A Comparison between Dyson DC14 and DC33 Vacuum Cleaner, Which should you buy?
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By Lauren Quan | 05 February 2021 | 0 Comments

A Comparison between Dyson DC14 and DC33 Vacuum Cleaner, Which should you buy?

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Our home, office, or workplace floor is always prone to dirt, and it is the dirtiest place in your home. This requires that you regularly clean it to avoid dirt build-up and other dangers associated with dirt build-up.
Regularly cleaning the floor may be a demanding task, more so if you own large apartments and also run a busy schedule. For this and many other reasons, you need to own a helper in the form of a vacuum cleaner that not only eases the cleaning task but also fastens and makes cleaning enjoyable.

Everyone is developing different vacuum cleaners that sometimes maybe uneasy about getting the best. In our guide, we have narrowed down the best vacuum cleaners that you can trust in the market. We shall compare two top-brands in the market: Dyson DC14 and the Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner and later introduce you to one of the best alternative vacuum cleaners, the Proscenic P11.

1. Comparison between Dyson DC14 and DC33 Vacuum Cleaners
1.1. Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner
1.2. Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner
2. Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner
2.1. Pros
3. Summary

1.Comparison between Dyson DC14 and DC33 Vacuum Cleaners

1.1.Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is an upright vacuum cleaner with outstanding floor cleaning capabilities that you can trust for your daily floor cleaning service. It is coded with a power code length of 35 feet that allows you an operating radius of 52 feet. This allows you to vacuum a large area from the power source, which allows you evade to power shortage inconveniences.

Operating Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is easy and straightforward, and you don’t need to have prior knowledge to run it. It is an upright vacuum cleaner; thus, you only need to turn on the power, hold the holder, and guide it over any surface to need to be cleaned. It has freely rotating wheels; thus, pushing it along is easy, and you will not be fatigued.

Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is not only fit for the floors alone but many other surfaces. It comes with a hose on its back that allows you to attach different on board tools. The tools allow you clean hard-to-reach points on your floor, including under the furniture. With additional Telescopic Reach, its hose extends by three feet, allowing you to clean your ceiling with ease. Other board tools that you can attach to your Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner include the upholstery brush, stair brush, and a crevice tool.

Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner further houses a 0.7-gallon transparent dust tank. This capacity is enough to sustain vacuuming for a long time before you stop to release the dirt. The dust tank is easy-to-empty; you only need to press a red button on the top side of your Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner, and all the collected debris is released to the trash bin. This makes Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner more hygienic as you don’t come into contact with any dirt. Since the dust tank is transparent, it is easy to notice when it is full and requires emptying.

We also noticed another feature that you will love; the powerful filtration system. Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner comes with high-efficiency HEPA filters that are able to capture any dirt particle as small as 0.3 microns preventing any of the allergens from escaping back to the environment. The HEPA filters are long-lasting and only require you to clean them by washing only after six months. These HEPA filters allow you to make use of the Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner without risking an allergic reaction.

Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner highly excels when it comes to vacuuming the carpet. It comes with a high suction power that allows it to dig deep into your deep pile carpet, loosen the dirt and lift it into the dust tank. Apart from the carpets, you can still trust this vacuum cleaner for cleaning rugs and hard floors.

With Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner, you don’t need to worry about the floor edge cleaning. It is designed with edge-brushes that make sure they detach any form of dirt from the edge and propels them towards the center for lifting.

Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner registers a noise level of 75-80 decibels while in operation. This is somehow noisy but can allow you to hold a conversation while vacuuming your floor.

1.2. Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner is the best if you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with the necessary vacuuming features that allow you to clean any type of floor, ranging from tile, carpet, vinyl, and even the hardwood floor. To make sure it does not lose the suction power, Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner is further engineered with the Root Cyclone Technology that gives it a high suction power of 240a/w.

If you need a vacuum cleaner that you can use even if you are allergic or have asthmatic conditions, then you could choose Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner. It comes with a high-efficiency HEPA filter; no allergy-causing microorganism escapes back to the environment after collection. The HEPA filter is also washable; thus, you won’t incur any extra costs replacing them. You only need to have them washed and replaced back.

We won’t forget to let you know of its polycarbonate dust tank that is transparent. Its transparent nature makes the whole unit of the Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner ideal as you can easily monitor the level of the dirt for emptying. The dust tank is also more hygienic as you don’t need to come in contact with the dirt; just click, and the dust tank empties itself. The dust tank comes with a capacity of 0.6 gallons that allows you to vacuum your floor for a long before stopping to empty it.

The Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner unit does not have a battery; thus, it is directly powered through a power cord. It comes with a 30-feet power code that allows you to clean a wide area from the power source. You can freely clean a 47 feet radius area without the inconvenience of power shortages. Since Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner is powered directly from the power source, you can continuously vacuum your floor without stopping to recharge.

