Farberware Air Fryer vs. Philips Air Fryer, which one is better?
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By Lauren Quan | 28 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Farberware Air Fryer vs. Philips Air Fryer, which one is better?

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Are you looking for ways in which you can reduce the consumption of fats in your body? Do you find yourself multitasking when you are cooking, but you can’t do it freely since you fear the food might get burnt? In this topic, we are going g to discuss various cooking appliances, i.e. air fryers. An air fryer is a highly rated appliance because of its nature of making food tasty and crunchy and mostly how food is oil-free.

If you have busy schedules, you can trust an air fryer to do the cooking even in your absence. As long as you have set on what time you need to cook, you only need to put your food in the basket, put on your timer together with the temperature control dial and leave the machine to do its job.

Well, in this article, we shall introduce you to the various different brands of air fryers but first, let us talk about what an air fryer is.

1.What is an Air fryer?

From its word ‘air’ you will understand that it is an appliance or rather a countertop convection oven which basically uses air to fry the food. It is designed in such a manner because there is no oil needed during deep frying.

The better part of it is that you will not need any other cooking appliance because it can cook all types of food you need.

An air fryer has a top section which contains a heating mechanism and a fan. You need to put your food in a fryer basket and turn it on for the process to begin. The fryer fan helps in the circulation of hot air down and around the food so as to give the best results of your food.

Now lets us discuss the different brands of air fryers one by one as we understand how each one of them is used.

1. What is an Air fryer?
2. Introduction to Farberware Air fryer and Philips Air Fryer
2.1. Farberware air Fryer
2.2. Philips XL Air Fryer
3. Proscenic T21 Air Fryer
4. Summary

2.Introduction to Farberware Air fryer and Philips Air Fryer

2.1.Farberware air Fryer

In case you are looking for versatile cookware which can cook different types of food, then Farberware air fryer is the one to go for. Talk of cooking beef, cake and even pizza you can count on this air fryer.

We all understand how boring it is when it comes to washing appliances every time, which may have some tricky parts that are difficult to clean. With this Farberware air fryer, you are assured of fast and easy cleaning. You can decide to put the baskets in the dishwasher or rather wash them by yourself using soapy water. This won’t consume much of your time, or you won’t be bored washing because it is an easier task than you will like to consider the two options.

With temperature control and a timer, Farberware is good to go.  You only need to get the app from Google Play Store or App Store for you to control your machine. The timer takes up to 30 minutes and sends you alerts when your food is ready. Apart from setting the timer, the app also allows you to take full control over your cooking exercise.

You may also have a small budget, wondering if you will find any air fryer that will fit your budget. There is no need to worry since we believe the cost of this air fryer won’t be too much for you. Unlike other air fryer brands, Farberware is much cheaper and customer friendly. You don’t need to break our bank to own this air fryer but provides you with high-end food preparation experience.

Another feature of this Farberware air fryer that you will like is its performance. The fact that it eliminates oil and grease and other related mess. I know most of us may not like fatty and oily foods for health benefits. It is able to assure you healthy foods as it does not make use of any cooking oil to cook but uses hot air.  By using this air fryer, you will like its results of tasty and crunchy food.

If you want to own an air fryer but you are worried because you don’t know how to use it, then worry less. Farberware air fryer is very easy to use because it comes with a manual which will guide you on the steps to cook. It also comes with a detailed recipes book to guide you in whichever food you will like to cook. The recipes contain every detail that you need but simple to follow and understand.

Finally, this type of air fryer maintains your kitchen clean ever. Its unit is always closed when cooking, so you are assured of a tidy cooking process with no spills of either excess oil on it or on the ground. I believe no one will be happy to encounter messes such as spills of food all over the kitchen, which will require cleaning every moment.

2.2.Philips XL Air Fryer

The Philips XL Air Fryer is one of the digital air fryers that we can recommend for your kitchen. It is engineered with the latest food cooking technology that allows you to get evenly cooked food with crispy and golden results.

First, you will get to enjoy evenly cooked food with Philips XL Air Fryer’s Rapid Air Technology. This feature combines with enough power consumption of 1750 watts to make sure your food gets enough super-heated air to make sure it is cooked well. The super-heated air serves to quickly give your food the best crunchiness and the golden-brown look.

Philips XL Air Fryer also comes with a patented Starfish Technology and ensures your food is subjected to constant heat supply with the need for much cooking oil. Regardless of the food capacity, you only need a tablespoonful of cook oil to have your food completely cooked.

This air fryer brand also comes with a wide range of temperature. We realized that different food requires different temperatures to cook; hence, Philips XL Air Fryer is the most applicable air fryer if you need to cook a variety of foods. It allows you to vary the temperature up to the 390℉ depending on the food you are cooking. You can also opt to use its pre-set programs that allow you to set it at an exact temperature for your precious dishes.

You will also love the fact that Philips XL Air Fryer comes with a smart timer. The timer lets you set it up to 60 minutes of cooking time. The timer is smart in a way that it alerts you once the food is ready. This protects your food from any burns making sure you and your family enjoy the best meals all through.

