Review and Comparison: MooSoo vs. Hoover Cordless Vacuum
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By Lauren Quan | 06 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Review and Comparison: MooSoo vs. Hoover Cordless Vacuum

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If there is a part of our highly prone to dirt homes, it is none other than the floor. For this reason, you need to clean your floor daily, and every time it gets dirty. This recurring cleaning exercise may be tiresome and ineffective without a proper machine.

Because of this and many more reasons, you need to employ the services of a vacuum cleaner. This machine comes with advanced floor cleaning technology that assures you many advantages. Among the advantages that a vacuum cleaner lets you enjoy include making cleaning an easy and effective exercise, enhancing your physical health and general healthy living, a vacuum saves cleaning time, among other advantages.

Although the services of a vacuum cleaner are promising and enticing one, you need to choose the best vacuum cleaner from the many models that are available in the market. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner may be a hard task without a proper guide. This is why we have given you a guide to the best vacuum cleaners giving a detailed review and comparison between the two major vacuum cleaners, MooSoo and Hoover cordless vacuum cleaners. We also have the best alternative vacuum cleaners in the market; the Proscenic P11 and Proscenic P10 vacuum cleaner models.

1. MooSoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
2. Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
3. Comparison between MooSoo and Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
4. Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner Review
5. Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner Review
6. Conclusion


1.MooSoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

MooSoo Cordless Vacuum is an outstanding vacuum cleaner with outstanding vacuuming experience. Many users love the MooSoo Cordless Vacuum because of its safety and health standards. It houses a HEPA filtration system that has 99.99% filtration efficiency; thus, when you vacuum, the air you inhale is free from the allergy-causing microorganism. This not only keeps you safe but protects your whole family, making it free from the risk of allergies. The good news is that the HEPA filters are washable; thus, you don’t incur any extra costs of replacing the filtration system.

MooSoo Cordless Vacuum has a highly flexible brush that makes it easy to clean and easy maneuver. The flexible brush allows you to negotiate bends, corners and even evade obstacles on the floor easily without much hassle. You can clean every corner of your floor with this flexible brush.

Cleaning darker parts of your floor like under furniture has not been easy as with the MooSoo Cordless Vacuum LED brush head. The LEDs on MooSoo Cordless Vacuum’s brush head are bright enough to illuminate your cleaning path. You can vacuum your floor even without any external source of light.

MooSoo Cordless Vacuum is cordless thus powered by a 2200mAh removable battery. The battery is strong enough and powers your MooSoo Cordless Vacuum for a long time providing you with 30 minutes of fade-free suction power. This period is enough to allow you to vacuum a large floor area before stopping to recharge it again. The batter requires 5.5 hours to recharge fully.

It comes with variable suction powers that make it ideal for cleaning different types of floor ranging from hardwood floor, bare floor, tiled floor, and the carpeted floor. You can vary the suction power between 11000Pa and 23000Pa, giving you different cleaning powers to clean different floors.

We recommend MooSoo Cordless Vacuum because of its multi-purpose nature that allows you to clean different parts of your home. You can use MooSoo Cordless Vacuum to remove dirt from your car, sofa, and even curtains. This is enhanced by the fact that MooSoo Cordless Vacuum comes with a number of additional features and tools.

The extra features and tools that come with MooSoo Cordless Vacuum include the 2-in-1 oval brush that allows you clean delicate surfaces like upholstery, drapes, and even lampshades. The brush is designed in a special way as it clears dirt without sucking the fabrics. Its long crevice tool also allows you special clean points like windowsills, vents, and cushions.

You can store and at the same time recharge your MooSoo Cordless Vacuum using the special wall mount. You can install the wall mount exactly above the power source socket that will allow you to have your battery recharge while your vacuum cleaner is stored. The wall mount also makes your MooSoo Cordless Vacuum readily available when you need it..

2.Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is another unique vacuum cleaner that you can choose for your floor cleaning. Since it is cordless, it is powered by a strong rechargeable lithium battery that assures you fade-free suction for 40 minutes. The better part of the Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner battery is that you can recharge it anywhere. Since the battery is removable, you can detach it from the main vacuum cleaner unit and recharge it separately. Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner also comes with a battery-level LED indicator; thus, it will be easy for you to tell when your Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner requires recharging.

This vacuum cleaner is agile and maneuverable with the H-lab Flat and Drive nozzle. This makes Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner easily and smoothly steers under and around the furniture and other obstacles. It allows you to switch its flexibility between 90° and 180° cleaning angles that allows you easily push it along, more so in corners and other narrow spaces.

With Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, you can vacuum all types of floors. It allows you different settings that allow you to vary the suction power depending on the floor you wish to clean. The carpet setting activates the power brush that agitates the pile to dislodge any form of dirt off the carpet. When the power brush is switched off, you can smoothly wipe off dust and other forms of dirt from hardwood without the risk of scratching it.
You will also love the services of Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner’s telescopic handle. It allows you to adjust its height depending on your comfortable height. Its lowest height is about 80 cm; this means even your kid can vacuum the floor and takes less space when you store it.

Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is engineered with a single cyclone separation system. This system combines with a pre-motor filter to allow you to enjoy high filtration making sure that the air you breathe is free of air contaminants and other allergens.

Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner utilizes a mini-motorized floor head. This brush is able to pick up large-sized and small-sized debris from any floor.

3.Comparison between MooSoo and Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Model MooSoo Cordless Vacuum Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Battery Runtime (Minutes) 30 40
Max Suction Power (Pa) 23000 17000
Dimensional Size (Inches) 44 x 29 x 19 40 x 26 x 15
Weight (Pounds) 8.1 11.02
Recharge Time (Hours) 5.5 5
Filtration System HEPA Cyclone Separation System
Wattage (Watts) 120 120
Vacuuming Modes 2 2
If you think MooSoo Cordless Vacuum and Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner are not up to the task, we have set aside the best alternative vacuum cleaners that you can also consider.
Here is their review;

4.Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Many users recommend Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner as a true definition of the best vacuum cleaner you can trust.  People love how easy it is to control it through a LED touch screen. The LED screen allows you access to vacuuming mode, the battery level and indicates any error codes making it easy for you to correct them for easy and smooth cleaning.

Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner offers you wide usage with its three adjustable modes. The three modes come with different suction powers that allow you to clean any type of surface that requires different cleaning power. You can easily clean rugs, sofa, curtain and even blow off the dust from your laptop.

You will also find Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner helpful and up to the task because of its powerful 450W brushless motor. This motor spins at a speed of 130000 revolutions per minute that in return generates a suction power of over 25000Pa. With this high suction power, you can easily get away with any form of debris, including dust, pet hair and even shells of nuts.

A long endurance 2500mA Samsung Lithium-ion battery powers your Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.  This battery is powerful enough to provide you with fade-free suction power for 60 minutes. This makes it easy and fast to clean your floor without stopping to recharge it over and over again. This vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a quick charge technology that allows the battery to recharge for just 2.5 hours instead of the normal 5.5 hours.

Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner readily converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner. As a handheld vacuum cleaner, Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner becomes lightweight enough, allowing you to carry it along and clean your car with ease. Even as a handheld vacuum cleaner, Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is still highly powerful and can drive away any form of dust from your car.

You can also find the Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to be versatile and economical. Most vacuum cleaners can only sweep your floor, but Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is on another level as it can sweep and at the same time mop your floor. It is engineered with a magnetic water tank that provides the water needed to mop your floor. You can opt to run the two functions concurrently or opt to run them one at a time.
Finally, we cannot forget to let you know of Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner’s brush with a unique roller. The brush is saw-like, thus cuts off any long pet or human hair. The brush roller also automatically detects your carpet and boosts its suction power to make sure the carpet is well cleaned.

5.Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner comes with every feature you need to have your floor cleaned without affecting your health. The Proscenic P10 Vacuum cleaner comes with a multi-stage filtration system that brings together a metal filter, HEPA filter and a sponge filter to make sure you are safe from allergy-causing microorganisms. The filtration system gives it a filtration efficiency of 99.99% capturing even microscopic allergens.

Proscenic P10 Vacuum cleaner further comes with a cylindrical dust cup that is extremely easy to empty. To empty it, you only need to press the release button, pop it and have the collected debris released. This dust cup is able to hold up to 0.65 liters of the debris before requiring to be emptied. This capacity is high enough to allow you to vacuum for long before requiring you to stop to empty it. This dust cup has an added advantage as it is clear; thus, you can monitor the collected litter level.

You don’t need to worry about the darker points on your floor. Proscenic P10 Vacuum cleaner comes with bright LED lights that illuminate the cleaning path as you vacuum. You don’t need to employ an external source of light to be able to vacuum your floor, even in the dark.

You will also love the Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner’s additional attachment tools that you don’t use on a daily basis but are effective and practical. The tools include the Crevice Tool that you can use to remove grooves, cobwebs and any dirt on narrow parts. There is also a soft brush that allows you to clean sensitive and delicate surfaces without causing scratches.

The low operating noise level is always a taste of many vacuum cleaner users, and Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner does not disappoint when it comes to this. It operates with a noise level ranging between 60 decibels to 72 decibels. This noise level is low enough to allow you to hold a conversation while vacuuming with little or no disturbance at all.


After going through the reviews, I believe it is now easy for you to make the right choice. It is evident that the Proscenic P11 and Proscenic P10 vacuum cleaners stand out in every aspect. You cannot afford to miss a high suction power that is 50% more powerful than other cordless vacuum cleaners in the market. There are also other features that make the Proscenic vacuum cleaners stand out, including a long-endurance battery, LED screen, motor speeds and adjustable vacuuming suction power.


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