Best Air Fryer Reviews in 2021: Ninja, Emeril, Nuwave, Gourmia, Proscenic and More
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By Lauren Quan | 11 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Best Air Fryer Reviews in 2021: Ninja, Emeril, Nuwave, Gourmia, Proscenic and More

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Do you run a busy schedule? Do you want to lead a healthy life by cutting on fats? Do you want to save cooking time? Then an air fryer has all the solutions to these questions and is up to the task to help you accomplish and answer your questions.

Like any other smart home appliances, air fryers come in many brands, and a click on the internet pours out many of them that make it difficult to make a decision. Thanks to these air fryer reviews. We are going to guide you to the best air fryer brands that you can trust. The air fryer brand in our guide will include:
  • Ninja air fryer.
  • Emeril air fryer.
  • Nuwave air fryer.
  • Gourmia air fryer.
  • The Proscenic air fryer.
And many more
1. Ninja Air Fryer Review
2. Emeril Air Fryer Review
3. Nuwave Air Fryer Review
4. Gourmia Air Fryer Review
5. Proscenic Air Fryer Review
6. What to Consider before Choosing an Air Fryer
7. Conclusion

1.Ninja Air Fryer Review

When you finally purchase Ninja Air Fryer, you subscribe to fast, healthy cooking. Much fat in your blood system may be hazardous and unhealthy. For this, you need to consume food with less fat content by air frying your food. Ninja Air Fryer assures you with 75% less fatty foods as compared to that fried by deep fryers.
You can prepare any type of food in your kitchen using Ninja Air Fryer. As different foods require a diverse range of temperatures to cook, Ninja Air Fryer is equipped with a wide range of temperatures. The temperatures range between 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. With this temperature range, you can readily realize more crisp foods.

Many people complain about air fryers having low capacity food baskets, thus consuming a lot of time cooking in bits. This is not the case with Ninja Air Fryer; it comes with a 4-quart food basket that allows you to cook enough food for your large family. The food basket is also made from a ceramic material that is non-sticky, thus easy to cleaning and always making Ninja Air Fryer as a hygienic air fryer.

Controlling your air fryer should be easy and straightforward to allow you to control easy stay in your kitchen. Amazingly, Ninja Air Fryer allows you to control it using its one-touch control panel easily. The panel allows you to change between its 4 programmable cooking functions. You don’t need any prior knowledge to operate this air fryer.

You will also acknowledge the presence of Ninja Air Fryer in your kitchen for its four programmable settings. You can decide to use the Air Fry Mode, Roast Mode, Reheating Mode, and Dehydrating mode. All these modes allow you to realize the best meals for you and your family.

2.Emeril Air Fryer Review

Emeril Air Fryer is a heavy-duty air fryer for heavy-duty kitchen cooking. It comes with 12 preset cooking that allows you to cook a wide variety of food without much struggle. The 12 presets come with an automatic temperature setting and cook time. You only need to press a button and have your favorite food fried.
Emeril Air Fryer is here to allow you to save your cooking time. It is equipped with 360° quick-cook technology. Its five super heating element supplies the required superheated air to fry your food. The 360° technology serves to supply the superheated air from every angle of your food. This allows your food to cook fast, and you can realize crispy and delicious food for your family.

Controlling your Emeril Air Fryer is absolutely easy. It is engineered with an LCD digital display that displays its 12 cooking presets that you can easily choose from by a one-touch. You can easily choose to dehydrate, rotisserie, reheat, toast, bagel, broil, roast, make pizza, reheat, or slow cook just by a one-touch on the LCD display screen.

 Emeril Air Fryer is also considered a healthy and hygienic air fryer. It only makes use of superheated air rather than using cooking oil. This allows you to enjoy 70% less fat content that allows you to cut calories that you consume. Its high-capacity food basket is also non-sticky that makes it easy to clean.

3.Nuwave Air Fryer Review

The Nuwave Air Fryer is among the best competing air fryers in the market as the smart air fryer. The fact that it allows you to control it using our mobile phone smartly is a plus as it is convenient. You only need to pair it with your mobile smartphone app and through the app, schedule the cooking time, change the cooking mode, turn it ON/OFF and perform many other control instructions.

As a regular cook, you understand that different foods require different temperatures to cook well. Nuwave Air Fryer ensures that you can cook a variety of foods with its wide range of temperatures. You can enjoy frying your food with a temperature variation between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can vary your cooking temperature with an increment of 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will love the services of Nuwave Air Fryer because of its six preprogrammed dishes for convenience. This allows you to cook your favorite dish without much struggle as the preprogrammed programs come with a set cooking temperature and time. Even if you have never cooked, you will love the convenience of these features.
Nuwave Air Fryer is equipped with a patented fry food basket that, together with the even heat distribution technology, allows you to enjoy much crispier and well-cooked meals. The patented fry food basket design allows even airflow to every point, allowing every food particle to interact with heat for even cooking. The even heat distribution, on the other hand, makes sure it forces the super-heated air through the patented food basket enough to cook your food.

