Nuwave vs. Gourmia Air Fryer, Which should you Buy?
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By Lauren Quan | 21 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Nuwave vs. Gourmia Air Fryer, Which should you Buy?

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Everyone will find it exciting and encouraging when an air fryer is among his/her kitchen appliances. An air fryer uses the same principles of an oven, where food is cooked quickly, through forced heating of air. As the heated air circulates, food is more evenly cooked. When using an air fryer, for example, the Nuwave or Gourmia air fryer, you will never have to pre-heat your frozen French fries; only 10 minutes are enough to have your food ready to serve. Amazingly, your air fryer will require little to no oil when preparing your fried meals. This makes the appliance easy to clean, with the less smelly and greasy mess, you will surely love it!

1.Why do we need an Air Fryer?

An air fryer promises a great food cooking experience. Apart from being the fastest cooking appliance, an air fryer also prepares healthy foods. With an air fryer, you don’t need to use cooking oil/fat. It makes use of superheated air to cook your food. Air fried food is healthy as it has 85% less fat content than the fried foods.
The advantages of an air fryer are many and enticing ones, as we shall discuss throughout this article. They all combine to give you the best reasons why you should own an air fryer.

1. Why do we need an Air Fryer?
2. Introduction to Nuwave 6-QT Air Fryer and Gourmia 6-QT Air Fryer
Nuwave 6-Quart Air Fryer
Gourmia 6-Quart Air Fryer
A comparison chart for the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer and the Gourmia 6-quart air fryer
3. Proscenic T21 Air Purifier
4. Summary

2.Introduction to Nuwave 6-QT Air Fryer and Gourmia 6-QT Air Fryer

Nuwave 6-Quart Air Fryer

Buying a new machine is usually a challenging and tempting situation. You will not wish to regret buying an appliance that will later disappoint you. Nuwave 6-quart air fryer is a kitchen appliance that is specifically designed to bring the happiness of preparing meals to the most desired tastes. The device being new in the market, it is able to incorporate the most recent cooking technologies, which include the combination of a cooker and an air fryer.

You have every reason to see yourself using the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer, as it will serve enough food for your family per cooking session. As its name suggests, it can carry up to 6 quarts of food and cook it to the best quality.

In the Box
Once you unpack the marvelous kitchen appliance, you will realize that most of its equipment a kept within the air fryer itself, except for the manual packet, a basket divider for the frying basket, and other extra accessories.
Apart from the full user’s manual, the device also brings you the recipe guide and a quick start guide.

Surprisingly, the air fryer user can get access to the Nuwave cooking Club app that has provided numerous recipes and cooking concepts that can be conveniently be done in the kitchen.

Physical design
The Nuwave 6-quart air fryer is a rounded cube appliance that resembles a pod and almost the size of a stand mixer that has been designed to achieve a sleek, glossy black finish. The appliance measures 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide, 10 inches long, making it a compact device in your kitchen. Most people admire its nice wide base and also how the frying basket of the device can lock into place with a simple click.

Being a modern appliance, the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer comes with digital controls that display a soothing blue hue, which gives you the ultimate ability to read one foot away from the device. The reason why the top of the air fryer is angled is to enable one to smoothly navigate the controls without the need to pull out the overhead cabinet.

You will never find the device tiresome or hard to carry since it weighs 16 pounds only and thus granting an easy to clean and manipulate experience. Your Nuwave 6-quart air fryer also comes with a non-stick baking pan and a cooling rack.

This device comes with built-in advanced safety features that make the appliance shut off whenever the basket is removed and remains off until the basket is properly replaced to prevent the device from getting damaged.

After you have fully set up the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer, you will come to realize that it consumes much power that can range up to 1400 watts. This does not have to be a problem to you as the user since the device lets you regulate the amount of power that you need through the wattage control settings it offers you. Once you have reduced the power consumption level, you would have altered the time and temperature dictated on the recipe guide, and you will need a thermometer to know the proper doneness of the cooked items.

Temperature can easily be adjusted between the range of 100 to 400℉ with 5-degree increments that are able to cover all the desired temperature levels that might be recommended in the recipe guide. The appliance grants you a consistent cooking temperature, thanks to the digital switch that checks on the current temperature 120 times for every second to curb frequent temperature fluctuations.

The Nuwave 6-quart air fryer allows you to broil, roast, grill, bake, reheat, dehydrate, and of course, air fry. This is simply done by adjusting to the already programmed conditions for frozen fries, homemade fries, chicken nuggets, steak, frozen fish, chicken breasts, and any other favorite dish by a simple tap of a button.
The enticing fact about this device is that you can cook two different kinds at a go. This is easily achieved by the presence of the basket divider. With the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer, you are able to enjoy crispy delicious fried foods with fewer fats and oils, which is a prime health consideration.

Gourmia 6-Quart Air Fryer

The Gourmia 6-quart air fryer is one of its kind as it projects the most admirable features that make it an excellent kitchen assistant. This appliance lets you much any fried food without any iota of guilt due to its marvelous ability to require little to no oil when preparing your delicious meals.

