7 Best Air Purifier for 2021, Honeywell, Levoit, Winix and more
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By Lauren Quan | 01 March 2021 | 0 Comments

7 Best Air Purifier for 2021, Honeywell, Levoit, Winix and more

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The air we breathe indoors is more contaminated than the one out outdoors. From the basic understanding, we take a lot of time in our indoors than in our outdoors. The air in our indoors is constrained and may be contaminated naturally by allergens and other air contaminants. 

When we breathe contaminated air, we expose our respiratory system to different respiratory ailments. To be safe, you need to make sure that the air you breathe is purified from time to time.

To achieve air filtration, you need to employ the services of an air purifier. We have numerous air purifier brands in the market, and it may not be easy for you to choose the best that can suit you. For this reason, we have set aside the 7 best air purifiers for 2021.

Before we get into the best 7 air purifiers, let's first understand what we need to look for in an air purifier.

1. What to Look for in an Air Fryer
The Main Pollutants in your Home
Filtration System Efficiency
2. 7 Best Air Purifier for 2021
Honeywell Air Purifier
Levoit Air Purifier
Winix Air Purifier
Holmes Air Purifier
Coway Air Purifier
Molekule Air Purifier
Germguardian Air Purifier
3. Proscenic A8 Air Purifier
4. Summary


1.What to Look for in an Air Fryer

Before you land on a specific air fryer, you need to consider a number of factors, including;

The Main Pollutants in your Home

The form of pollutants varies from one place to the other. The form of pollutants may also vary depending on the pets you own. 
For instance, if you are a pet owner, you need to go for an air fryer that will not be tangled with the pet hair and with a large dust tank to accommodate the pet dander.

Filtration System Efficiency

The efficiency varies from one air purifier model to the other; some brands come with HEPA filtration system that has 99.97% filtration efficiency, effective in capturing micro air particles with a size of 0.3 microns. 
If the air in our home has a bad odor, then you can go for an air purifier that is able to capture and eliminate odors.


An air purifier is considered convenient depending on the special features it comes with. On this factor, make sure you check features like the noise of operation level, filter life alerts, and sensors too.
You can also consider other factors like your room size, the cost of buying an air fryer, and the maintenance cost.
Let's now have a look at the best 7 air purifiers you can trust.

2.7 Best Air Purifier for 2021

Honeywell Air Purifier

This is the best air purifier suited for your medium to large apartments and rooms with up to 465 square feet. This is possible as it is enabled with five air changes per hour that make it not only efficient for these areas but also fast in delivering clean air in your indoors.

You will love it because of its high-efficiency 2-stage filtration system. The 2-stage filtration system features a Pre-filter that contains an activated carbon filter. The pre-filter serves to blocks large air contaminant particles, and the Activated Carbon Filter neutralizes odors, gases, and VOCs. The next stage contains a True HEPA filter that is considered the heart of filtration. At this stage, almost 99.97% of common air pollutants are trapped and even those with a microscopic size of 0.3 microns.

Away from the filters, the Honeywell Air Purifier lets you enjoy its four cleaning levels. Depending on the contamination level in your room, Honeywell Air Purifier allows you to adjust its fan speed into four cleaning levels, including; Allergen, General Clean, Turbo, and Germ.

Honeywell Air Purifier provides outstanding performance as it allows you up to three schedule times. You can schedule it to start running 2, 4, and 8 hours. You can set it to run and purify the air in your home even in your absence.

Levoit Air Purifier

The Levoit Air Purifier is one of the quietest air purifiers you can trust for your home. It operates with a noise range of 27-46 Decibels. The lowest noise level (27dB) allows you to run it in your bedroom or that of your kids without any disturbance. The low noise level also allows you to enjoy purified air in your bedroom without any disturbance.

Levoit Air Purifier further comes with a Clean Air Delivery Rating of 110 that makes it fit for your 129 square feet room. The high CADR rating also allows it to have your indoor air cleaned in a fast way.

Finally, Levoit Air Purifier comes with a 3-stage filtration system that makes sure all air contaminants are trapped, leaving the air you breathe contaminants-free. The 3-stage filtration system comprises a HEPA filter, a pre-filter, and an Activated Carbon filter. All these filters combine to make sure that you receive the best-purified breathing air.

Winix Air Purifier

The Winix Air Purifier comes with an outstanding 4-stage filtration system. The filtration system houses a pre-filter that is responsible for capturing large air contaminant particles like pet air, pet dander, or even large dust particles. The second stage is made of an Activated Carbon Filter responsible for adsorbing odors that may be realized from smoke, pets, cooking, and neutralizes VOCs. 

You will find a True HEPA filter on the third stage responsible for capturing over 99.97% of air contaminants and capturing microscopic air contaminants, even those with sizes of 0.3 microns. Finally at the fourth is the Winix PlasmaWave technology that acts as an ionizer that reduces the number of pollutants.

The Winix Air Purifier also allows you easily control it in a unique and smart way. It allows you to control it through a smartphone using the app. It is also compatible with Alexa that allows you to control it using voice commands.

Holmes Air Purifier

The Holmes Air Purifier is yet another air purifier that you can employ for daily indoor air purification. It comes with a 2-stage filtration system that includes a HEPA filter and an Ionizer. The HEPA filter captures and blocks over 99% of any air contaminants leaving the air you breathe contaminants-free. The second stage is characterized by an ionizer that cleans the air by ionizing the air curbing the multiplication of air contaminants.
Holmes Air Purifier is built with a powerful fan that makes it the best for small to medium rooms. You can trust Holmes Air Purifier for homes with areas up to 260 square feet.

