Review & Price Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE Robotic Vacuum
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By pppggg | 19 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Review & Price Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE Robotic Vacuum

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Review & Price:Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE Robotic Vacuum
2.1 Pros & Cons
2.2 Design
2.3 Performance
2.4 Setup, App, and Voice Control
2.5 Maps
2.6 Attachments/Parts
2.7 Review
2.8 Price
3. Compare with other brands of Robot Vacuum:Shark VS Proscenic
Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE VS Proscenic M7 PRO
4. Where can I buy Those Robot Vacuum and the Best Black Friday deals?
5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

If you don't possess the energy to clean or vacuum frequently, robot vacuum cleaners are a convenient means of ensuring your house stays healthy and clean without having to do all the effort. A robot vacuum will eliminate a tiny but time-taking vacuuming job from your long checklist. Since they use different forms of equipment, including certain sensors or scanners, to control and navigate across the room, they are usually able to prevent furniture and maneuver under the sofas and desks with reasonable accuracy.
Some also simply clear their dirt containers, which decreases the amount of work you have to do. While they're not as effective at cleaning carpets as conventional upright vacuum cleaners, most of them arrive with advanced pathing technology to sweep up more effectively. Some of them even arrive with companion applications or remote controls so that you can schedule up routine cleaning periods or set limits to prevent them out of specific places. That being said, with so many features, you're going to want the one that's strong, fairly quiet, and doesn't need attention all the time.
Business technologists strive to prosper from adding cutting-edge technologies and emerging as household names. However, there is still profit to be gained by impersonating the design at a cheaper rate. The team at SharkNinja did just that. Shark has recognition for producing good, inexpensive robot vacuums. The Shark IQ (RV1001AE) is the greatest Shark robot nowadays. It includes a dust bin, Wi-Fi access, and comprehensive digital mapping.   This Shark robot has a range of advanced capabilities that are usually seen only in more costly versions for a comparatively low cost.
The new Shark IQ Robot is a long way ahead. It doesn't move endlessly through places where it had already swept, and it generates a map of your home in the companion application that lets you pick the exact areas that you need the robot to vacuum. You can order the robot to clean only the main room or family room. In this Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE Robotic Vacuum review, we'll have a comprehensive look at the features, design, maneuverability, and many factors that make it worth the price. So let's get started:

2. Review & PriceShark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE Robotic Vacuum

2.1 Pros & Cons

· Useful results on hard floors
· The self-emptying base functions excellent
· Cleaning routines are effective and waste no time.
· A map-based overview of coverage offers proof of sweeping.
· The app interface is handy.
· Imperfect efficiency on carpeted floors
· The unit often gets overwhelmed.

2.2 Design

The Shark IQ R101AE is equipped to vacuum with an elegant combination of shiny black and matte black plastic with polished silver highlights on the top. The Shark IQ RV1001AE is built to be among the most fantastic Shark robot vacuums on the marketplace currently. It has basic controls, an advanced technology that offers "hands-off" vacuuming comfort, and an onboard camera.

2.3 Performance

Shark IQ provides three power levels known as Eco, Normal, and Max, with two cleaning pattern options: (manual and mapping).  Very few vacuums have spot and edge cleaning modes that allow you more command over robot motions. One useful aspect of the Shark IQ is that it returns to the dock station as soon as it detects that its dustbin is loaded, empties itself, and then returns to cleaning. It's exceptionally this easy. This vacuum also has terrific suction. Suction strength is more significant than any of the upright models we've seen. It keeps the floors (note: on performance 'hardwood floors' is exceptional, the performance on carpeted surfaces is not perfect) immaculate of dust, dirt, and pet fur. What truly amazed us about the IQ robot, though, was its capacity to pick up massive debris.

2.4 Setup, App, and Voice Control

You need to download the SharkClean application first. Luckily, introducing your fresh robot vacuum to your phone is fast and straightforward. You can switch the working modes from "Normal" to "Eco" or "Max." There's also a voice-activated option that connects the Shark IQ with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Access the Shark skill and enable shark vacuum voice controls. You can give your vacuum a name, introduce several units for several floors, adjust the operating mode , view your vacuum record, make a cleaning plan, and set up a cleaning map, and assign specific rooms.