You will also love the Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner because of its high maneuverability and lightweight nature.  It has a dimensional size of 42.7 x 13.4 x 13.7 inches that allows you to use it even on tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Its lightweight nature allows you easily push it along while vacuuming without getting fatigued. The whole unit of the Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner weighs 17.64 pounds. This lightweight nature further allows you to carry it along to the store for storage.

Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner also features a number of on-board accessory tools that makes it effective. It can allow you to combine the accessory tool, the stair tool, and the Telescope Reach Wand. The Telescope wand, for instance, extends 15.7 feet for high-reach cleanings, like cleaning your ceiling. The stair tool allows you to clean the stairs easily and effectively.

After you buy the Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner unit, it comes with an easy-to-understand user manual, a combination tool, a stair tool, and a product registration card. The better part of it is that it has a 5-year warranty.
Model Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner
Noise Level (dB) 75-80 68-75
Hose Length (Feet) 14 15
Cleaning Path (inches) 14 12
Cord Length (Feet) 35 30
Power Consumption (Volts) 120 180
Dimensional Size (Inches) 44.9 x 13.4 x 14 42.7 x 13.4 x 13.7
Weight (Pounds) 19 17.64
Dust Collection Bagless Bagless
Dust Bin Capacity (Gallons) 0.7 0.6
After getting the difference between the Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner and Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner, you may also need another alternative vacuum cleaner. We further introduce you to another alternative vacuum cleaner, the Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner.

2.Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner is among the best smart vacuum cleaner in the vacuum cleaner market. It is mostly ranked because of its dual functionality that other vacuum cleaners lack. It allows you to vacuum, mop, or run the two functions concurrently. It is equipped with a self-seeping water tank that releases water proportionally for mopping your floor. This makes sure that our floor remains as clean as possible.

Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a high suction power adjustable between its three modes. The modes include the Auto Mode, Energy-efficient Mode, and Max Mode. The modes allow you easily and efficiently clean different floor types with ease and efficiently. For instance, the Auto Mode automatically boosts the operating suction power when it detects a carpeted floor.

For the delivery of high suction power, the Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a powerful brushless 450 watts motor. The motor comes with a rotational speed of 130000 Revolutions per Minute that allows it to generate over 25000Pa suction power. With this suction power, you are assured of high cleaning efficiency.
You will also love the fact that Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner allows you to make use of it even if you may be allergic. It comes with a multiple stage filtration system with four filters that allow it to capture 99.9% of allergy-causing microorganism. This makes sure that all the collected debris is tightly held in the dust tank without any leakage. The four filters on the 4-stage filtration system include the HEPA, Sponge, Steel Mesh, and the Cyclone ionosphere.

Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner uses a powerful battery that powers it for a long time. It is fitted with a Quick Charge technology that allows it to charge for only 2.5 hours for continuous vacuuming. Since it is powered by a battery, it does not limit you to a specific cleaning area; thus, you can use it to clean your car.

Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner further comes with additional vacuuming features that make it effective. The features include a LED touch screen, a multi-purpose cleaning nature, Pet hairbrush, a long crevice tool, Round brush, and can be converted from a stick vacuum cleaner to a handheld vacuum cleaner.

2.1. Pros

  • It is powered by a long-lasting battery
  • Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner is fairly priced
  • It comes with three adjustable cleaning modes
  • It is engineered with a brushless motor, which gives it enough suction power for cleaning different types of floors.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use LED touch screen.


It is evident that vacuum cleaners vary in different features from one brand to the other. For instance, the Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is best when it comes to power consumption as it consumes 120 Watts of power when compared to its counterpart Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner that is rated at 180 Watts power. This makes it more economical, and in case you don’t want to pay abnormal power bills at the end of the month, you could choose the Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner over the Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner.

Looking at the cleaning path feature, Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a 14-inch cleaning path compared to that of the Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner, 12 inches. This means that Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is able to clear the dirt faster than the Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner as it comes with a 12-inch cleaning path. If your wish is to clean your home faster after making few passes, then you need to go for Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner.

On the other hand, Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner comes out the best in terms of an operating noise level of 68-75dB compared to that of Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner 75-80dB. If you have kids who may spend a better part of the day sleeping and you wish to vacuum without disturbing them, the Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is the best.

Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner is an exceptional one. Whereas the two vacuum cleaners are powered directly from the power mains using a power cord, the Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner is powered by a long endurance 2500mA Samsung Lithium-ion battery that allows it to produce a fade-free suction up to 60 continuous minutes after a full charge. Since it is powered by a rechargeable battery, it does not limit you to a specific cleaning place like the other two models. Proscenic P11 Vacuum Cleaner provides outstanding vacuuming performance that makes it the best among the best.


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