Eufy Vs iRobot Vacuum, which is better?
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By Lauren Quan | 03 February 2021 | 0 Comments

Eufy Vs iRobot Vacuum, which is better?

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A robot vacuum cleaner is a device with intelligent programming and a floor cleaning system that has, throughout the years, has significantly helped at autonomously cleaning floors with less or no human intervention. The interesting part of these robot vacuums is that they are never bored or get distracted as they perform their cleaning routine daily. Most people prefer using robot vacuum cleaners due to their super quiet operation compared to other types of vacuum cleaners. Cleaning has become less engaging and energy taxing due to the emergence of these convenient cleaning devices.

The Eufy and iRobot vacuum, just like other great vacuum cleaners, have the grand ability to perfectly navigate your room without stumbling over obstacles and suck even the tiniest particle that cannot be picked by a human. Everyone would definitely want a robot vacuum with strong suction capabilities and other amazing features that both the Eufy and robot vacuum cleaner display. It is pretty much satisfying to find a robot that can perform the role of vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping, not regarding the type of floor it cleans. This is the right place to determine the better vacuuming device between the Eufy and iRobot vacuum cleaner.

1. Eufy Vs iRobot Vacuum
1.1. Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1.2. iRobot Vacuum Cleaner
1.3. A comparison chart for Eufy robot vacuum and iRobot vacuum cleaner
2. Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner
3. Summary

1.Eufy Vs iRobot Vacuum

1.1.Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

You finally found a robotic vacuum device that never lets you suffer financially but gives you the cleanest and most adorable floors you will want to have every day. This powerful device has been found to work best at cleaning hardwood floors.

Once newly purchased, you will find a physical remote control. Two spare side brushes, charging dock, spare filter, and the cleaning tool that altogether work handy to bring the effective cleaning action into manifestation.
When it comes to design, the Eufy robot vacuum achieves the ideal features that any vacuum cleaner would want to see. The device comes with grey bumpers, and the top is covered with a sheet of tempered glass so that it achieves a sleek and minimalist look. The machine does not cover much space in your room since it measures 12.8 inches in diameter and 2.85 inches in height. As you can realize, the device will not find it hard to navigate under furniture and other hard to reach places due to its low profile make.

The Eufy robot vacuum has a dust box that is large enough to carry 0.6 liters of dirt and debris. This capacity will reduce the frequency of emptying the debris from the device. A dual-layer filter along with the high-performance filter has been installed to filter out and trap even the tiniest particle that may be found on the floor surface. This works along with the 1300pa suction that never allows any trace of dirt on the floor.
If you take a look on top of the machine, you will notice an attractive blue and black design that has three tangible buttons. The recharge to a button that is found in the middle commands the device to return to the charging dock, but whenever it detects low battery power, it automatically returns to the charging dock all by itself. The battery endurance is greatly admired since for every complete recharge; you can vacuum your floors for up to 100 minutes continuously.

The Auto Clean button enables the cleaning to commence or terminate whenever you decide to. And the third button is the spot cleaning button that is essential when the device encounters a stubborn stain or greasy dirt by increasing the suction power. Thanks to the boost in IQ technology.

The reason as why the Eufy robot vacuum has been equipped with large wheels is to enable it to roll over carpets and climb over the door ledges in your house and eliminate any mess around those vital places. If you try to carry the machine, you will laugh at how light it is compared to the marvellous operation it undertakes. It weighs 5.73 pounds only, which is an ideal weight for faster and flexible navigation on the floor and also makes it a highly portable device. There will be less or no likelihood of the device stumbling on any object since it has got infrared sensors that detect objects ahead of it.

Remember, the Eufy robot vacuum can be controlled via the EufyHome app that lets you manage all the desired operations at hand, such as making mode selections, adjusting the suction levels, and scheduling the cleaning sessions. Through the app, you can also monitor the ongoing cleaning session and even the battery level of the device.

What is also exciting about this Eufy robot vacuum is how it simple to use. This device’s ability to respond promptly to the commands issued, along with its user-friendly nature, is much appealing. With the Eufy robot vacuum, you enjoy the latest technology in cleanliness to the fullness.

1.2. iRobot Vacuum Cleaner 

Over the last fifteen years of research and innovation, the iRobot company has been able to come up with the perfect Botvac design that has been accepted by many in the current robot vacuum market. The iRobot vacuum cleaner is designed to end the use of tangle brushes.

The iRobot vacuum cleaner is a highly technologically advanced machine and definitely uses a cool iRobot Home app via android and IOS devices. It is not a big deal when you want to set up the app on your smart device. What you need to make sure is that your vacuum cleaner is connected to your phone through a Wi-Fi network. All essential notifications can be delivered through the app, including the battery level of the robot vacuum cleaner.

The interesting part of this device is how it can perform the cleaning role even when you are not around or while just relaxing at your home. This is made possible by the ability of the device to be scheduled. For instance, you can opt to automatically set the robot to be cleaning the house every Monday and Friday at 8 a.m., and all is done as you requested. All other control-based operations can be successfully executed through voice control with the help of the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps.

