Review: Is Honeywell Humidifier Worth Buying?
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By Lauren Quan | 19 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Review: Is Honeywell Humidifier Worth Buying?

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There are different seasons throughout the year, among the summer season. The summer season is always characterized by dry air that affects the humidity levels. There is a certain percentage of humidity; 30, that is recommended for easy and comfortable breathing. When the humidity levels fall below this, it may cause you and your indoors adverse effects.

Dry air in your home is always associated with much adverse health and physical effects. For instance, dry air may cause adverse respiratory disorders like Asthma, Bronchitis, sore throat, and eye irritation. When the air is dry, you may also experience dry skin, dermatitis, nosebleeds, high stress, dehydration, and you may also risk some infections.

For these and many more reasons, you need to consider employing the services of a humidifier.

1. Introduction to Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier
2. Honeywell HCM-350 Reviews in Amazon
3. Proscenic 808C Humidifier
Important Tips to Keep About Proscenic 808C Humidifier
4. Summary

1.Introduction to Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier

The Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier falls among the best humidifiers that are best for your home/office humidification. It comes with outstanding humidification features that we shall introduce you to, thus ensuring the best air humidification ever.

First, the Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier is a cool-mist humidifier. This means that it does not boil water to produce the hot mist but produces a cool mist. This marks it as the safest humidifier you can trust for your kids as it does not expose them to burns. Allow your kids to enjoy the best-humidified breath without any risks.

The Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier operates in an extremely quiet way. Fitted with QuietCare Technology, Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier operates with a 25% less noise level compared to its competitors in the market. Because of this quiet operation nature, you can trust it for your bedroom or that of your kids.

Its lightweight nature also places it at the top. The whole unit of Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier just weighs 8.36 pounds. The lightweight nature combines with its slim design to give you a versatile humidifier you can move from one room to the other without being fatigued. It comes with dimensional measurements of 17.5 x 9.4 x 11.9 inches; thus its slim enough to conform to your desk.

Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier features a 1.1-gallon tank. This tank capacity allows it to emit continuous mist for 24 hours without requiring you to refill the tank. This feature makes Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier the best for your master bedroom and other medium-sized rooms in your home.

Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier assures you of a germ-free mist that will not expose you to other adverse health effects. It is fitted with UV technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria in water, making sure that the emitted mist is free of any bacteria, fungus, mold, and viruses. You will find and acknowledge Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier as the healthiest humidifier.

Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier further comes with three-speed settings. These settings come with different mist emission capabilities, thus allowing you to humidify your home at different rates. When you need a slower rate, you can set your humidifier at the lowest speed setting that also has a low noise level. These are the best settings for your bedroom when you are asleep, or your kids are sleeping.

You will also love the services of Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier because of its ease of use and easy of operation. It comes with a wide tank opening that is easy to refill the tank once it runs low.

Lastly, Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier produces an invisible cool mist. The cool mist adds moisture to the air in your room in an invisible way, thus offers no disturbance. You can trust your medium room; Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier is the best choice for you. It can humidify your medium-sized room with areas up to 3600 square feet.

3.Honeywell HCM-350 Reviews in Amazon

Many consumers who have bought the Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier from Amazon have always ranked it for its outstanding performance against its cost-effective price. One of them reviewed it positively that it is easy to refill the water tank once the water runs low. It also operated in a quiet way and was able to serve a 1500-square feet room effectively and quickly. The consumer also termed Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier as the most effective, easiest, and reliable humidifier for home and required to be refilled with water once a day.
Another consumer who happens to suffer from Sjogren’s syndrome ranked Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier as a lifesaver. The consumer is always affected with dryness, thus required a lot of moisture on the air, and Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier solved this problem.

Another customer ranked Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier as efficient, quiet, and easy to clean. The Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier comes with a dishwasher that is safe and easy to clean. The customer also indicated he would buy it once more.

Another top review stated about how Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier solved the problem of air dryness in the room because of the strong blowing air. This humidifier assisted this consumer to quickly add humidity to the room that made the family feel as if they were enjoying a breeze from the forest.

There are so many other factors that a good humidifier should have. The ease of control or smart control through a variety of ways is one of the factors. For this reason and many others, we can recommend the Proscenic 808C humidifier. It allows you to control it smartly and easily. Furthermore, it is cost-effective and comes with other unique air humidification features that other humidifiers lack.
Here is what the Proscenic 808C Humidifier has for you;

4.Proscenic 808C Humidifier

This is the best smart humidifier that we can advise you to buy. It is cost-effective and naturally blends with your home décor, thus allowing you to fit it anywhere in your indoors and supplying the best air humidification ever.
The Proscenic 808C Humidifier allows you to control it through a number of smart ways. First, you can easily and hands-free control it using Alexa Voice Control. Here you only need to connect it to the Amazon Alexa and use your voice notes to give it commands as it executes them. Besides, you can opt for the ProscenicHome app. Using Wi-Fi technology, you can easily and conveniently connect your Proscenic 808C Humidifier to your app on your Smartphone. The app allows you to adjust the humidity and misting emission at a time, among other controls. Lastly, you can opt for the LED display with a slide touch button for easy manual control. The LED display is informative of different parameters, including the temperature level, the mist level in your room, and relative humidity. The LED display is easy to touch thus easy to operate.