Holmes Air Purifier weighs seven pounds only. This makes it lightweight enough to trust if you need an air purifier that you can move from one room to the other.

Coway Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier comes with a 4-stage filtration system. The four stages include a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, a True HEPA filter, and an Ionizer. A pre-filter is washable and captures large-sized air contaminants, an Activated Carbon Filter that destroys odors, a True HEPA filter that comes with 99.97% filtration efficiency, and an ionizer that is vital in boosting the cleaning power.

It is designed and recommended to be the best air purifier for your medium-sized rooms. You can get the best service from Coway Air Purifier if you own a room with areas up to 361 square feet.

Coway Air Purifier is engineered with a timer. The timer allows you to schedule the air purification time to have your indoors purified even if you are not at home.

You will also enjoy other air purifying features like the air quality indicator, airflow control, filter replacement indicator, and the vital ion system.

Molekule Air Purifier

The Molekule Air Fryer is best suited for purifying the air in rooms with areas up to 250 square feet. With these capabilities, the Molekule Air Fryer only produces a noise level of 20-55dB while in operation.

Unlike other air purifiers that come with HEPA filters, Molekule Air Fryer comes with a PECO air filter. Instead of trapping the air contaminants, the PECO filter collects the pollutants and destroys them. his makes it more efficient as the air contaminants are destroyed that cannot escape back to the environment.

Molekule Air Fryer is an outstanding air purifier as it further comes with a particle sensor. The particle sensor senses any foreign particle in the air and notifies you when you need to have your air purifier run.

Germguardian Air Purifier

Germguardian Air Purifier is popular is the most popular air purifier with the latest air purifying features. It is highly ranked by many consumers as it comes with UV-C light that traps and destroys, and kills any air contaminating germs.

Germguardian Air Purifier is designed to fit into purifying the air rooms with areas up to 167 square feet. This makes it the best air purifier in medium-sized rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices.
With a CADR of 118, Germguardian Air Purifier makes sure that your indoors' air is completely cleaned in the fast way possible.

Here is how the best 7 air purifier relate;

Model Honeywell Air Purifier Levoit Air Purifier Winix Air Purifier
Holmes Air Purifier
Coway Air Purifier Molekule Air Purifier
Germguardian Air Purifier
Filtration stages 2 3 4 3 4 2  
Recommended Area (sq. ft) 465 129 360 260 326 250 167
Dimensional Size (  Inches) 20 x 11 x 23 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.6   11.4 x 8.2 x 15.7 11.2 x 13.2 x 24 11 x 11 x 23 9 x 5.5 x 22
Weight (Pounds) 17 6.6 16.6 7   22.9 8.6
Filter Type HEPA, Pre-filter HEPA, Pre-filter, HEPA, Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon, PlasmaWave Technology HEPA, Ionizer HEPA, Ionizer, Activated Carbon, Pre-filter PECO, Pre-filter HEPA, UV-C
Fan Speed settings 3 3 4 3 2 3 3
Noise Level   27-46 36 40 24-53 34 54
In case you miss the specific feature you may need in your preferred air purifier from the listed air purifiers, we have the best alternative air purifier that you can also trust; the Proscenic A8 Air Purifier.

3.Proscenic A8 Air Purifier

The Proscenic Air Purifier is the smartest and most efficient air purifier that you can trust for your home. It comes with a CADR of 220M3/h that gives it the ability to be able to fit in your medium to large-sized rooms. You can always trust Proscenic A8 Air Purifier for your rooms with 430 square feet.

It further comes with a 4-stage filtration system that ensures efficient and proper filtration of the air is achieved. The filtration system houses four filters, including a pre-filter, a Nano Filter, an Activated Carbon Filter, and lastly, a HEPA filter. These filters work hand in hand to make sure that the air you breathe is 99.99% air contaminants-free and even microscopic allergens done away with.

Many Proscenic A8 Air Purifier users rank it because of its smart nature. It allows smartly and hands-free controls it using the ProscenicHome app. You can easily connect your Proscenic A8 Air Purifier and your mobile phone using Wi-Fi technology. Through the app, you can easily schedule, turn it ON/Off, monitor the filter life, and also check the air quality in your indoors.

Apart from the ProscenicHome app, Proscenic A8 Air Purifier allows you to control it through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. These channels allow you to control your Proscenic A8 Air Purifier using your voice commands.

You will also not need to worry about the air getting contaminated in your room when you own Proscenic A8 Air Purifier. It comes with an in-built air quality sensor that detects real-time air quality. The sensor sends the real-time air quality notification to your app and notifies you to start running it.

Proscenic A8 Air Purifier also allows you to enjoy other outstanding features, including; the 360-degree air capture filtration, four adjustable air cleaning levels, and slimly-designed body.


There are numerous air purifiers in the market, and you need to choose the best that can fit your specific home needs.

Some air purifiers may come with similar features like HEPA filters, filtration stages, and even similar filtration efficiency. In this case, you need to base your search on the most cost-effective air purifier that will not strain your budget. We highly recommend 
the Proscenic A8 Air purifier as the best air purifier that you can always trust.


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