Thanks to the Patented iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology that enables the robot vacuum to come up with a map of its surroundings so as to seamlessly clean every point of your house, under and around furniture and other objects. Once it has cleaned the whole house once, it masters every point in your house and comes up with a map that will help you select which place you would wish to be cleaned at the moment.
It makes use of a patented Aero force 3-stage cleaning system that uses the tangle-free Multi-Surface Brushes and power lifting suction with 10X airpower that ensures that embedded dirt, pet hair, and debris from wherever they are hidden around the floor is completely detached and removed.

If the robot vacuum encounters any stubborn dirt on the floor, it employs the power boost technology and also when it starts to clean carpeted floors. This powerful suction makes this device ideal for cleaning large rooms like bungalows, condominiums, and hall floors. Through the adoption of new technology, the robot vacuum can regulate its suction power, depending on the surface it is cleaning.

Another feature exhibited by the iRobot vacuum cleaner is the Advanced Dirt Detect Technology, which employs the dirt detect sensors to recognize where dirt is concentrated and where there needs more vacuuming attention. Additionally, the high-efficiency filter effectively captures 99% of microscopic particles like pollen, dust, and other allergens as small as 10 microns.  This results in obtaining a sparkle clean floor that can be admired by all and sundry.

The iRobot vacuum cleaner gives your floors continuous clean up to 120 minutes and goes back to charging, and once it is fully charged, it resumes cleaning the rest of the remaining part of the house. Your iRobot vacuum cleaner will always be at your service without any kind of cleaning process termination until every part of the floor is perfectly cleansed.

Your adorable device will never fall when it navigates down the stairs or any other steep gradient s surface due to the cliff detect sensors' installation that usually detects the difference in the floor level and thus keeps the device from dropping off.

You might wonder how the machine is able to navigate different types of floors. The device can Auto-Adjust its cleaning head and thus adapt the required to ensure the multi-surface brushes are in close contact with various floor surfaces and hence engage the brushes with both hard floors and carpets.

The device cleans the floors only and ensures it removes any dirt around the corners in the house and even along walls by the grand aid of the edge brush designed at a 27-degree angle that plays magic at cleansing the walls and corners.

You have the ultimate ease at carrying or moving the robot vacuum since it attains high portability from its weight, measuring 8.7 pounds only. The height of 3.6 inches is enough to allow the robot to vacuum maneuvered under any narrow furniture in your house.

Enjoy the most adorable feature the iRobot vacuum cleaner comes with to ensure that you find luxury and ease when it comes to your daily floor cleaning routine. You would have also eliminated the cost of employing someone two clean your house daily and gives the cleaning perfection that is beyond human ability.

1.3.A comparison chart for Eufy robot vacuum and iRobot vacuum cleaner

Model Eufy robot vacuum cleaner iRobot vacuum cleaner
Suction Power (Pa) 1300 1500
Weight (Pounds) 5.73 8.7
Dustbin Capacity (Litres) 0.6 0.5
Dimensional Size (Inches) 12.8 x 2.85 13.8 x 3.6
Battery Life (Minutes) 100 120
Noise Level (Decibels) 60 60-68
There is yet another Robot Vacuum cleaner that you can consider for your floor cleaning; the Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

2.Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most intelligent vacuum cleaners you can trust. It is equipped with the latest floor vacuuming features that will leave your floor as clean as possible.

With Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you will not be required to monitor it as it cleans your home. It is equipped with 24 sensors and the IPNAS 3.0 system that allows it intelligently navigates and maps your home. This allows it to navigate your high traffic floor with ease without knocking your furniture or falling off any cliff on your floor.

For easy navigation and scheduled cleaning, Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner is further equipped with the LDS 360° that scans and maps your home. It intelligently learns the shape of your house and locates any obstacles, and plans on the best route to follow while cleaning your home.

With Proscenic Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you can also enjoy additional features, including the Vboost technology, the upgraded suction power of 2700 Pa, a wide cleaning path, and Multi-floor Maps memory, iRoom Cleaning System, zone cleaning, long-lasting battery, and the dual cleaning power. All these exceptional features combine to give you the best floor vacuuming experience at a pocket-friendly cost.

3. Summary
Get yourself the Eufy robot vacuum cleaner that offers super quiet operation and be able to vacuum even the largest rooms. It is crazy fun to encounter the boost IQ of the EufyHome app to enjoy the lovely lifestyle the device brings. Another advantage of owning the Eufy robot vacuum cleaner is how it is dependable and can also work on different floors. In addition, its beautiful physical outlook is a bonus to your house looking adorable at an affordable price. You will also wish to prefer to own the iRobot vacuum cleaner that is powerful in numerous aspects. You will be made happy by its outstanding durability and the way it can navigate various floor types. You will have to consider the low-profile design of the iRobot vacuum cleaner that will guarantee cleanliness even under furniture and other objects. The unique vSLAM technology and the iRobot Home app are some of the irresistible features that you can afford to miss.


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