Reviews&Price of 2021:ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum
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By pppggg | 03 February 2021 | 0 Comments

Reviews&Price of 2021:ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

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At one time, robot vacuums were present only in classical sci-fi sites or in fantasy houses. That is no longer true. They are essential appliances. In reality, they are much more sophisticated than ever before, with models featuring a variety of advanced sensors, lasers, and even AI-enhanced applications. The truth is, if you're trying to keep your house clean and orderly, these robots are helpful tools, and they're going to do the job. While a robot vacuum cleaner would not replace your traditional vacuum cleaner in terms of cleaning strength and efficiency, using it will minimize the amount of time you have to get out of your standard model, which means you waste less time cleaning.

In recent times, robot vacuums have made huge strides; they now deliver larger pick-up capacity, have wider dust bins, and are more high-tech than ever before. You can conveniently map your house for several templates, set no-go areas, or obstruct rooms you don't want to clean. Few newer versions are also compliant with Wi-Fi, meaning you can clean your vacuum even when you're not at home. They include self-emptying dust bins, numerous rooms and floor tracking, strong suction, and carefully crafted hardware.
If you're the easily distracted kind, it's best to invest in a vacuum that can be synced to an app so that you can monitor it from your phone. ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 is one of them. ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 is an excellently-built robot-vacuum that generates a low noise level, is well suited for sweeping up dust and pet fur, and is very handy with its remote app-control functionality.

Table of Contents
1. Review &Price:ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum
1.1 Pros& Cons
1.2 Design
1.3 Performance
1.4 Setup, App, and Voice Control
1.5 Attachments/Parts
1.6 Review
1.7 Price
2. Compare with other brands of Robot Vacuum:
3. In Conclusion

1.Review & PriceECOVACS DEEBOT 600 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum


1.1 Pros& Cons

It sucks the dirt and the pet hair well
Nice for an extra vacuuming experience in primary vacuuming sessions
It will usually find its way to the docking base and port by itself
Can monitor it from the App, including when away from home
It's a bit large, and it'd be better if it were a little smaller
The charging dock may be in a more discreet spot
The instructions are not the simplest to follow

1.2 Design

The DEEBOT 600 is a clean, non-described, white disc vacuum. In every case, we liked the straightforward but sharp design of the DEEBOT 600. A small black panel containing a reset button and a power switch on one hand of the DEEBOT 600 is in the down or "Off" position. The reset button can be used when, for whatever reason, the DEEBOT 600 is hanging up when navigating. The top of the DEEBOT 600 is very spacious, but it has a Cleaning Mode indicator, a Wi-Fi indicator, and an Auto Mode button.
The bottom of the DEEBOT 600 is much crowded than its top, where most of its useful features are found. There is also a Universal Wheel, which can spin 360 degrees and guide the DEEBOT 600. It has a rubberized tray that allows gripping both concrete floors. Above the Universal, Wheel is among the three Anti-Drop Sensors located at the front and both sides of the DEEBOT 600. There are two Charging Contacts positioned on each side of the Universal Wheel used to charge the DEEBOT 600 as it sits in its Charging Dock.

1.3 Performance

Its three-stage cleaning cleans lifts and then vacuum debris. We were pleased by how much dust and pet dander it can suck. However, the DEEBOT 600 battery and the Dust Bin power are likely not enough to be our central vacuum unit. Still, it was probably a better fit for use as a backup to our regular vacuum cleaner, and it's an excellent way of keeping the dust and hair down between the individual vacuums.

1.4 Setup and App Control

The application that can monitor the DEEBOT 600 was located in the Apple App Store as "ECOVACS HOME." Connecting the DEEBOT 600 was reasonably straightforward. Clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner of the main app tab opens up a "+Add Robot" screen at the bottom. Clicking on this will open the "Select an ECOVACS Robot" tab. From there, pick "DEEBOT" from the options on the left, then "DEEBOT 600 Series." The App will then locate the robot and attach it to the App, as seen on the main screen.
Several cleaning pattern choices are available with the DEEBOT 600: Random Mode, Edge Cleaning and AUTO Cleaning, Spot Cleaning. To enable any of the patterns, a quick tap on the round square at the bottom will activate the DEEBOT 600, which can be performed remotely, even when you are away from home.

