Top 5 Best Farberware Air Fryer to Buy with Reviews 2020
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By Lauren Quan | 28 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Best Farberware Air Fryer to Buy with Reviews 2020

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As different sectors are working on updating their different technologies, the firms aligned to kitchen-related technologies are not left behind. Since the air fryers are directly associated with our health, different air fryer developers are working to make sure they develop the safest air fryers for our health.

An air fryer falls among the best smart kitchen appliances that you can always count on why it comes to cooking your food. Most people count on air fryers as they prepare healthy foods; they cook fast and are always convenient.

Different renowned air fryer developers exist, and you always have the power of choice to choose the best that can fit your basic kitchen needs. Among the renowned air, fryer developers include the Farberware air fryer developers and the Proscenic smart home appliance developers.

1.An Introduction of Farberware

Farberware is a renowned producer of kitchen related appliances and cookware products, including air fryers. Farberware is best known for its manufacturing experiences, having been in the market since 1900 when they developed their first tin and copper cookware.

Over the years now, Farberware has developed its skills making sure the sail with the current technological trends. This has made sure that you get convenience, dependability, and value for your busy kitchen.
Farberware further assures you durability, innovation, design, and valuable kitchenware, more so in the field of air fryers.

1. An Introduction of Farberware
2. Why do you Choose Farberware?
3. Farberware Air Fryer Models
3.1. Farberware Store Air Fryer
3.2. Farberware Store 3.2 Quart Digital Oil-less Air Fryer
3.3. Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer
3.4. Farberware 43332 5.2 Qt Air Fryer
4. Proscenic T21 Air Fryer
5. Common FAQs

2.Why do you Choose Farberware?

The Farberware air fryers give you every reason to trust them. Many reviewers and consumers rank Farberware air fryers through many aspects, including;
  • Versatility- the Farberware air fryers are highly versatile, allowing you to prepare a variety of dishes using one air fryer unit. You can make fries, pizza, chicken, and even cookies without requiring different appliances.
  • Healthy- the Farberware air fryers are considered healthy as they eliminate oil and grease-related messes. You will not experience any platters of oil with the Farberware air fryers.
  • Easy to clean- most Farberware air fryers come with a safe dishwasher that allows you easily clean its parts and dishes too. This makes them even more hygienic.
The promises of Farberware air fryers are enticing ones, and you will love them as we discuss them in detail in this article.

3.Farberware Air Fryer Models

Here are the best Farberware air fryer models reviewed;

3.1.Farberware Store Air Fryer

This falls among the best air fryers developed by Farberware. It is equipped with a 3-liter food basket. This capacity is enough to serve your large family; you don’t need to waste time and energy cooking in shifts. It is able to accommodate up to two pounds of food.

You will love the Farberware Store Air Fryer because of its simple design. It is designed with a dimensional size of 14 x 10.7 x 12.5 inches design which makes it easy to fit into your kitchen countertop. This size is also slim enough and does not waste your precious kitchen space.

Its slim and sleek design also features a digital touch screen control panel. The control touch screen is simple in design and also simple to use. The screen allows you to set the cooking time, set the required cooking temperature, and also chooses between the 8 preprogrammed preset options.

Farberware Store Air Fryer further comes with a wide temperature range, ranging between 150℉ and 400℉. Since different foods require different temperatures to cook, this wide temperature range allows you to cook a wide variety of foods under one Farberware Store Air Fryer unit.


  • Farberware Store Air Fryer is easy to use and operate
  • Its food basket is nonstick and dishwasher safe, making it hygienic
  • It comes with a cookbook containing 25 recipes
  • Its digital screen control is easy to use and gives you any setting you want at a click.


  • Farberware Store Air Fryer requires preheating time.
  • Its food basket may not be easy to remove.

3.2. Farberware Store 3.2 Quart Digital Oil-less Air Fryer

As its name suggests, the Farberware Store 3.2 Quarts Digital Oil-Less Air Fryer comes with a 3.2-quarts food basket and does not require any cooking oil to fry your food.

This compact air fryer is powerful and versatile, allowing you to grill, fry, roast, and bake your food with no oil. This makes it economical enough since you don’t incur any extra costs of buying cooking oil. The oil-less capabilities also make Farberware Store 3.2 Quarts Digital Oil-Less Air Fryer healthy as you will not consume fats from your cooked meals.

Farberware Store 3.2 Quarts Digital Oil-Less Air Fryer is further equipped with the Rapid Hot Air Technology. This Rapid Air technology allows you to cook your food 30% faster as compared to other air fryers in the market. 

The Rapid Hot Air Technology also makes sure that the hot air is supplied to your food rapidly and uniformly, thus realizing golden and crispy food.

With a 3.2 quarts food basket, you can comfortably cook 2lbs food capacity using your Farberware Store 3.2 Quarts Digital Oil-Less Air Fryer.


  • It is easy to clean and use
  • It does not require oil to cook, thus eliminates unnecessary greases, oil, and fats
  • It is versatile, allowing you to perform a variety of food preparation techniques.


  • Its cooking capacity is only enough for a maximum of 2 people.

3.3. Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer

This Farberware air fryer is always ranked and reviewed as the best powerful, versatile, and multi-functional air fryer that you can trust for your kitchen food preparation. The Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer is considered a multi-functional air fryer as it allows you to use it for grilling, roasting, baking, and air frying.
You will also love its adjustable timer. Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer is fitted with a timer that allows you to set it up to 30 minutes of cooking time before it automatically shuts down. The timer is a unique feature that allows you to cook your food without risking it burns.

Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer further comes with a removable food basket. The food basket has a capacity of 3.2 quarts, which allows you to prepare food for about 2 people. Since its removable, it is easy to clean it and maintain a high level of hygiene. You will also love this type of food basket as it is made from non-stick material.


  • It comes with an easy to wash food basket
  • Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer has a convenient timer
  • It is engineered with an indicator light that allows you to monitor the cooking progress.


  • It does not have pre-set programs.

3.4. Farberware 43332 5.2 Qt Air Fryer 

The Farberware 43332 5.2 Qt Air Fryer is a unique air fryer that allows you to cook two types of food concurrently. It comes with a food separator that allows you to cook multiple foods at the same time. This is time-saving, mostly if you use it in cafeterias or you like cooking a variety of foods for your family.
Farberware 43332 5.2 Qt Air Fryer further comes with a 60 minutes timer. This timer allows you to set the cooking time within 60 minutes. When the period of cooking elapses, it automatically shuts down; thus, your food is not exposed to a risk of burns.


  • It comes with a convenient 60-minutes timer
  • It is engineered with a dishwasher safe food basket
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is only available in white color.
Having reviewed the Farberware air fryers, you may not be convinced yet on the best air fryer to choose. We further present an alternative air fryer brand from Proscenic that you can also trust. Here is its review;

4.Proscenic T21 Air Fryer

The Proscenic T21 Air Fryer is the smartest air fryer that we can present to you. Many consumers like it because of the smart nature that makes it versatile and applicable in many kitchen occasions.

You can smartly use the ProscenicHome app to control it hands-free.  You can easily get the ProscenicHome App from the Play Store or Apple store and connect your Proscenic T21 Air Fryer to it using the Wi-Fi technology. Through the App, you can easily set a cooking schedule, start/stop the cooking and carry out any adjustment needed depending on the food you are cooking.

You can also opt to make use of the Alexa Voice Control. This control mechanism allows you to use your voice commands to control and schedule your Proscenic T21 Air Fryer. You only need to speak to Alexa to effortlessly schedule the cooking time, choose the menu, and check the cooking status. You enjoy all these controls at the convenience of your seat.

As a new air fryer user, you need to go for the Proscenic T21 Air Fryer. You will not struggle to prepare the best meals as the ProscenicHome App allows you to access tens of online recipes. The recipes have every detail you need to cook and yet are simple to follow. The better part is that some of its recipes are customized with the set temperature and cook time that allows you to easily and effortlessly have your food cooked.

If you run a busy schedule and come home late, Proscenic T21 Air Fryer allows you to schedule it 12 hours in advance. You only need to load the food basket with your favorite raw food, set the cooking temperature, cooking time, and set the timer running. When it reaches the stated time, Proscenic T21 Air Fryer will automatically turn on cook your food and automatically turn off when fully cooked. You can easily monitor the operation of this exercise from your Smartphone.

You will also find Proscenic T21 Air Fryer versatile and convenient for your kitchen through its 8 menus. The menus allow you to prepare a variety of foods, including shrimp, fries, pizza, fish, chicken, cake, steak, bacon, and also customize your own recipes. The 8 menus are already customized; you only need to click on the specific menu and have your food cooked.

With Proscenic T21 Air Fryer Proscenic T21 Air Fryer, you are assured of healthy living with delicious meals. It cooks the meals evenly and with the desired taste. Since it does not use cooking oil for cooking your food, the food realized contains 85% fewer fats compared to deep frying. This allows you to live a healthy life by avoiding unnecessary fats, oils, and greases.

Proscenic T21 Air Fryer further comes with additional features, including; combination functions, preheating function, fast cooking, large food basket capacity, non-stick food basket, easy to use LED panel, and many more. These features combine to give you the best that you deserve.


  • It has three combination functions that are convenient depending on what you need.
  • It comes with an auto-shut functionality
  • It has 8 preset menus that allow you easily cook
  • It comes with a non-stick food basket
  • It has a detachable food basket that is easy to clean


  • Its ProscenicHome App only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi but does not support 5G.

5.Common FAQs

  1. Is Farberware a good Air Fryer?
Yes! At some point, the Farberware air fryers are good air fryers that you can trust. They commonly come with a power consumption of 1400 that makes them economical. They also come with a reasonable capacity and timer, among other features that make them good.
  1. How do you Cook with Farberware Air Fryer?
Using the Farberware air fryer to cook is quite simple. Follow the following stepwise guide for better cooking;
  • Detach the food basket and load it with your ingredients
  • Replace back the food basket
  • Set the desired temperature and use the timer to set the cooking time
  • Allow the Farberware air fryer to cook your food
  • Once the time elapses, carefully take out the food basket
  • Leave your air fryer to cool down before wiping off any dirt
  1. Do you have to Preheat a Farberware Air Fryer?
For better cooking, you need to preheat your Farberware air fryer before you start cooking.
  1. How to Clean an Air Fryer?
It is much easy to clean your air fryer. The Farberware air fryers come with a basket and basket holder that are dishwasher safe; thus, you can keep them into the dishwasher, and they come out clean. You can also rinse them and wipe them dry.
You can also use a damp cloth to wipe the food basket compartment and even the outer side of your Farberware air fryer.


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