Reviews&Price of 2021: Roomba vs. Eufy, which is best for you?
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By pppggg | 03 February 2021 | 0 Comments

Reviews&Price of 2021: Roomba vs. Eufy, which is best for you?

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Today we bring you a review of Roomba vs. Eufy to help you choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home. We have all the details and an extra model that will also be an excellent choice for you to start enjoying vacuum cleaners' benefits.
Read on and find out all the features of these models.

In this guide, you will find:
1.Eufy Models Reviews&Price
2.Roomba Models Reviews&Price
3.Roomba vs. Eufy: What's Different?
4.Roomba vs. Eufy, which is best for you?
5.Compare with other brands of Vacuum Cleaner: Roomba vs. Eufy vs. Proscenic
6.In Conclusion

1.Eufy Models Reviews&Price

To start with this review, we are going to bring you two outstanding models of these vacuum brands. Now you will see all the features of the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid.
The Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid presents itself as a minimalist and elegant model. Its aesthetics perfectly reflects the premium band where the robot is located, and this mainly thanks to the golden details, the white color, and the extremely refined finishes.
As for the construction, the robot is made of rigid plastic with excellent workmanship that is resistant to scratches and shocks of various kinds. However, the white coloration will make visible dust residue that will remain attached after cleaning.
The size of the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid is 35.5 cm in diameter and 10.1 cm thick, for a total weight of 3.8 kilograms. It features a laser distance sensor (LDS) and the on/off and Starts buttons on its front face.  
Lifting the lid, we find the dirt container, which also integrates the water tank. Some users found this feature a bit problematic, as water sometimes leaks into the dust storage, creating a cleaning inconvenience.
On the other hand, on the front, we have an ultrasound radar and proximity sensors protected by a padded band that allows it to cushion all those blows that can damage both the furniture and the robot, as well as the contacts for charging.
At the back, we have the ventilation grill, unlike the bottom where there are padded wheels, the height sensors, the water container, a large central brush, and a small side brush useful for cleaning the most remote corners of the house.
It is priced at around $499.99. Pretty steep for a robot vacuum cleaner.

2.Roomba Models Reviews&Price

Now we will look at the features that make up the Roomba 960 model.
The Roomba 960 design does a great job when it comes to maneuverability. Its circular body allows it to rotate 360° at any given time, and the speed is faster than that of other robot vacuums on the market.
The height and the dirt detection and mapping functions create a situation that makes it easy for the robot vacuum to maneuver and adjust its height to clear a variety of obstacles.
Being able to rotate in a full 360° means that this Roomba 960 can fit around the leg of a chair when cleaning. Most other vacuums will require a few passes over the area to ensure an adequate level of cleanliness, whereas the Roomba 960 can drive around this obstacle and grab dirt and debris in a single pass.
A lower profile also plays an important role in maneuverability. At just 9 centimeters tall, this Roomba robot vacuum cleaner can move under most furniture and clean areas that larger vacuums can't reach.
Moreover, mapping and dirt detection features help the 960 memorize a specific pattern or locate and determine the fastest path to remove dirt from the places where it accumulates the most.
Speed isn't something that usually gets a lot of attention, but the Roomba 960's ability to move and locate dirt so quickly is outstanding.
This combination, plus all of these other features, makes the Roomba 960 a highly maneuverable robot vacuum cleaner.
Using the Roomba 960 robot vacuum cleaner is quite simple. Of course, before you can use it, you must set it up correctly, and that includes using the iRobot HOME app.
Its price is a bit more economical as it is located at only $338.97. An efficient model that will keep your house clean at all times.

3.Roomba vs. Eufy: What's Different?

The main difference between Roomba and Eufy is the price. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option and at the same time with good features, it is best to opt for the Roomba.
This model has more modern features, and at the same time, it also has fewer problems with its internal structure. As we mentioned before, the Eufy has a water tank next to the dust storage.
These types of features, although they may not seem so significant, will make a difference when using the vacuum cleaner. It is best to opt for a model that is not going to give you so much trouble when cleaning.
Also, the color of the Eufy could be a problem for proper preservation. When purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is best to opt for dark colors like the Roomba.
Remember that this is going to be a device that will always be on the floor in contact with dirt and grime; having a light color will make it look dirty and unkempt faster. Besides, it will require more frequent maintenance.
Take this advice into account and avoid having a vacuum cleaner that one week after the purchase will look as if you have had it for years.

4.Roomba vs. Eufy, which is best for you?

In this dispute between Roomba vs. Eufy, Roomba takes the lead. Although both models have excellent cleaning performance and are well-known brands for their good quality, Roomba has better quality in its Robot vacuum cleaner.
However, if none of these models convince you, you can always count on other options in the market. And here we present you with one of the best competitions of these two brands.

5.Compare with other brands of Vacuum Cleaner: Roomba vs. Eufy vs. Proscenic 

To end this Roomba vs. Eufy dispute, we bring you a third option that comes with more modern features.
The Proscenic M7PRO Robot vacuum cleaner features an intelligent dust collector. This system automatically removes dust from the robot vacuum cleaner's dust bin, which minimizes your involvement in the robot's performance.  
Its advanced laser technology brings an updated navigation system that intelligently navigates and maps your home by creating a real-time map of your space and then plans the best cleaning routes. With 24 sensors in the unit, it can easily and effectively handle complex environments.
Its selective cleaning option gives you control over where you want the vacuum to go or not go. With the ProscenicHome app, you can control everything you need: switch between cleaning modes, scheduled cleaning, room-specific cleaning, create virtual off-limit zones, set specific areas to clean, and other important functions. And all from the comfort of your phone. Besides, it can save multi-floor maps, so you only have to set it up once.
Moreover, its cleaning performance is effective, thanks to its super-powerful suction powered by a Nidec brushless motor. The M7 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner features a high suction power of max. 2700 Pa, which can suck up pet hair, dirt, and fine dust with ease.
Its extra-large 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery boasts up to 150 minutes of cleaning time, enough to cover a large house up to 984.3 square feet. You won't have to worry about the robot running out of battery and not cleaning properly.
It also has an Auto Carpet Boost feature that automatically increases suction to the maximum mode when a carpet is detected, providing easy transitions from hard floors to carpet.
Its black color gives it a unique elegance, and unlike the Eufy, it won't stain with dirt.
To take it home, you only need to invest $399.00. It has a higher price than the Roomba, but by buying this one, you will take a more modern device and with many more benefits for the cleaning of your home.

6.In Conclusion

As you could see in this Roomba vs. Eufy review, both are excellent robot vacuum cleaners. From their performance to the way they are built, both would be excellent options to take home.
However, for the price they both have, you could get a better option in the market. That is why before purchasing either of these models, it is best to look for other options.
In case neither of these two robot vacuum cleaners are what you are looking for, you also have the possibility of opting for the Proscenic M7PRO, which, as we explained here, has many features that put it above many models on the market.
The truth is that the decision is yours, today we present three designs that we know will be good for you. Now it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and start enjoying the benefits that vacuum cleaners bring to your home cleaning.


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