1.5 Attachments/Parts

All parts provided with the DEEBOT 600 are mentioned below:
DEEBOT 600 Vacuum Robot
Charging Dock
High-Efficiency Filter
AC Power Adapter
Four Side Brushes
Sponge Filter
Multi-Function Cleaning Tool
Instruction Manual
Remote Control + (2) AAA batteries
Quick-Start Guide
These are some of the core characteristics and hardware specifications of the DEEBOT 600:
Automatic Charging while docked
Up to 110 Min. Runtime on included Li-ion battery
Optimized Hard Floor Cleaning Mode
Auto, Edge, and Spot Modes
Scheduled Cleanings
520 mL Dustbin
Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
It can be controlled via the ECOVACS smartphone app

1.6 Review

ECOVACS DEEBOT has received mostly positive reviews on major online sites like Amazon, eBay, or BestBuy. We've included some of the reviews from BestBuy below to make you choose the best decision for your robot vacuuming needs:
“The Deebot does a better job than me sweeping the floor.  Our living room, dining room, kitchen, and office are all on the same level and connected.  The Deebot cleans all rooms within an hour and still has plenty of battery left. It does go randomly, but it can still clean 90% of the area without needing my help.  It is best to remove dining table chairs because it speeds up cleaning time under the dining table."
“I recently purchased the Deebot and found it to be a helpful tool in keeping my carpets/floors clean in between my regular cleanings. Since it was the holidays, I must say I was amazed that it picked up glitter! It left my carpet looking freshly vacuumed with some assistance from me. The reason for rating 4 stars instead of 5 was because I had to keep an eye on it. After all, it would get caught in certain areas and error out, which required me to move it and restart. Also, it had an issue finding its way back to the home base occasionally. We noticed that the pile on an area rug was too high, and it could not clean and move over it. Overall, I think it is a great addition to a cleaning routine. I do feel it is a bit overpriced.”

1.7 Price

It is currently available for $300-$350, depending on the vendor. You can purchase it from ECOVACS and Amazon. It is often available on eBay for $154.99, overstock for $349.00, and Newegg for $349.99.

2.Compare with other brands of Robot Vacuum:


Proscenic M7 PRO
Dust Bin
Length (inches)
Wi-Fi connectivity
Height (inches)
3.75 "
Smart home compatibility
Alexa, Google Home
Amazon Alexa
1-Year limited
1-Year limited
If we compare ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 and Proscenic M7 PRO, we feel that Proscenic M7 PRO is good enough to justify the price.
With an impressive 2,600Pa of suction capacity, the $499 Proscenic M7 Pro outperforms all. Its high suction power, combined with the HEPA filter, provides high-performance quality on hard floors and carpets and removes air pollutants. It comes with a remote control while still supporting the Alexa Voice Control app. using its companion app, you can launch and schedule cleaning tasks, select unique clean-up areas, and limit other regions. All of this at a fair price of $499 (sometimes available at a discounted price of $399)


Robot vacuums have been extremely common over the past decade, so we've had the chance to review a couple. The most recent one we tested is the ECOVACS DEEBOT 600. The DEEBOT blends a robust cleaning system with advanced technologies for a more complex and useful cleaning operation. That implies less work and more leisure time for you. DEEBOT can vacuum various floor styles, including all hard surface floors and carpets, and arrives with a high-performance cleaning device that can accommodate a range of mess forms.
Take care of these especially troublesome messes by activating the Max Mode cleaning feature. It raises suction strength to 2 times and operates on rough surface floors and carpets. The DEEBOT utilizes Smart Motion to sweep up all carpet and hard surface floorings.
In hard floor cleaning mode, the DEEBOT implements a routine, back-and-forth cleaning route that allows it to be cleaned more thoroughly and reliably and covers a more comprehensive cleaning area. With the Ecovacs Home App, you can manage and track your robot from everywhere: schedule a cleaner, track its status, launch a new cleaning session and decide what places you want to clean, all with a quick, easy-to-use app.
DEEBOT is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be managed from the App as well. You will double your home automation credential by using one of these centralized platforms to maintain and operate your DEEBOT.


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