Most Gourmia 6-quart air fryer users highly appreciate the Radivection 360 Technology that offers the turbo circulation of heated air to allow your food to cook evenly and enable the food to attain the crispy perfection that you will admire.

Your appliance has got an Express Heat System that requires you to offer it power that can measure up to 1700 watts, which makes the food cook 30% faster than when you will use an oven.  You will love the essential role of the 8 Chef- at-a Touch presets that give you optimum conditions for specifically dehydrating, baking, broiling, air frying, roasting, grilling, and other more cooking needs for the best results by just tapping the LCD display on the device.

The appliance never lets you find any difficulty whenever you want to clean it since it comes with a removable, non-stick pan that does not entertain any greasy fat on its surface. This goes perfectly along with the stainless steel outer body make that is easy to wipe whenever it gets dirty. It is a good thing to find a compact device like the Gourmia 6-quart air fryer as it measures; 13.75 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 12.75 inches tall.

The lightweight nature of the appliance is another factor that is really encouraging to most Gourmia 6-quart air fryer owners. This machine weighs 18 pounds only. You have the grand chance to carry it to any position in your kitchen with much ease.

A comparison chart for the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer and the Gourmia 6-quart air fryer

Model Nuwave 6-quart air fryer Gourmia 6-quart air fryer
Product dimensions (inches) 10.5L by 10.5W by 13 H 13.75 L by 11 W by 12.75 H
Timer time (minutes) 60 60
Maximum temperature 400F 400F
Power rating (watts) 1800 1700
Weight (pounds) 15 18
Even though the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer and Gourmia 6-quart air fryer are capable of bringing out the best in terms of cooking, they may not completely fit your kitchen needs. You need a smart air fryer that can assist you in cooking your food while you attend to other home chores. For this reason, we introduce you to the best smart air fryer, the Proscenic T21 Air fryer.

3.Proscenic T21 Air Purifier

If your daily schedules are tight and sometimes you might feel like you have a well-prepared meal, and you either have no time or generally lazy, your best option is to have the Proscenic T21 air fryer. This air fryer brand allows you to schedule its runtime, allowing it to cook your food even with your absence. It also allows you to schedule it to cook your food as you attend to other activities.

This appliance weighs 7.19 pounds, which makes it lightweight. This is a key feature if you wish to make it mobile to fit into an event like outside catering. Since it is lightweight in nature, you can easily carry it along without being fatigued.

Health wise, the appliance has got your back. The Proscenic T21 air fryer executes its frying through hot air, making it seem to work like an oven, but in this case, the air travels faster, navigating every tiny space in the food, making your food evenly cooked. The Proscenic T21 Air Fryer is considered healthy as it requires little or no cooking fat/oil to fry your food. In this case, it uses superheated air, which allows you to realize an 85% less fat food, which is healthy for you and your family consumption.

Proscenic T21 air fryer is one of the most recent modern devices on the market. Its controllability is done through the ProscenicHome App and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection via your mobile Smartphone. All programming of the device and issue of commands is solely done without any physical contact with the air fryer. You can download the ProscenicHome app to allow you to gain all these controls using a Smartphone. Surprisingly enough, you can also instruct the device on what you wish to be done through your voice with the grand help of the Alexa voice control app.

On the appliance, you will find three distinct functions; Set the start time, keep food warm, or menu. Once you press the menu button, you will see the 8 pre-set cooking functions that you can select in consideration of the food you wish to prepare. The keep-warm function is applied when you wish the food to remain warm until it is ready to be served. You also have the preheat function that preheats the device before cooking starts. The preheating exercise is necessary when you need much crispy and evenly cooked food.

What is hilarious about this device is that it automatically shuts down when it heats for a long time or at a very high temperature to prevent itself from getting damaged through overheating. The automatic shutoff nature of this air fryer also assures you that your food cannot be subjected to burns. When it attains the specified temperature of the specific food, the Proscenic T21 air fryer automatically shuts down.

Your Proscenic T21 air fryer can consume up to 1700 watts, giving you an adjustable temperature range of 77 to 205℃. Since different foods require different temperatures to evenly and properly cook, this temperature range allows you to cook different foods by varying the temperatures depending on the food you are preparing.


4. Summary

This article has acted as the best aid in knowing the variations and similarities that exist between the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer and Gourmia 6-quart air fryer. You will come to realize that both above-mentioned kitchen air fryers have the same maximum temperature that ranges up to 400℉. Since most people find the Nuwave 6-quart air fryer and the Gourmia 6-quart air fryer a bit less technologically advanced than the Proscenic T21 air fryer, they have no option but to look for the Proscenic T21. 

The Proscenic T21 air fryer allows you to smartly use the latest App technology and the Amazon Alexa technologies to control it. The app allows you to access a number of controls like scheduling and turning it ON/OFF, while Amazon Alexa allows you to use our voice commands to control it.

All the most modern technologies in the cooking field are held at your fingertips once you own a Proscenic T21 air fryer at your home. Make your cooking journey even more interesting with the best air fryer of your choice.


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