Eureka vs. Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Which is Better?
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By Lauren Quan | 03 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Eureka vs. Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Which is Better?

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The services of a vacuum cleaner are enticing ones, and it is not possible for you to avoid them. It is the only machine that will save you from the hectic and time-consuming floor cleaning exercise. With a vacuum cleaner, you can have all types of floors in your home, office, workplace, and many more cleaned without much struggle. A vacuum cleaner also allows you easily clean any kind of floor, ranging from vinyl to carpeted floors.

Even with the promising nature of a vacuum cleaner, it is not easy to get the best that fits your home. This is because there exist numerous vacuum cleaners in the market developed by different developers.

For this reason, we have set aside the Eureka and Shark vacuum cleaners, given them a deep review and comparison. We have also set aside the best alternative vacuum cleaner that you can also consider as the best vacuum cleaners for your floor.

1. Review and Comparison
Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Review
Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Comparison of the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner and Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
2. Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner Review
3. Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner Review
4. Summary

1.Review and Comparison

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Review

Forget tedious floor cleaning and cleaning of other surfaces with the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner. Although the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner is designed with a plastic body, it is highly long-lasting and hard to break.

Many consumers fall for Eureka Vacuum Cleaner because of the compact design that gives it high maneuverability. In terms of weight, it only weighs about 8 pounds that makes it lightweight enough for you to carry it along while vacuuming without getting fatigued. Eureka Vacuum Cleaner is also highly compact and slim, making it highly maneuverable, allowing you access every point of your floor.

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with an innovative multi-surface cleaning head. The cleaning head allows you to set it in two different modes; hard floor mode and carpet mode. In the hard floor mode, you can extend the brush bristles to allow the cleaner head to glide over the floor. Here, the bristles agitate any form of dirt, including dust and pet hair, then picked off by its strong suction power. On a carpet mode, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner’s cleaning head, the bristles are not extended, and all the suction power is concentrated in loosening and lifting dirt off the carpet.

The main cleaner header is further featured with swivel technology. This technology allows you to easily maneuver your floor, evading any form of obstacles and objects.

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner further comes with cleaning tools that make it a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. You will make use of a Crevice Tool that you can attach to your Eureka Vacuum Cleaner to enable it to clean narrow spaces and remove dirt from stairs, beds, furniture, and even sofas. You can also find the Brush Tool that allows you to clean above-floor surfaces like ceilings.

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner also comes with a transparent dirt cup that allows you to monitor the level of collected dirt. The 2.5-quarts dust cup is large enough to allow you to vacuum for a long time without stopping to empty it. The best part of this dirt cup is that it has a bottom emptying system that lets you easily empty the dirt cup with a push of a button.

Finally, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner is the safest vacuum cleaner to use even if you may be allergic or asthmatic. It comes with cyclonic dirt-air separation and a washable foam filter. This blocks any allergen that may want to escape back to the air. This way, you can use Eureka Vacuum Cleaner without any risk of being exposed to allergy-causing microorganisms.

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner brings together a unique design, impressive performance, and a long-life battery that combine to make sure you get the best floor cleaning service.

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a DuoClean Technology that brings together two brush rolls that combine to deliver the best cleaning experience in both the carpets and hard floors. With a bristled brush, Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner digs deep into the deep-pile carpet, loosening and lifting away any embedded dirt.

If you own pets, then Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner that we can recommend for you. It is engineered with Anti Hair Wrap Technology. This translates to untangled brush roll even if you clean the long pet hair. This technology automatically gets rid of the pet hair that may try to wrap around the brush roll. This is possible with the inclusion of a unique bristle-guard and comb that separates and cuts off long pet hair on the brush roll.

Another feature that you will highly like about Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is its flexibility. When you want to clean under furniture, you don’t need to bend much as Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a flexible wand that can bend, thus access such floor points with ease. When you are done cleaning under furniture, Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner’s wand is flexible enough to return to its upright position and allows you to continue vacuuming your floor.

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is readily and easily convertible to a handheld vacuum cleaner. As a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can use it to easily and effectively clean your stairs, furniture and even cleaning your car. Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner becomes highly lightweight and allows you to carry it along and clean specific spots on your floor. This allows you to deal with dirt instantly.

Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner being cordless, it is powered by a powerful rechargeable battery. The battery gives Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner a runtime of 60 minutes that is long enough to let you vacuum your floor for a long time without stopping for recharging. The battery is also removable; thus, you can recharge it separately as make use of a spare battery.