2.5 Maps

The Shark IQ includes a robot vacuum mapping, which means that it can produce a map of one section of your home. Once the map is created, you can label your house's areas and then order the robot to vacuum particular rooms. Once the Shark IQ has finished the mapping phase, the finished map can be seen in the SharkClean app. The application lets you pick the specific places that you want the robot to vacuum. However, we find the app interface is a little slow. 
The robot typically has no trouble locating the dock when gathering debris entirely from each area. You can order the robot to vacuum only the main room or kitchen, for example, and it understands precisely how to get there.

2.6 Attachments/Parts

The Shark IQ arrives with a simple range of components and accessories, such as:
· 2 Spinning brushes
· User guide
· Boundary tape
· HEPA filters
· Docking station

2.7 Review

Useful and robust, the Shark IQ robot fixes almost all of the challenges that consumers experience with robot vacuums. There are little downsides to the reality that the machine works too loudly—but given that the IQ Robot is much more inexpensive than other robots in its class, we are indeed happy with the robot vacuum as a whole. Although the self-emptying bin is the real standout here and beneficial, we hope Shark will focus on the remaining issues with this robot vacuum.

2.8 Price

Shark IQ RV1001AE is $599 but is now selling at Amazon for $479. This cost has a self-emptying basis. If you wish to buy it without a self-emptying base, the Shark IQ does have a retail value of $449 and charges $349 for Amazon. That being said, the variant that arrives with a self-emptying base has a much tinier dustbin—only 0.17 quarts, compared to a 0.6-quarter dustbin available on the other variant.

3. Compare with other brands of Robot VacuumShark VS Proscenic.

Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE VS Proscenic M7 PRO
Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE
Proscenic M7 PRO
Dust Bin
Length (inches)
Wi-Fi connectivity
Height (inches)
3.5 "
3.75 "
Digital mapping
Smart home compatibility
Alexa, Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
1-Year limited
1-Year limited
While the Shark IQ performs a fine job on hard floors, the carpet's performance is mediocre. There is not enough advantage to support the expense of a Shark IQ with a Self-Emptying dustbin. It's pretty reasonable for other robust equipment to recommend it than the far more costly iRobot Roombas. However, when we compare Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE and Proscenic M7 PRO, we think Proscenic M7 PRO is a must.
With an incredible 2,600Pa of suction power, the $499 Proscenic M7 Pro outperforms all. Its high suction strength, coupled with the HEPA filter, creates high-performance efficiency on hard floors and a carpet well and eliminates contaminants from the air. It arrives with a remote control while also supporting the Alexa Voice Control application. Using its companion app, you can begin and plan cleaning activities, pick particular spaces for cleanup, and restrict other areas. All of this at a decent price of $499 (sometimes also available at a discounted price of $399)

4. Where can I buy Those Robot Vacuum and the Best Black Friday deals?

Robot vacuums are the foreseeable future. They provide hands-off cleaning efficiency without the need to monitor or track them. Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV1001AE Robotic Vacuum is widely available on various online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Costco, and other retail stores. It is easier, though, to buy from well-known, reputable web sources dealing with original goods. Besides, you can still make the most of the best black Friday sales deals on Amazon and other online retailers.

5. Conclusion

We suggest the Shark IQ to anybody who needs a hand-off vacuum. The IQ keeps track of itself, using versatile navigation and a self-emptying dustbin. The robot will clean your homes and then dump the objects into its docking station. The bag-less dustbin present at the docking station carries over thirty loads of dirt and dust, enabling the robot to do the rest cleaning. And ultimately, we endorse the Shark IQ for its absolute high value given the price in terms of functionality; the Shark IQ has a reasonable price for a great robot vacuum.
The ultimate performance of the Shark IQ is fantastic, with a range of innovative functionality that provides an upgrade on previous Shark versions. Bright spots are onboard routing and space selection, Wi-Fi access, Smartphone power, including, of course, yes, a self-emptying dustbin. Shark IQ also provides an option for virtual mapping. It performs best on hard wooden floors and high pile carpets. However, it isn't much fine on low pile carpets. Considering the Shark IQ robot's price range, the robot vacuum appears of decent value.


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