A Detailed Review of Rainbow Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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By Lauren Quan | 14 January 2021 | 0 Comments

A Detailed Review of Rainbow Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum cleaners are quite competitive these days. Companies strive to be at the forefront of innovations and vacuum cleaning technologies. All this is geared towards customer satisfaction by giving them utility that other brands cannot easily offer. An excellent vacuum cleaner features good performance, powerful suction, useful accessories and attachments.  In this endeavor, the Rainbow Canister Vacuum from Rexair has curved its niche. It is a popular appliance from an experienced company that has efficiently served many homes. This article gives an in-depth look at its specifications, design, performance and accessories to give you valuable insight into what it offers.

1. Introduction to Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
2. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review
2.1 Design
2.2 Pricing
2.3 Filtration
2.4 Power and Suction
2.5 Setup and Maintenance
3 Rainbow Vacuum Parts and Accessories
4 Rainbow Vacuum repair
5 Other vacuum cleaner options
5.1 Proscenic P11
How to disassemble a rainbow vacuum
How to use a rainbow vacuum
How to maintain a rainbow vacuum cleaner
Where to buy rainbow vacuum cleaners
How to clean rainbow vacuum

1.Introduction to Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
The vacuum cleaners from the Rexair brand are some of the most exceptional devices on the market. This veteran company has immense experience having produced vacuum cleaners for almost 100 years. Their devices uniquely adopt a water filtration framework, which was quite popular in the genesis days of vacuum cleaners. The company has not been that active in releasing new models and updates. Their existing models are however excellent and manage to outdo other innovative brands, as seen with the Rainbow E2 canister vacuum. They are fixated on reliability, quality and consistency, which has positively translated into their reputation and success.

2.Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review

2.1Design and specifications

The Rainbow E2 Canister vacuum measures 11.8 by15.5 by 15.8 inches and weighs 19 pounds, making it slightly bulky. It however makes up for this with an 8 foot hose and a 25 foot power cord that extend its reach. Its water tanks measures 0.625 gallons and the bin has a capacity of 2.36 liters. The fitted dolly allows it to maneuver its bulky body with ease. The water bowl is fitted with blue LED lights to give it aesthetic appeal. It is also transparent to allow the user to see it work and tell when the water needs to be changed out. It comes in a jet black color scheme to add to this with a rainbow at the front. All detachment action parts are colored grey to help the user detach different parts of the device. At the back is an allowance for storing the long cord easily. The sides are fitted with a rubber bumper to protect both it and other things in its way from scratches.

2.2 Filtration

The Rainbow E2 Canister vacuum uniquely makes use of a dual filtration system. This makes it extremely user friendly and safe for people with asthma and other allergies. This system is composed of a water based filter and True H13 HEPA filter. The water used in this filter is meant to dissolve soluble allergens and pollutants. It also absorbs most of the particulate dirt and protects the accompanying HEPA filters from clogging. Only the persistent microscopic dirt particles reach the HEPA filter where they are trapped. This allows the device to use the costly HEPA filter for longer periods without having to replace them. Clogged filters are a problem for vacuum cleaners as the result in reduced suction power and performance. For this device, that is a rare occurrence.

2.3 Power and Suction

This powerful vacuum cleaner makes use of a 1.5 horsepower motor that utilizes 12-amps. They refer to this innovative motor as the “Hurricane”. This motor has been specially designed to deliver intense suction power while also keeping energy efficient. It will not only leave you with clean floors and carpets but also save you money in terms of energy bills. In addition, this motor is extremely resilient and guarantees to serve you for a long time without losing power. This is seen in how it comes with an appealing 8 year warranty. This performance is further ensured by the brush roll fitted on the cleaning nozzles underside. The adjustable cleaning head allows for deeper cleaning of carpets and hard floors.

2.4 Special features

Conveniently, the appliance can be set up in the middle of a room and will act as air purifier. It can even be set to release fragrances into the room. It also comes with specialized attachments. The RainbowMate is meant to increase the vacuum’s reach. The AquaMate allows you to shampoo your carpets. The RainJet acts as an efficient mop with even more reach than a regular one. The MiniJet is meant to be used on smaller tasks that require shampooing. It also has LED lights fitted on the cleaning head to help you see into the dark areas you are cleaning. They are also found on the water bowl adding to its aesthetics.