Finally, Nuwave Air Fryer features an Auto Shut-off feature. This is an important feature that allows your air fryer to automatically go off to prevent burning your food or overcooking your food. This works hand in hand with the Nuwave Air Fryer timer, and when the set cooking time elapses, then your air fryer shuts off automatically.

4.Gourmia Air Fryer Review

Gourmia Air Fryer is sometimes referred to as a digital air fryer. Its digital nature makes your kitchen life easy as it eases the cooking exercise. It is equipped with the Fryforce 360° technology. This technology assures you of even cooking by uniformly distributing the superheated air from every angle of the food basket, making sure every food particle is well cooked.

With a 6-quart food basket, you can cook your for your large family at once. This food basket capacity is enough to carry enough food for your large family thus; you don’t need to waste time cooking in bits.
The Gourmia Air Fryer’s 12 one-touch preset cooking functions are also helpful. Even if you have never used an air fryer to cook, the presets let you enjoy your precious dishes. The presets come with already set cooking time and cooking temperature on different foods. You only need to choose one of the presets aligning with the food you want to cook and have your dish fried with no struggle. Choosing a preset on Gourmia Air Fryer easy; you only need to touch its user interface, and everything is done.

Gourmia Air Fryer is also a cooking time saver. It is equipped with an Express Heat Element that supplies superheated air in a fast way. This makes sure that the required heat to cook your food is available in plenty. This allows it to cook 30% faster than the old oven.

You will also love the fact that Gourmia Air Fryer sends you cooking prompts. It has customizable notifications that guide you through the food frying process. This makes cooking easy and engaging.

5.Proscenic Air Fryer Review

Proscenic Air Fryer is a perfect smart air fryer that will make your stay in the kitchen enjoyable and easy. It is considered a smart air fryer as it allows you to smartly control it. Proscenic Air Fryer lets you connect it to your smartphone through the ProscenicHome app using Wi-Fi technology. The ProscenicHome app is available both for iOS devices and Android devices. You can start/stop frying, adjust any other setting, and even choose the cooking preset through the app.

Apart from the ProscenicHome app, you can also control your Proscenic Air Fryer using your voice commands using Alexa. You only need to speak to Alexa and effortlessly schedule cooking time, monitor cooking status, choose the menu and much other cooking control.

With Proscenic Air Fryer, you don’t need to be a cooking pro to realize the best dishes. This is because it comes with dozens of customized recipes for your best dishes. You can easily access the detailed but easy-to-understand recipes through the ProscenicHome app. The recipes contain every detail that you need to realize crispy foods.

Proscenic Air Fryer comes with eight multiple functions that allow you to prepare a wide variety of foods. You can easily and readily have fries, pizza, shrimp, fish, chicken, bacon, steak and cake using a single Proscenic Air Fryer unit.

The Proscenic Air Fryer adopts Rapid Air Technology as a fat cooking mechanism. Here, the superheated air from the heating element is transferred with very high intensity. This allows the hot air to be distributed evenly in a fast way, thus cutting on the cooking time. You can have the rest of the time to attend to other activities.
Model Ninja Air Fryer Emeril Air Fryer Nuwave Air Fryer Gourmia Air Fryer Proscenic Air Fryer
Cooking Functions 4 12 6 12 8
Weight (Pounds) 4.9 20.5 14.6 12.03 15
Dimensional Size (Inches) 13.6 x 11 x 13.3 23 x 17.5 x 13.5 9 x 9 x 12.5 13.8 x 11 x 12.8 12 x 12 x 12.7
Wattage (W) 1500 1800 1200 1700 1700
Food Basket Capacity (Quarts) 4 4.2 14 6 5.8
Power Code Length (Feet) 2.6 2.4 3.6 2.66 4.2
Food Fat Content (%) 25 30 30 20 15

6.What to Consider before Choosing an Air Fryer

Different air fryers perform the same functions but come with different features. Before landing on a specific air fryer, here are the factors that you need to have in mind before choosing an air fryer;

Size- we talk of size; we refer to the size of your family against the size of the food basket. If you have a large family, you need to consider going for an air fryer like the Proscenic air fryer with a high-capacity food basket. A large food basket allows you to cook enough food for your family at once instead of cooking in bits.
Ease of use- you don’t need to have prior experience to operate your air fryer. You need to consider an air fryer brand that comes with an easy-to-use user interface. 

Ease of Cleaning- you don’t need to waste your money on an air fryer that is not easy to clean as it will be unhygienic. You need to go for a brand that is easy to clean, and with all its parts being dishwasher safe. You also need to have a vacuum cleaner that has a non-stick food basket. This makes sure that you prepare hygienic food that is healthy for you and your family.

Temperature Setting Range- if you need to cook a variety of foods, then you need to go for an air fryer with a wide temperature range. This will allow you to cook different foods with ease.
Extra Features- There are special extra features that you need to consider. A good air fryer for you should have other features like recipes, presets and even the power code length.


The services of an air fryer are enticing, and you cannot afford to miss one in your kitchen. Living health can be achieved by consuming fewer fats that can be achieved by consuming fried food. After this review, we believe it is now easy for you to make a sound decision and choose the best air fryer for you and your family.


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