the ability and capacity to cover a room of up to 1256 sq. ft. It comes with the signature Coway Airmega max2 air filter that combines the power of activated carbon with a HEPA filter, reducing the pollutants in your air by 99.97%.
This air purifier comes with a cool feature that alerts you of how clean or dirty the air in your environment is. It does this every minute to help you know the quality of the air you're breathing in. The feature is called the pollution sensor, an LED ring. Getting an air purifier that comes with five modes and works almost silently has to be the dream. With Coway Airmega 300, you will get that feature. The fan modes are sleep, smart, low, medium, and high, making it super-adaptive.
The air purifier also offers a one-year warranty on all faults that could occur and five years on the electronic parts. However, the filters are not in the warranty, but this shouldn't be a problem, as there haven't been complaints about filters getting faulty. To make this machine even more impressive, it comes at a very pocket-friendly price. Compared to the quality function it offers, the Coway Airmega 300 is affordable. The cost is $422.94. At this price, you will be sure of the clean air in your home.

2. Coway Airmega 150


The Coway Airmega 150 is another beautiful product from Coway. It offers some of the excellent services as the Airmega 300. Well, except that it doesn't cover as much room space as the other. It also comes somewhat cheaper.
The Airmega 150 comes with a 3-stage filtration system. It doesn't only keep your home clean but also ensures that the atmosphere smells superbly beautiful. The first stage includes the pre-filter, followed by the deodorization filter and the right HEPA filter.
As mentioned earlier, the Coway Airmega 150 doesn't cover as much space as the 300. However, it can accommodate a 214 sq. ft room, making it the perfect option for price and space if you have a compact room. It comes with a bright LED, which serves as a pollution sensor that lets you know, in real-time, the quality of air in your environment. You don't have to guess what the air quality is and when you need to either slow down the fan speed or increase it.
Besides, the air purifier also comes with three fan modes that you can switch to, depending on the day's time or the air quality you already have. Along with that comes the auto mode that automatically changes modes, optimizing the fan speed depending on air quality. The only promise of low noise is when the machine doesn't detect any form of pollutant within 30 minutes. This product comes at a price that matches its capabilities. As you may have guessed, it's way cheaper than the Coway Airmega 300. It costs $145.

Winix Air Purifier Reviews & Price

We will take a look at two products from the Winix brand. See them below.

1. Winix Air Purifier - A230


This product is most suitable for compact rooms and living spaces. Don't worry, it comes at a completely affordable price, too. The Winix A230 comes with a 4-stage air purification system. These stages are the fine mesh pre-filter, the activated carbon filter, the right HEPA filter, and the plasma-wave air filter technology.
The right HEPA filter assures you of 99.97% clean air devoid of airborne allergens and other pollutants. You will have nothing but the cleanest air to breathe in as long as the machine is on. The activated carbon assures you of no odor from dirt or pets. The fine mesh filter takes away every form of large particle that may be hovering around in your home. The Winix A230 comes at a reasonably low price, matching its capability and coverage. You will get it for $100.

2. Winix Air Purifier - A231


The Winix A231 has everything that comes with the A230. It is the best for compact rooms as it can only cover up to 230 sq. ft of room space. The price gives it away just as well.
The Winix A231 also comes with a 4-stage air filtration system. They are the washable pre-filter, the activated carbon filter, the right HEPA filter, and the plasma-wave air cleaning technology. The product offers a pollutant filtration result of up to 99.97% pollutant-free atmosphere, without leaving any harmful ozone in the atmosphere. For the quality it delivers, the product comes at a relatively reasonable price of $100.

Coway Vs. Winix: What's Different?

We have looked at these two products; it is essential to point out some of the notable differences between them to guide your buying decision. Some of the differences between these two brands are classified below:
Size: In terms of size, the Coway Airmega 300 covers more space than any other product listed here, making it suitable for larger apartments.
Noise: While the Coway brand promises low noise, it promises nothing about any of the Winix products.
Price: Both Coway Airmega products on the list are far more expensive than their Winix counterpart.
Filtration system: The Coway Airmega has a 3-way filtration system while the Winix promises 4.

Coway vs. Winix: Which Is Best for You?

These two brands offer excellent benefits depending on what feature plays better to your ears. For example, if you're looking for complete filtration assurance, you may want to choose Winix. However, you must note that the Coway offers the same quality as deodorization.
As it relates to price and size, you might want to consider your options. For example, If you live in a compact apartment, Winix products are a great option. But if your apartment is much bigger, you might want to take the Coway Airmega 300.

Comparison With Other Brands of Air Purifiers: Coway vs. Winix vs. Proscenic A8


Now let's go for the fantastic product we talked about at the beginning. If you're looking for some cool features along with a great price, the product you should be looking for right now is the Proscenic A8.
The Proscenic A8 is superb when it comes to design, assertive for features, easy for usability, and futuristic in terms of hardware. The product cleans the air up to 99.99% with a 4-stage air filtration system, which gives better quality than the Coway.
The Proscenic A8 covers up to 430 sq. ft, making it super ideal for medium-size rooms, better than the Winix, which covers only 230. The filtration system starts with the pre-filter, moves on to the nano filter, onward to the activated carbon, and finally, the H13 HEPA filter. With all these filtration processes combined, the Proscenic A8 clears out dust, smoke, particles, offensive odors, and many other pollutants.
To top it all, this Proscenic A8 comes at a price far better than both products in the comparison when you look at its efficiency. It costs $149, just the same as the Winix but covers far more than the Winix. The Proscenic is a must-buy for everyone who wants to breathe in some fresh air. It is cheaper, covers more ground for the price, and blows cleaner air.


The benefits of having an air purifier that brings freshness to your home and your lungs cannot be understated. However, getting one that fulfills the exact purpose you're getting it for beats any other consideration.
To begin with, you must be sure of the space you hope to cover, the filtration efficiency, the noise reduction, and lastly, the price. Get yourself a Proscenic A8, and you've got all these things covered.


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