A Comparison Between Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 and Proscenic M7 Pro
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By Lauren Quan | 03 February 2021 | 0 Comments

A Comparison Between Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 and Proscenic M7 Pro

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The emergence of robot vacuums has changed the whole story of vacuuming as they appear much unique in how they deliver their quality cleaning task. Cleaning is made an autonomous duty exclusively in any office or home once the robot vacuum is put in place.

The Shark ion robot vacuum r85 and Proscenic M7 Pro are some of the most authentic and best quality vacuum cleaners for your home. Still, you will find it a little bit challenging when you will want to figure out what will best satisfy your home cleaning wishes. This makes it a prudent decision to take perfect market research that will help you discover the kind of robot vacuum that will fit you. These prominent and most loved vacuum cleaners can offer their cleaning services regardless of whether you are around or not. For you to get the real picture of how these two robot vacuums compare, this article has the perfect grain of what you want.

A Comparison Between Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 and Proscenic M7 Pro
1. Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 vs. Proscenic M7 Pro review
1.1.1. Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 features
1.1.2. Design
1.1.3. Performance
1.1.4. Control
1.1.5. Navigation Expertise
1.2. Proscenic M7 Pro features
1.2.1. Design
1.2.2. Performance
1.2.3. Control
1.2.4. Navigation Expertise
2. A comparison chart of the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 vs. Proscenic M7 Pro
3. Summary

1.Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 vs. Proscenic M7 Pro review

1.1.1.Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 features



The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 is a dark grey and black body color, which is a color appreciated by most people. Taking a closer look at the top of the device, you will see three buttons: The Max, clean, and dock.
The robot vacuum is well endowed with a 600ml dustbin that is large enough for cleaning for a long time without the need for being emptied now and then.

To know whether the device will make a good cleaning assistant, you will have to consider the battery capacity. The Shark ion r85 robot uses a 2250 mAh powerful enough to offer maximum suction for a long time.

You will realize how much portable the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 is due to the 7.94 pounds that help it become a stress-free device when you need to carry it.

This appliance's low-profile nature is pre-designed to enable it to maneuver hard to reach places like under furniture through its low height of 3.39 inches only.


What most people would love to know first is the performance of a robot vacuum. The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 is well endowed with a powerful suction- 1400 pa, that gets rid of any dirt particle that may be found on the floor surface. The device can auto-adjust its cleaning modes. At the Max mode, the robot vacuum cleaner can deliver the suction power more than the standard cleaning mode.

The device also has a self-cleaning brush and dual spinning side brushes that collect every mess or dirt on difficult-to-reach areas, for example, on the edges and corners. The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 has a recommendable ability to clean carpeted and hardwood floors.

All microscopic particles are well taken care of due to the Highly efficient filter that traps allergens like pollen and dust that may not be eliminated by human physical cleaning.

Also, your Shark robot carries its cleaning role for a run time of 60 minutes. Thus, ensuring that your home is thoroughly cleaned. After which, the device can return by itself to the charging dock for 180-minute recharging. Once it is fully charged, it automatically continues its cleaning session until every place is wholly made sparkle clean. You can also press the dock button for the device to return to the charging dock whenever you want.

The Shark ion r85 robot can offer a cleaning coverage area of 969 square feet in a single cleaning cycle. This is a clear indicator of how fast the machine can deliver its cleaning services.


With the SharkClean app, every action required from the device is easily put under control. It requires you to have an Android phone or an iOS, where you connect the phone with the device through your Wi-Fi network connection that should be 2.4 GHz.

Once you have successfully set up the connection, you can now issue any command, including the scheduling, observing the ongoing cleaning status, and receive prompt notifications throughout the cleaning process.
In addition to the SharkClean app, you can use your voice to issue commands through the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps. It is pretty much exciting and full of fun when all you need to do is to speak, and the device responds.

2.1.5.Navigation Expertise

The Shark ion r85 robot vacuum will never collide or stumble over objects easily. Thanks to the sensor navigation 2.0 system installed on this device to prevent the breaking of glass or any delicate item and even avoid damaging itself.

