Reviews&Price of 2021: Roomba vs. Roborock, which is best for you?
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By pppggg | 03 February 2021 | 0 Comments

Reviews&Price of 2021: Roomba vs. Roborock, which is best for you?

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Ready to bring the best robot vacuum cleaner to your home? Today we will review Roomba vs. Roborock for you to make the best decision. So, you can invest in a model that will provide you with the best cleaning benefits for your home.
Read on and find out all the details about these vacuum cleaners.

In this guide, you will find:
1.Roborock Models Reviews&Price
2.Roomba Models Reviews&Price
3.Roomba vs. Roborock: What's Different?
4.Roomba vs. Roborock: Which is best for you?
5.Compare with other brands of Vacuum Cleaner: Roomba vs. Roborock vs. Proscenic
6.In Conclusion

1.Roborock Models Reviews&Price

To develop this Roomba vs. Roborock review, we will present the best models of these brands. To begin with, we will give you a tour of the characteristics of the Roborock S6.
This model with intelligent laser navigation stands out thanks to its precision mapping and improved cleaning path tracing so that the Roborock S6 can optimize its strategy to be more efficient. As a result, theoretically, this adaptive path algorithm would calculate the best path based on the size of the room and its shape.
Roborock uses the previous model as a reference in terms of noise, specifying that the S6 is 50% quieter than its predecessor, offering up to a maximum suction of 2000 Pascals and 58 dB of noise in its maximum cleaning mode.
Regarding its appearance, the Roborock S6 has a classic cylinder-shaped design in these vacuum cleaner formats. On the front, it integrates a protector that protects it against possible blows with obstacles.
In addition to the laser sensor, on the top, we find three buttons to use manually: one to start localized cleaning, a second to start or end cleaning, and a third to start charging.
In this area, it has a cover that allows access to the tank and an LED to verify its connection to the Wi-Fi network and the possibility of resetting it.
Although the most remarkable sensor for obtaining information from the environment is its laser distance sensor, it is supported in its recognition work by a height sensor, a wall sensor on the right that helps it to perceive contact with objects, and a sensor to establish communication with the charging base.
If we turn the vacuum cleaner upside down, we find six slope sensors next to the load plates and the omnidirectional wheel. These half a dozen sensors are responsible for accurately analyzing the robot's movement, using the floor as a reference to detect steps.
The Roborock S6 has a side brush with five plastic strips located on the left side with the mission of attracting the dirt towards the suction area. In the lower central area, we find the main brush, a roller with a spiral distribution of bristles and rubber that is easy to remove for cleaning.
Inside the Roborock S6 box, we also find several accessories for scrubbing the floor. However, the suction possibilities are multiple and are managed from the app that gives you full access to its functions.
Its price is located at $399.99. A slightly high price for a brand not so well known, but it has very good modern features.

2.Roomba Models Reviews&Price

Now, we tell you about the features that the iRobot Roomba 960 brings in this demanded design.
This model, thanks to its 3-phase AeroForce suction system and its suction power five times more powerful, provides a really good cleaning on any surface and without lowering the performance.
Besides, thanks to the Dirt Detect system, it can detect the most accumulated or difficult dirt to increase the suction power.
It is one of the best performing robot vacuum cleaners, both on hard floors and carpets, that you can find on the market.
It has a multi-surface silicone brush to trap hair without tangling or clogging.
On the other hand, the suction power is really good on both carpets and hard floors to catch pet hairs. It also uses two edge brushes, allowing you to have every corner of your home perfectly swept.
It uses a system called iAdapt 2.0 with visual localization; through sensors and a camera, it moves with a straight-line cleaning pattern quite optimized and fast. Also, it uses sensors to avoid bumping into furniture or falling downstairs.
A mapping system generates the map while it vacuums, but it does not save the maps for the next cleaning. It knows at all times where it is and where it has been cleaned, so it can come back if it needs to recharge.
It comes with a device to prevent the robot from leaving the room in which it is cleaning. This is the Dual Virtual Wall.
In short, we can say that it performs an orderly cleaning, goes through everything in less time, and nothing is left uncleaned. Besides, you can buy it for $499.99.  

3.Roomba vs. Roborock: What's Different?

One of the most marked differences between these models is that with the iRobot Roomba 960, you cannot select a room to clean only there. If you are interested in room mapping, you should opt for a model like the Roborock S6.
On the other hand, the Roomba is known for their quality as robot vacuum cleaners that provide excellent cleaning performance. But, as for the Roborock S6, this varies a bit, as its cleaning quality is not the best.
Some users of the Roborock S6 claim that it is a bit clumsy when navigating around the house, and it tends to bump into objects and furniture. Thus, the cleaning is not 100% effective.
So, if you want a better cleaning for a better price, you should stay with the option to take home the iRobot Roomba 960.

4.Roomba vs. Roborock: Which is best for you?

Although both are excellent robot vacuum cleaners and have within their features different things to offer, we recommend that you opt for the iRobot Roomba 960 since it is a model with better scores at the time of cleaning, which is one of the most important aspects of the vacuum cleaners.
On the other hand, if none of these two models are the ones you want to take home, we remind you that you can always opt for one of the many designs that the market has. Here is a third option that can help you make a decision.

5.Compare with other brands of Vacuum Cleaner: Roomba vs. Roborock vs. Proscenic

As we mentioned before, although Roomba and Roborock are good options, they also have some models that compete with them in the market. And one of those is the Proscenic M7PRO.
This vacuum cleaner robot features an intelligent dust collector. This system automatically removes dust from the dust bin of the vacuuming robot, so you can be completely out of it from start to finish.  
It also features advanced laser technology that forms an upgraded navigation system that intelligently navigates and maps your home, creating a real-time map of your space and then plans the best cleaning routes. With 24 sensors in the unit, it can easily and effectively handle complex environments. So, you won't have the navigation problems of the Roborock S6.
It also has the option of selective cleaning, giving you control over where you want the vacuum to go or not go. With the ProscenicHome app, you can control everything you need: switch between cleaning modes, scheduled cleaning, room-specific cleaning, create virtual off-limit zones, set specific zones to clean, among other important options that you can manage from the comfort of your phone. Besides, it can save multi-floor maps, so you only have to set it up once.
With its super powerful suction powered by a Nidec brushless motor, the M7 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner boasts a high suction power of max. 2700 Pa, which can suck up pet hair, dirt, and fine dust with ease.
Its extra-large 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery boasts up to 150 minutes of cleaning time, enough to cover a large house up to 984.3 sq ft. And its Auto Carpet Boost tool automatically boosts suction to the maximum mode when a carpet is detected, easily transitions from hard floors to carpet.
Best of all, you can have all these advantages for a price of $388.93. An amount lower than the price of the iRobot Roomba 960, and with many more benefits to provide you with.

6.In Conclusion

Now that you have the information of this Roomba vs. Roborock review, you will know which one will be better to take home. Besides, not only do you have two options, but we also bring you a third robot vacuum cleaner that will make your life much easier when cleaning.  
If you want to have an effective cleaning in your home and have different features to achieve it, it is best to opt for the Proscenic M7PRO.  
However, you have the final decision. Choose the one that best suits your needs so you can start enjoying the advantages and benefits that robot vacuum cleaners bring to your home.


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