Comparison of the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner and Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Model Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Weight (Pounds) 8 9.04
Dust Cup Capacity (Quarts) 2.5 0.34
Dimensional Size (Inches) 14.2 x 12.2 x 9.7 10.2 x 9.7 x 46.5
Cord length (Inches)   Cordless
Filter Type Washable foam filter HEPA, Foam filters
Wattage (W) 120 281
After reviewing the two vacuum cleaners, you may have missed the specific features that you may be looking for on a vacuum cleaner. Here are the best vacuum cleaners that you can consider as alternative vacuum cleaners.

2.Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner performs two primary functions that you need to have your floor sparkling clean. It can perform both wet mopping and dry sweeping. It comes with a self-seeping water reservoir that supplies enough water for mopping your floor. You can decide to run the two functions concurrently or run them separately depending on the type of floor you are cleaning.

With a wall hanging, you can easily store and recharge your Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner easily. The wall hanging makes it easy for you to store your vacuum cleaner and make it ready whenever you need it. You are advised to set the hang exactly above the power socket to make it easy for you to recharge it.

Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner is cordless and thus powered by a long endurance 2500mA Samsung Lithium-ion battery. The battery is able to provide fade-free suction power for 60 continuous minutes. You don’t need to recharge it from time to time. The important part of it is that it is removable, and this allows you to recharge it separately as you make use of a spare battery.

Even with a long-enduring battery, the Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner allows you to recharge it quickly. Normally, Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner recharges for 5.5 hours, but with the quick charge technology, you can have your Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner battery recharged for 2.5 hours, saving three hours.

Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner readily converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner. As a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily and comfortably carry it along and clean surfaces like pillows, sofas, and even vacuum your car.

If you own pets, you understand how cleaning them, or their messes may be hard. With Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner, you can efficiently and easily vacuum your pets using the pet brush. Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner allows you to attach this brush to it, but you need to buy the brush separately.

Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner is safe to use even if you are allergic or asthmatic. This is because it comes with a multiple-stage filtration system that makes sure no allergen or any other air contaminant particle escapes back to the environment to contaminate the air you breathe. It is equipped with a 4-stage filtration system that is characterized by a HEPA filter, Sponge filter, Steel Mesh, and a cyclone ionosphere. All these filters make sure you are safe and free from any risk of allergy.

3.Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner Review

This is one of the best-known cordless vacuum cleaners that are best for vacuuming all types of floors. It is ranked by many vacuum cleaner users as it comes with high suction power that makes sure all the dirt on floor surfaces is dealt with.

The Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner’s highest suction power stands at 22000Pa, and it is variable within 6500Pa and 22000Pa. Depending on the floor you are cleaning and the type of debris you want to collect, Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner allows you to vary its suction power on either 6500Pa, 10500Pa, 14500, and 22000Pa.

The high suction power of the Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner is guaranteed by its powerful brushless motor. The brushless motor is advanced enough to deliver a high speed of 110000 revolutions per minute, thus creating a high suction power.

Monitoring the operation of Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner is easy and straightforward. This vacuum cleaner comes with a LED touch screen that allows you to access the operating status of your vacuum cleaner. The screen allows you to monitor the battery level, error codes, and the suction power level Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner is operating on. The touch screen also lets you easily choose the vacuuming suction power you need by simply touching the screen interface.

Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner makes use of a removable 2200mALG Lithium-ion Battery that powers it. The battery is powerful and delivers a fade-free suction for about 45 minutes after a full charge. This allows you to clean a wide floor area before stopping for recharging. The battery is also removable making it convenient for you to recharge it separately as you make use of a spare battery. This allows you to have a continuous vacuuming exercise till your floor is completely clean.

With a rotatable brush head, Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner allows you to maneuver r our floor with ease. The brush head is rotatable; thus, you can avoid knocking obstacles on your floor without much struggle.

Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a zigzag-shaped roller brush that is tangle-free. With this design, you can trust Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner in cleaning long human and pet hair. With a zigzag shape, the brush roll can cut off the long hairs, thus allowing for continuous vacuuming and making it highly durable.
You will like the fact that the Proscenic P10 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a brush head with LED lights. The LED lights are highly bright and illuminate your cleaning path. This way, you can easily clean the dark points of your floor without requiring any external source of light.



It is evident that every individual vacuum cleaner comes with specific outstanding features. The vacuum cleaner that you choose should be within your budget and have some of the best basic features.

For instance, you need to go for a vacuum cleaner that can offer you better floor cleaning, like the Proscenic P11 Vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop your floor. If your vacuum cleaner is cordless, then you also need to consider the battery recharge time and battery endurance. You can always trust the Proscenic Vacuum cleaners.


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