TOP 5 Best Air Fryers Reviews of 2021 and Answers to All of Your Air Fryer Questions
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By pppggg | 29 January 2021 | 0 Comments

TOP 5 Best Air Fryers Reviews of 2021 and Answers to All of Your Air Fryer Questions

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Air fryers remain one kitchen equipment that has been existing for an extended period. They make cooking more exciting and helps with the constant eating of healthy meals. However, in recent times, there's been a ton of air Fryers in stores with different sizes, structures, colors, etc. It makes purchasing one an exhausting task, especially for novices.
Thus, to choose your ideal air fryer, you must pay attention and study its features, model, and functions. Are there still air fryers questions that you need answers to? Then, stick to this article as we go through the necessary details of air fryers and how you should choose one. Let's dive right in!

In this article, we will cover the following points;
1. Top 5 Best Air Fryers Reviews of 2021
1.1 Ninja AF 100
1.2 Proscenic T21
1.3 NuWave 6-Qt 37001
1.4 Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer
1.5 GoWISE USA 5.8 Qt. 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer XL
2. Answers to All of Your Air Fryer Related Questions
2.1 How to Use an Air Fryer?
2.2 How Do I Clean My Air Fryer?
2.3 How to Find the Air Fryer Recipes?
2.4 How To Make Food Crispy In An Air Fryer?
2.5 Do I Need to Buy Extras and Attachments for My Air Fryer?
3. Conclusion

As we mentioned, there are several air fryers' models, so it's quite challenging to choose one that stands out for you. The following are the different unique air fryers that will make an excellent fit for every kitchen.

1. Ninja AF 100

The Ninja AF100 has a set of high-end functions and performances. Moreover, to create an exquisite delicacy, this product makes use of 4 various programmable cooking features. The Ninja AF100 is more efficient, especially when it's all about other traditional forms of cooking.
What's more, it's an affordable kitchen piece that guarantees you a full value worth of your money. Ninja AF100 stands out as one of the best easy-to-use products that have an outstanding overall performance. It makes your food irresistible by giving it a more delectable and crispy taste go your meals.

2. Proscenic T21

Everyone loves to have a comfortable cooking experience. It is part of many reasons why the Proscenic T21 air fryer is a great choice. It combines the use of 3 different cooking functions - schedule, menu, and keep warm. So, it makes your cooking experience an easy one. With it, you get to save a lot of time, energy, and resources. You can opt to choose either one or three of them while cooking; it all depends on what you want at the time. Some other notable features of the Proscenic t21 air fryer includes:
A) An Auto Shut Off Feature: It prevents the food from getting burnt.
B) An Eight Preset Menu: It specifically allows you to store your recipe for future use.
C) A WiFi Connection Plus a Mobile App: The Proscenic app allows you to personalize and have your preferred review saved quickly.
Besides, the Proscenic T21 comes with a detachable basket. This basket is made out of aluminum alongside double coverings of Teflon coating. That makes it safer to use and easier to clean.  Besides, you don't need to worry about the detachable compartments' safety while washing as they are dishwasher compliant. In short, this product will make a great and easy buy!

3. NuWave 6-Qt 37001

One thing that singles the NuWave 6-Qt 37001 air fryer out is its high performance, resulting from its wattage. So, using just a tap on the button, the watts can go from 900 watts to a powerful 1800 watts. The NuWave 6-Qt 37001 has a specific temperature control that will prepare your food and bake your confections at 100 to 400 °F, although this can be adjusted and increased by five degrees.
Since it comes with a massive 6-Qt capacity, you can be assured that there's a lot of space to cook as many meals as you want at a go. There are up to six preset features that are easy to use alongside a display-touch option, which allows you to choose the exact cooking mode you want to work with.
Additionally, you don't have to worry about your leftover meals as the preheat and reheat functions help keep them tasty. The NuWave 6-Qt 37001 provides you with various cooking tools such as multiple racks, basket dividers, and pan, all aimed at helping you cut down on the amount of time you spend in your kitchen. Best of all, it has a built-in feature that turns off the fryer automatically immediately after the basket is taken away. Note, the detachable baskets have a nonstick coating that makes washing it easier.

4. Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer

If you're looking to reduce either your cooking or food preheating times, then the Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer is probably your best bet.  It comes with quite a several outstanding features, such as an air circulation technology of 360°. This technology reduces the unhealthy fat content in your meal while cooking, which allows you to consume healthier meals daily.
Furthermore, the Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer often comes with a detachable cooking nonstick basket located in the air fryer's inner part. It's dishwasher safe, so if you dread doing the dishes like most people, this would be the best option. This way, you get to save more time on cooking and cleaning. Are you also looking for a way to never run out of cooking ideas? You can get about 11 distinct cooking presets as this product initially comes with it.
Finally, the Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer features a unique, easy-to-use One-Touch LED frame. With this outstanding feature, you can prepare great meals no matter the food recipe involved.
Most times, Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer does the heat and time calculations; you only need to choose a specific preset and help you rest.

5. GoWISE USA 5.8 Qt. 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer XL

Part of the things that everyone wants to enjoy is healthier cooking + healthier eating. One guaranteed appliance that helps you achieve this is the GoWISE USA 5.8 Qt. 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer XL. How? It can help you grill, bake, fry, or toast your food using little or no oil: this is the right way of consuming your most preferred meal without worrying about unhealthy calories.
Asides from its health importance, this product comes in a sleek and classic design that features a sophisticated touch screen menu option. Other features of this air fryer may include a  start-stop button and an inbuilt alarm.
Furthermore, the eight preset cooking function gives you variants of food recipes such as steak, cake, pork, fries, pizza, etc., to choose from. You also have another great option of using the provided manual control to personalize your needs.
Moreover, it has a large 180 to 400 Fahrenheit temperature range and a functional timer lasting up to 30 mins.

Answers to All of Your Air Fryer Related Questions

Below are answers to a few of the popular air fryer questions that you may have:

1. How to Use an Air Fryer?

To use an air fryer, follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Keep the air fryer open, and shake the food while they fry. Allow air to move freely in the fryer. Doing this helps your food to come out crispy enough.
Step 2: Ensure that your food doesn't clog in the basket by gently spraying cooking spray. Avoid the presence of excess smoke by cooking only dry food.
Step 3: Learn about the kinds of foods you can prepare with an air fryer.

2. How Do I Clean My Air Fryer?

Step 1: Make sure that you unplug the air fryer as soon as you're done with cooking. Also, remember to dispose of the oil in the pull-out drawer.
Step 2: Use your soft sponge and warm soapy water to clean the food basket. Avoid abrasives as they may roughen the surface.
Step 3: Use a toothpick to remove the particles of good that may be stuck in the basket's holes. Keep the basket and drawer to dry before reattaching them.
Step 4: Use a damp cloth alongside warm-soapy water to clean the inner part of the air fryer. Remember to detach the basket and drawer during this process.
Step 5: Clean the exterior using a sponge or damp cloth. The air fryer should also be dried to keep it from spoiling.

3. How to Find the Air Fryer Recipes?

You can find air fryer recipes quite easily. There are so many sources that provide ample information in this regard. Among them, YouTube and food blogs should be your choice.
Nevertheless, there are so many recommended food recipes that you can try out in an air fryer. Some of the best air fryer recipes include:
I. Homemade cannoli
II. Bacon-wrapped avocado
III. Air fryer steak
IV. Antipasto egg rolls
V. Chicken wings
VI. Chicken tenders
VII. Baked potatoes

4. How To Make Food Crispy In An Air Fryer?

Ensure that you're only cooking dry food. Also, do not add many oils as this may cause the food to supply fattening content to the body system. If you're cooking meat, applying light oils or marinating will help you get excellent crispy outcomes.

5. Do I Need to Buy Extras and Attachments for My Air Fryer?

Yes. Air fryers are inarguably one kitchen appliance that delivers the hot item. Because of this, it's advised that you get a lot of extra accessories and attachments that make this hotness bearable.


In this guide, we outlined the several air fryers that you can choose from, and from the looks of things, the Proscenic T21 seems to be the best choice amongst all. For many people, fried food is super delicious. But we can all agree that the quantity of oil used in making fried foods doesn't encourage healthy living. It is one primary reason why air fryers should be available in every home.


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