Reviews & Price of 2021: Blueair vs. Dyson Air Purifier
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By pppggg | 11 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Reviews & Price of 2021: Blueair vs. Dyson Air Purifier

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Air purifiers will hardly ever go out of style. When you acknowledge the importance of having fresh and healthy air in your lungs and body system every day, you will better understand why it needs to be a part of your life.
This article will reveal two of the biggest brands in air purification. We will look at two products from each of the manufacturers. Before the piece ends, you will also get the chance to view one excellent product. It offers everything these two have at a very affordable price. Let's take a look at the brands.
Let's discuss;
1. Blue Air Purifier Reviews & Price
1.1 Blueair HealthProtect - 7470i Smart Air Purifier
1.2 Blueair Classic 280i
2. Dyson Air Purifier Reviews & Price
2.1 Dyson - HP01 HEPA Air Purifier
2.2 Dyson - WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier
3. Blueair vs. Dyson: What's Different?
4. Blueair vs. Dyson: Which Is Best for You?
5. Comparison With Other Brands of Air Purifiers: Blueair vs. Dyson vs. Proscenic A8
6. Conclusion


Blue Air Purifier Reviews & Price

Below are two of the Blue Air brand products that you should be checking out today if you haven't already done that.

1. Blueair HealthProtect - 7470i Smart Air Purifier


The Blueair smart air purifiers come with various features. However, the HealthProtect version of these guarantees 24/7 protection from germs and all kinds of bacteria.
The Blueair HealthProtect is that one air purifier that can fit perfectly in medium-sized rooms as it covers a total of 418 sq. ft. Once the air purifier is on, you rest assured that your environment is devoid of up to 99.97% of viruses and bacteria. It works with HEPAsilent to carry out this feature.
To further ensure that you and your household are safe, the air purifier uses a technology known as Germshield to kill germs on the filter to avoid growth. It also proves that no germ will be blown back into the atmosphere after the machine has stayed long without repair. However, it can be best if you strive to wash the filter regularly.
The Blueair HealthProtect uses low energy and doesn't create any form of noise. The product has features that everyone who needs a reliable air purifier should have. However, it is a bit more pricey than you'd expect. The product costs $639.99.

2. Blueair Classic 280i


The Blueair Classic 280i is famous as the smaller version of the Blueair HealthProtect. This air purifier covers only 279 sq. ft. room space but does the job as well as the HealthProtect. The only significant differences are the coverage and the HealthProtect features.
To make the machine more comfortable to use, it comes with a WiFi connectivity feature that allows you to regulate the air purifier from anywhere in the room. You don't have to push any button, do everything from the comfort of your phone.
The Blueair Classic 280i comes with the signature HEPAsilentTM that deletes over 99.97% pollutant from your atmosphere, leaving you with nothing but clean and hygienic air to breathe into your lungs. While it's at this, it reduces noise level to the barest minimum (this is only assured at its lowest speed).
Just as expected, this product is moderately priced. It costs $404.41. Comparing the price with the quality it produces shows it is slightly pricey but not too expensive.

Dyson Air Purifier Reviews & Price

The Dyson air purifier products are some of the best in the market. If you're looking to get some, you might have to consider looking these up to see if they match your preferences. Below are two of their outstanding products to look out for:

1. Dyson - HP01 HEPA Air Purifier


The Dyson HP01 HEPA Air Purifier is yet the only product so far that offers some unique features. The product doesn't only rid your air of over 99.9% of dust, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants, but it also comes with two modes, which are hot and cold. Thus, it assures you of cool air in hot climates and hot air during winter. It's got to be the most incredible thing to view in an air purifier. Well, wait till you see the extra product on the list.
This air purifier can deliver up to 77 gallons of smooth and clean air in just one second, meaning that it sucks in that same amount simultaneously. However, there's no assurance as to how much space it covers per hour.  One other cool feature with the Dyson HP01 is its focus. You can decide to have a jet focus mode that directs all the airflow in one direction. Moreover, you can choose a more diffused mode that spreads the air across the room.
Considering the quality it offers, the product is relatively pricey. It comes at $499. If you are big on breathing in only clean and hygienic air, you should get one of these.

2. Dyson - WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier


Dyson is known for creating superb products, and this is inarguably one of them. One thing that gives this product away is the ease of control. Most purifier products come with a remote control to switch on or off the machine and change modes. But, this one comes with both remote control and an app. These features let you control the machine from your phone.
Another remarkable feature is the high-efficiency vacuum-sealed HEPA filter that rids the environment of up to 99.95% of pollutants such as dust particles, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet dander, odor, and more.
This air purifier features an automatic monitor. It detects the air condition and quality in the atmosphere. So, it alerts you whether to turn on or off the machine. To add to that, it comes with a specific scheduling feature that switches modes from speed to auto mode, night mode, and more, depending on the time of the day or quality of air.
The product goes at a reasonably fair price for the quality it produces. The product costs 409.68, which is relatively high but reasonable when compared with all its features.

Blueair vs. Dyson: What's Different?

We can say that they have the most common features from all we have seen about these two products. However, some parts are distinct and particular to each brand. Some of them are listed below.
The Dyson brand produces air purifiers that help you control the machine from the comfort of your bed by just using your phone or your remote. There's no information as to whether Blueair does the same.
The HealthProtect feature in the first Blueair product on this list is something to test. It gives an assurance that the product offers nothing but purity in the atmosphere.
The Dyson hot + cool feature is another thing that makes it more of an advantage over the Blueair. However, this may not mean anything to you if you already have an HVAC system in place in your home.

Blueair vs. Dyson: Which Is Best for You?

Choosing which one is best between these two brands depends on what you want from an air purifier. The prices don't pose any significant challenge or choice factor as they both have similar prices.
If you're choosing from the point of view that one covers more space than the other, then the Blueair might be a much better option. That's because we have no specific information about the coverage of the Dyson brand. Although the company says that the product covers large rooms, we cannot express how large.
If easiness in control is your thing, then the Dyson is undoubtedly the best option for you. However, if you consider that you may have to go pick up the remote to turn the machine on sometimes, you might notice that there's no significant difference between the brands.

Comparison With Other Brands of Air Purifiers: Blueair vs. Dyson vs. Proscenic A8


We have thoroughly looked at these two brands. Now it's time to consider what features the unique product we talked about initially—the all-amazing and encompassing Proscenic A8.
The Proscenic A8 covers up to 430 sq. ft of room space. Whether you live in a compact room or a slightly bigger one, you're good to go with this product. Not only does it reach more ground, but it also assures you of a futuristic design that serves as a decorative tool along with superb air purification.
The Proscenic A8 comes with a 4-stage air filtration system that assures you of 99.99% purification in your environment. This feature alone is a better assurance than both the Blueair and Dyson in terms of air quality. The four stages of filtration are the pre-filter, nano filter, activated carbon filter, and the H13 HEPA filter.
For a product that offers this level of satisfaction, it comes at a price more than affordable. It is the best-priced product on the list. With only $149, you too can have pure and clean air in your home or office.
Compared with the other two brands on the list, the Proscenic A8 costs almost three times less. If you're on a budget, the Proscenic A8 is the product for you since it does everything like the other products and offers durability and easy control. Get the Proscenic A8 today and enjoy quality air like never before.


A study shows that the average human spends 87% of their time indoors. Whether you're in the office, your home, or even a social gathering, you're most likely going to be indoors. Having an air purification system indoor with you will assure you of a healthier life as most germs and illnesses we pick up are from the atmosphere. The Proscenic A8 will protect you from all that. Get one today.


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