Reviews & Price of 2021: Molekule vs. Blueair Air Purifier
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By pppggg | 20 February 2021 | 0 Comments

Reviews & Price of 2021: Molekule vs. Blueair Air Purifier

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There is an evident change in the air purifier market now. It's no longer a limited market of a handful of companies. With newer and better players, the market is getting more competitive, meaning better products are available for consumers. The models of Blueair and Molekule are offering cutting-edge technology at a very competitive rate. The new players are creating a revolution in the air purifier market. As a result, consumers are now getting what they were missing all these years.
Let's look at the offerings of Molekule vs. Blueair air purifier and try to conclude, which can help you make an informed decision.
This article covers;
1. Molekule Models Reviews & Price
      1.1 Molecule Air  Purifier
      1.2 Molekule Mini Air Purifier
2. Blueair Models Reviews & Price
      2.1 Blue Pure 211+
      2.2 Blueair Classic 650
3. Molekule vs. Blueair: What’s Different?
4. Molekule vs. Blueair: Which is best for you?
5. Comparison With Other Brands: Molekule vs. Blueair vs. Proscenic
     5.1 Proscenic A8
6. Conclusion

1.Molekule Models Reviews & Price

Molekule offers an extensive range of air purifiers, but two of their products that stand out are Molekule Air Purifier and Molekule Mini Air Purifier. Let's have a look at them separately and see what these products have to offer.

1.1. Molecule Air  Purifier

The product offers the best value in geographies with high humidity. It is very efficient and can kill mold spores quickly. Moreover, it can cover the area as much as 600 square feet. It sucks a humid breeze in the air in the room and replaces it with clean air.
The product comes in with an excellent quality easy to carry leather strap. Thus, you can move this cleaner from one place to another without any discomfort. The differentiator for this product is its PECO filters that are good enough to deal with more significant contaminants. And these filters are very long-lasting. Thus, one merely needs to replace them twice a year.
You can get a Molekule air purifier at $799, which offers the best value at this price range.

1.2. Molekule Mini Air Purifier

This product from Molekule is best suited for smaller spaces. Optimum coverage for Molekule Mini is about 250 square feet. It's relatively smaller than Molekule air and is very handy to move around the house. Despite being smaller in size, it givers terrific performance and protects from bacteria, molds, and viruses.
The product design is perfect and absorbs air from all directions, giving you the freedom to place it wherever you want. Unlike Air purifiers fitted with Ionizers, it does not let out O2 or any of its compounds. It comes in with pre-filters, and the presence of PECO adds more value to the product.
As it is smaller in size, Molekule offers it at a very lucrative price. You can pick it up at just $399.  

2.Blueair Models Reviews & Price

Over the years, Blueair also did manage to create its niche in the Air purifier market. Some of their products rule the market in their respective segments. Let's have a look at their top offerings.

2.1. Blue Pure 211+

It is an excellent looking compact purifier, offers exceptional value if you are looking for a product which counters foul smell and smoke. The Blue pure  211+  works on the activated carbon model as it has started carbon filters that trap foul odors and keep them from spreading all over the space.
It is a very energy-efficient machine, consumes just about 60 watts of electricity. The best thing about Blueair is that they offer excellent degree flexibility and customization to its consumers. The Blueair211+ also comes in different sizes and price segments.
Their price range starts from $375 and goes up to $800.  The Price directly varies with the coverage area a product offers.

2.2. Blueair Classic 605

The Blueair classic 605 is probably the best offering from Blueair. The product comes with electrostatic charged filters, which itself is a breakthrough technology. The technology makes sure target pollutants like bacteria, mold, dust, and viruses are trapped faster and efficiently. Blueair classic 605 also has HEPA filters, which do a great job of reducing allergens.
The product offers perfect coverage of about 500 square feet. The alignment with IOTs like Alexa makes it an excellent choice. The voice control feature works very well with Alexa. They are in line to extend this feature to other platforms like Google voice assistant.
The pricing of Blueair 650 starts from $314. As you upgrade the coverage area, the Price also goes.

3.Molekule vs. Blueair: What’s Different?

Blueair is a Swedish company and a subsidiary of the Uniliver group, which excelled in delivering quality consumer goods for decades.  The products of  Blueair reflect the same philosophy. When they offer something in the market, they know the stakes are high—the reason more thrust on quality than aesthetics.  But if you look at their products, they are not second-best in any way in terms of design. All their products are quite sleek and look classy.
While Blueair is still backing conventional technologies, like HEPA filters, Molekule is a disruptor. They are trying to revolutionize how air purifiers treat air. They started to research and development long before they entered the market in 2014.
If you have to compare the Molekule vs. Blueair air purifier, there is not much to pin-point for performance and efficiency. It all narrows down to whether you want to put your money on an established player or a newcomer disruptor.

4.Molekule vs. Blueair: Which is best for you?

After evaluating both companies' products and seeing their performance, we conclude that there is no outright best for an individual. It all comes down to individual needs, the kind of geography they live in, and the kind of pollutants they are willing to tackle.
Both the companies are offering different products for different spaces. The technology that Molekule offers is slightly better in dealing with hazardous pollutants. At the same time, Blueair offers great efficient products that cater to foul odors and smoke.
When you are out to buy a cleaner, you should consider all the variables mentioned above before taking the final call.

5.Comparison With Other Brands: Molekule vs. Blueair vs. Proscenic

When it comes to Blueair, they are certainly riding on the back of the brand value their parent company did manage to create over the past three-four decades. The reason they are a little risk-averse and still trying to play safe with sophisticated solutions. They experimented with the Internet of things like Alexa, but that has very little to do with how air purifiers work. They show a slight resistance to new technologies, which is a discouraging factor for their potential buyers looking at Blueair as a long-term solution. That is the area where they need fixes, if not quick fixes.
At the same time, Molekule is experimenting with new and disrupting technologies. Something which can yield good long-term returns for the company. Being a newcomer in the market, they don't have much at stake if you talk about brand value. Though, every player always has something to lose. But they are at the stage where they can afford to take these strategic risks, especially when the lenses on them are not yet microscopic. But this is a double-edged sword for the consumer.
Though consumers always want newer and better solutions, they also wish to balance when they put their hard-earned money into something. That's when the brands like Proscenic take the lead; A brand that offers an outstanding balance of newer solutions and trust of tried and tested technologies.

5.1 Proscenic A8

The offerings like Proscenic A8 come right on all the parameters if you talk of balance. It gives you tried and tested technology of H13 HEPA, the filter that complements all types of thin filters and carbon filters.
At the same time, it does not hold you back when it comes to smart solutions like mobile app control or voice control. It has a very well functioning app control feature, enabling you to take control of your machine from wherever you want.
The design of A8 is undoubtedly eye-catching; it absorbs air 360 degrees and looks aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a balanced choice, you can certainly go ahead with this product from Proscenic.
With rapidly changing climatic conditions, air purifiers are becoming a necessity. It's good that more and more players are coming into the market and keeping at competitive. Despite all the advancements, air purifiers are still a new commodity in the consumer market. If you are taking the final call, it would be best to go with
Proscenic A8.


Ever since we get to see an end to the limited market in the air purifier market, the best outcome was that it wide opened the market. Thus, now you have plenty of options to choose from in each segment.
You have established players backing their conventional wisdom; also, you have market disruptors trying to change the market itself with their cutting edge technologies. Then, you also get the ones, like
Proscenic A8, who are taking a balanced approach. They are introducing smart offerings on the back of tested solutions. In the end, it's a win-win like situation for all the stakeholders. Consumers are getting enough on their plate to choose from, and the market players are motivated to do better every day to sustain in the market.


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