2.5 Warranty

The Rainbow canister vacuum is of excellent quality. This is seen in their ability to offer a 4 year warranty. The motor even comes with an 8 year warranty. This is way beyond what other competing vacuum cleaners offer. It shows just how much trust you can place in this vacuum cleaner.

3. Rainbow Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Rainbow Vacuum Parts and AccessoriesThis vacuum cleaner has the ability to be used with a wide and versatile range of accessories. Some of these accessories come in the box while others can be purchased as after-market products. On purchase, you receive the assembled water bowl and motor unit. It comes a floor nozzle, power nozzle (carpet use), dolly, a handle, electric hose and 2 wands (stainless steel). It also comes with accessories such as the crevice tool, upholstery tool, inflator and deflator tool, a refrigerator coil cleaner, a dusting brush, user manual and a cushion bag (Aerofresh). The after-market accessories you can purchase include the MiniJet, RainJet, AquaMate and RainMate.

4.Rainbow Vacuum repair

It is highly recommended that when ypur vacuum gets spoilt, you should call an Authorized Rexair Repair center to avoid voiding your warranty. More information on this can be found at rainvac.com or calling customer service on 800-523-051 or +1 301 791 9669 for international calls.

5. Other vacuum cleaner options

5.1 Proscenic P11

Proscenic P11Proscenic outdid themselves yet again. The Proscenic P11 is a multi-functional appliance capable of functioning as a cordless vacuum cleaner and also mop. Its design adopts a blend of black, red and grey aesthetics that make it stand out. Coming after the Proscenic P10, it has received a performance and accessory upgrade. Its immense power is based on the fitted 450W turbo brushless motor. This powerful motor is able to spin up to 130,000 RPM and put out suction power of 25,000Pa. In spite of this power, it is extremely energy efficient. To make it user friendly, it has a fitted LED touch display on its rear end. This serves as a control panel and can be used to switch between the available suction modes including auto, high and low. Here the user can also see the devices error codes and the remaining battery levels.
On the Proscenic P10 you will find a 0.65 litre dust container, which is quite sizable. It is also fitted with a 4 stage cyclonic filter. The HEPA filter within can be replaced easily. Users are able to use the appliance as a wet or dry mop which is made even more practical thanks to the magnetic water tank. It has a powerful 2500mAh battery that allows it to run for over 1 hour. It is able to charge to full capacity in about 90 minutes given its fast charging ability. This exceptional appliance comes with a 1 year warranty showing its quality. The device can be conveniently hang on the wall thanks to its wall storage feature. It also has a useful cooling air duct that protects users from the generated heat but instead produces cool air.


How to disassemble a rainbow vacuum?

First turn of and unplug the vacuum cleaner. Locate the color coded attachment release for the hose and press it. Use the latches on the hose’s sides to release the whole hose portion. Release the other color coded latches on the unit. Unscrew the golden screw in the power supply to remove it. Remove the now accessible basin to clean it.

How to use a rainbow vacuum?

Add water to the water basin. You may include the fragrance. Assemble the vacuum parts. Plug the vacuum into your preferred power supply, power it on and start vacuuming.

How to maintain a rainbow vacuum cleaner?

It is recommended that you do not run the vacuum cleaner without water. Empty the water bowl after use to avoid smelly dirty water. Before using the appliance make sure the water in the bowl is at the required level. After using the appliance, remove the water bottle from it. Clean the basin after use and wipe away any residual dirt. It is also advisable to clean the separator quarterly.

Where to buy rainbow vacuum cleaners?

Rainbow vacuum cleaners can be purchased from the official Rainbow.com store or online stores such as Amazon and Ebay.

How to clean rainbow vacuum?

The separator can be cleaned using the separator brush. You may also use soap and water for a deeper more thorough clean. The water bowl can be rinsed out with clean water after each use.


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