Another outstanding technology manifested in this robot involves using the cliff sensors, which prevent the device from falling downstairs by detecting a change in the floor surface gradient while cleaning.

2.1. Proscenic M7 Pro features



The Proscenic M7 Pro comes with a black color that is most preferred by most users and a sleek body design that makes this device a decoration as it moves around the house or when charging in the charging dock.

This device's dimensions are perfect since the 13.65 diameter and 3.8 inches offer the ultimate compactness to the floor surface. The 3.8 inches height is to intentionally allow the device to navigate under the furniture like sofas, beds, and other hard to access areas for thorough cleaning.

The advanced electric water tank and the programmed water outlet system enable the device to clean large areas as water is being evenly distributed in the wipe.

The eight pounds of the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner is a significant factor that makes it a highly portable device that will give you the most relaxing time to handle it or even carry it whenever you wish.


Undoubtedly, the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum is a super excellent device for ensuring that all floors are sparkle clean within no time. The device employs the Vboost technology that automatically increases the device's suction power by shifting to the Max mode, which is essential when deep cleaning is required.

What can cause the suction power transition when the appliance shifts from a hard floor to a carpeted one. The Vboost feature immediately turns off when the device moves from a carpeted floor to a hard floor, and the standard suction power is attained.

You will prefer this robot vacuum cleaner to others due to its powerful suction of 2700 pa. with the Proscenic M7 Pro, and you can choose between sweeping and mopping whenever and wherever you want! This is a two in one device that makes your cleaning routine as simple as possible, and you will never bother to buy a robot mop.

The appliance utilizes the iRoom Cleaning System that involves dividing the map of your house into multiple sections. Now you can select specific rooms you want to be cleaned at the moment.

The high-efficiency filter incorporated in this device is enough to make sure microscopic particles found on the floor are efficiently eliminated. This guarantees you a 99% allergen-free environment in your room.

It is a big move to have a 5200mAh battery equipped in this device that allows a continuous vacuuming session for 150 minutes before it requires another recharge. However, the battery run time can be less than 150 minutes if the device uses the Max mode that produces high suction power.


You are allowed to control your Proscenic M7 Pro in two distinct and straightforward ways. You can use the ProscenicHome app or the Voice assistant apps that include the Amazon Alexa app.

If you choose to use the ProscenicHome app, you will be needed to download that particular app on your iOS or Android mobile smartphone. You will have to synchronize the robot with the smartphone via a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. From here, you can customize your settings, for example, zone cleaning, and access other options like scheduling. Viewing the cleaning map and other prompt notifications through the mighty app can be enjoyed as well.

You can select the rooms you want to be cleaned at the app control level by creating the No-go zones, and the device does what you commanded.

2.1.4.Navigation Expertise

A person can wonder how it is possible for the robot can intelligently move around the entire house without stumbling over obstacles or falling downstairs, and yet it cannot see what is ahead of it. It is quite simple; this is all about the IPNA 3.0 technology that involves twenty-four laser sensors with 360 degrees operation and can prevent any possible collusion between the device and the objects on its path. Plus, as the robot vacuum cleans around the house, it can record and memories the house's cleaning map and know how to behave next time it goes to clean the same place.

A comparison chart of the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 vs. Proscenic M7 Pro

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85 cleaner Proscenic M7 Pro cleaner
Weight (pounds) 7.94 8
Navigation Smart sensor Navigation 2.0 Lidar Navigation
Robot Height 3.39 3.8
Battery runtime (minutes) 60 150
Dustbin capacity 700ml 600 ml
Suction power (pa) 1400 2700
Sound level 62 dB 56dB


The two robot vacuums are worth having either of them in your home. As for the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum r85, you will find pet hair and dander no longer an issue in your house. This is true due to the powerful suction this device can deliver that never lets any strand slip away. The recent modern technology involvement is an excellent milestone to ensuring that you get the fullness of luxury of life at your home.

The Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner is another exceptional cleaning device that has incorporated various technologically advanced features. For example, the Vboost technology automatically adjusts to the required suction when it reaches a carpeted floor. Find the happiness of owning a robot vacuum of your choice at your reasonable price. Make your life easy!


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