Another amazing bit about Philips XL Air Fryer is that it comes with a range of accessories that make it a multi-purpose air fryer. If you want to grill, bake, roast or steam, you don’t need any other air fryer unit other than the Philips XL Air Fryer unit. You will not incur any extra costs in buying different air fryers for different cooking techniques.

Food preparation has never been easy as with the use of Philips XL Air Fryer. Even though you are familiar with cooking or don’t adore cooking because you lack the cooking skills, then Philips XL Air Fryer gives a reason to try once more. It comes with over 150 cooking recipes. The recipes are detailed and yet simple to follow. You can easily and conveniently access the recipe of your choice from the Philips Air fryer app.

For easy and convenient cleaning, Philips XL Air Fryer comes with dishwasher safe parts. These parts allow you deep them into the dishwasher and emerge clean. This saves you time that you could have used to clean the parts. Its food basket is also made from a non-stick material that allows you to easily and conveniently wipe off any form of dirt. Philips XL Air Fryer is the most hygienic air fryer for you.
Model No. of Recipes Highest Temperature (℉) Weight (Pounds) Dimensional Size Food Basket Capacity (Pounds) Timer (Minutes)
Farberware Air Fryer 100 400 22.2 17 x 15 x 12 3.2 30
Philips XL Air Fryer 150 390 18.98 15.2 x 15.2 x 15.2 1.75 60
After reviewing the two air fryers, you may not have made your mind on the right brand to settle on. This should not worry you; we introduce you to another alternative air fryer that you can trust for your kitchen cooking. Here we shall review the smart air fryer; the Proscenic T21 Air Fryer.

3.Proscenic T21 Air Fryer

Do you need to live a healthy life but have limited cooking time? Then the Proscenic T21 Air fryer is best meant for you. It is time-saving in many aspects that you will find helpful in your kitchen amidst your busy schedule of events.

First, the Proscenic T21 Air Fryer allows you to schedule the cooking exercises. Through the ProscenicHome App, allows you to create a schedule plan for up to 12 hours earlier. The Proscenic T21 Air fryer starts to cook when the scheduled time clicks and automatically stops cooking when your food is fully cooked. You don’t need to monitor it, and you can spend this time attending to other home chores.

You will also love the multi-function nature of the Proscenic T21 Air fryer. It comes with 8 different menus that allow you to cook a wide variety of foods. You can easily cook fries, shrimp, pizza, chicken, fish, steak, cake or bacon. In case you may not be familiar with all these cooking techniques, the Proscenic T21 Air Fryer has goodies for you. It has customized recipes that only need to click and have the food cooked without involving yourself much.

Proscenic T21 Air Fryer is engineered with the Rapid-Air Technology that allows it to make sure you get the best. This technology allows it to transfer the hot air at the high intensity and makes sure the hot air is spread evenly over your food. Even if you set a thick pile of food on the food basket, the Rapid Air Technology makes sure that the hot air penetrates deep down every food particle.

Do you own a family with 3-7 people? Do you want to cook at once without cooking in shifts? Then Proscenic T21 Air Fryer gives you the solution that you need. It is equipped with a high-capacity food basket with a capacity of 5.8 quarts. The food basket has a square shape that allows it hold much food at a go.

Apart from the food basket being of high-capacity, it is also non-stick. The food basket is made from aluminum while the entire Proscenic T21 Air Fryer body is made from iron. The food basket is also coated with a dual layer of Teflon coating. With these materials, the food basket attracts fewer residues for easy and convenient cleaning.

Even though there maybe some stubborn residues on your food basket, you don’t need to worry over the cleaning exercise. All the parts of Proscenic T21 Air Fryer are dishwasher safe, you only need to insert them into the dishwasher and it will take care of the cleaning. This further saves you time to attend to other home chores but still maintain high hygienic standards in our kitchen.

We cannot also forget to let you know of how easy and smart you can control your Proscenic T21 Air Fryer. It allows you to control is through the ProscenicHome App that allows you to connect it using the Wi-Fi technology. Through the app, you can set the cooking schedule, start/stop cooking and monitor the cooking exercise. You can also opt to make use of the Alexa Voice Control. This feature allows you to use the voice commands to command your Proscenic T21 Air Fryer unit to operate depending on the command.


With different air fryers, cooking has been made easy and gives you a nice and comfortable kitchen experience. It is also evident that different air fryer units allow you different cooking experiences; thus, you need to choose wisely. Both the Farberware Air Fryer and Philips XL Air Fryer are good air fryers, but you need to assess your specific home needs for you to choose the best among them.

The Proscenic T21 Air Fryer, on the other hand, gives you the best alternative option for your food preparation. Most consumers and reviewers rank Proscenic T21 Air Fryer for its smart nature that makes it convenient. The services of an air fryer are enticing, and you cannot afford to miss it in your kitchen.


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