Proscenic 808C Humidifier also allows you to enjoy mist emitted to all directions in your room. It comes with a nozzle that is able to spray mist in 360-degrees that not only allows fat indoor humidification but also stands out to be effective and applicable.

You will adore the services of the Proscenic 808C Humidifier because of its large water tank capacity. The tank is able to accommodate a 5.3-liter water capacity. This capacity is enough to serve you indoors with continuous emission of mist for up to 30 hours. This allows you to attend to other matters instead of taking time to refill the tank from time to time. If Proscenic 808C Humidifier runs out of water while you are not at home to turn it off, it automatically shuts off. This feature is effective and safe as this Humidifier will not expose you or your kids to the burn risks.

Too much humidity in your indoors can cause discomfort and other adverse health conditions. For this reason, the Proscenic 808C Humidifier is further fitter with the constant temperature and humidity monitor. When the air attains the required humidity levels, it automatically stops emitting mist. On the other hand, the temperature monitor provides the best warm mist for better sleep.

You will also acknowledge the presence of an Aromatherapy function on your Proscenic 808C Humidifier. This allows you to add essential oil to the Humidifier’s aroma container and allows it to mist out to give you the best pure aroma your indoors. This feature qualifies Proscenic 808C Humidifier for gyms, living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and even Yoga studios.

With Proscenic 808C Humidifier, you can also enjoy the scheduled humidification. The app or the remote control allows you to program it to start emitting mist at a specified time. Proscenic 808C Humidifier will also automatically shut-off when the required level of humidity is achieved.

Finally, the Proscenic 808C Humidifier offers you the best humidification that you dream of. It is equipped with the HEPA filter that captures 99.9% of the allergy-causing micro-organisms. This makes the air in your room fresher and healthier for you to breathe. Proscenic 808C Humidifier is also sealed, which makes it leak-proof. This feature makes sure that the collected debris is completely contained to avoid contaminating the air again.

Important Tips to Keep About Proscenic 808C Humidifier

A humidifier functions well when you follow some guidelines and precautions. You need to consider them for you to realize the best home humidification ever.
Some of the tips to make the best out of your Humidifier include;
  • Use distilled water as hard water may form a scum that may corrode your water tank and filters. This reduces their lifespan.
  • Avoid water leakage by tightening the lid at the bottom of the water tank.
  • If you are using the warm mist mode, make sure you turn on your Humidifier 15 minutes early if you need to enjoy the humidification service.
  • Make sure you clean your humidifier at least once a week to avoid dirt build-up.
  • It is also recommended that you use your humidifier in a normal environment to make sure the humidity and temperature balances.


Maintaining the required humidity levels in your home is not only healthy but saves you on other recurrent costs. For instance, when the air is too dry, it may cause damage to your furniture and even electronics. To avoid further damage, you need to always maintain the level of humidity.

You need a humidifier to achieve the recommended humidity in your indoors, but not all fit your needs. If you own kids, then you need to go for a cool-mist humidifier like the Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier. This humidifier does not boil the water to produce the mist, thus cannot expose your family to the risk of burns.
It is also prudent to consider some parameters, such as the ease of controlling a specific humidifier. On this factor, the Proscenic 808C humidifier tops. It allows you to smartly control it using three channels; the ProscenicHome app, Amazon Alexa, or a remote. The three control channels allow you smartly, and hands-free control of your Proscenic 808C humidifier, and they are much effective.

You also need to have in mind other factors like automatic scheduling. This feature allows you to automatically schedule your humidifier to start humidifying your room even with your absence. The Proscenic 808C humidifier tops here; through the app, you can easily set a home humidification plan that turns it ON at a specified time and turns it off when the right humidity level is achieved.

Both the Proscenic 808C humidifier and Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier come with variable speed settings. As indicated above, the variable speed settings allow you to achieve moderated humidity in your home as you are always in control of the amount of mist being emitted. This allows you to attain the required humidity level without under humidifying or over humidifying your home.

Finally, the promises of a humidifier are enticing and good for you. You cannot afford to miss this smart home appliance. As we plan to get into the summer season, you need to employ the services of a humidifier.


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