Review: Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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By Lauren Quan | 13 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Review: Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Still, you are not decided which Samsung robot vacuum cleaner to buy? Think no more as the Samsung POWERbot R7040 is the right home cleaning appliance worth buying. It has an ergonomic design and is lightweight hence portable. Additionally, it has smart features that make cleaning effortless. All you need to do is schedule the cleaning time, and the robot vac will rest.

Suppose it runs out of power, you don't have to plug it into recharge, but it will automatically dock at the charging station and recharge. When full, it will continue with the cleaning process from where it had left.
Oh My! What an excellent and powerful robot vacuum cleaner by Samsung? With that in mind today, we will discuss the R7040 and why you should purchase it.
But before that, here are topics we are going to cover.
Table of Contents
Review: Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1. Why do we choose Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners
2. Review of Samsung POWERbot R7040
2.1. Pros and Cons
2.2. Features
Mapping Technology
Powerful Suction
Edge Clean Master
Wi-Fi Connectivity
EasyPass Wheels
Intelligent Power Control
Schedule Cleaning
Automatic Recharge and Resume
Washable Filter
2.3. Specifications
3. Comparison Between Samsung POWERbot R7040 Vs. R7010
4. Difference Between Samsung POWERbot R7040 Vs. Proscenic M6 Pro
LDS 360˚
iRoom Cleaning System
Voice Assistant Control
5. FAQ

1.Why Should you Consider Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners
The rise in the use of technology at home has led to the development of various home appliances. One of them is robotic vacuum cleaners. Different companies are competing to manufacture robot vacuum cleaners. But Samsung has so far been the best as they encompass the latest robot vacuum technology on their devices.
All their robot vacs are smart, meaning that controlling them is through the SmartThings app. This has been possible by features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and intelligent power control. Other features that distinguish Samsung robot vacuum cleaners from the rest include;
  • Combo or Self-cleaning brush
  • Point cleaning
  • Edge clean master
What are you waiting for? Purchase any robot vac by Samsung and make home cleaning effortless. We advocate that you purchase the Samsung POWERbot R7040 as it has most of these features and is affordable.
2.Review of Samsung POWERbot R7040
What are the pros and cons of the R7040? We will be discussing that and its features in this part.
2.1. Pros and Cons
  • This robot vac has a good build quality, making it durable
  • Wireless control. You can control and monitor this vac through your smartphone. You need to download the SmartThings app and connect the cleaner to a Wi-Fi network.
  • It cleans all types of floors. Whether you have a hard floor, carpet, or both, this home cleaning appliance will remove dirt correctly.
  • Easy to use. When you have the app, you can set the suction control, cleaning mode, and cleaning schedule. This gives you an easy time to do other chores or work duties.
  • Low maintenance cost. You won't incur too much expense when it comes to maintaining this device. This is because it has a washable filter.
  • It is powerful. R7040 has a powerful suction (20x) more than conventional robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Noisy. According to several customer reviews, they term this product as loud. This means you can do other activities such as reading or be in a Skype meeting while it is on.
Suppose you are considering a change in your current brand or looking for a new robot vac. Then go for a Samsung robot vacuum cleaner, more so the R7040.
2.2. Features

Mapping Technology

This smart robot vacuum cleaner has a mapping technology that captures your home's plan and knows how to clean. This is made possible by the fitted onboard camera and several sensors (FullView Sensor 2.0). After its done cleaning, you will see the cleaning map on your mobile phone via the SmartThings app.

Powerful Suction

When you compare the R7040 to an ordinary robot vacuum cleaner, it's way more powerful. This is because it has twenty times suction power than conventional robot vacs.

Edge Clean Master

The Samsung POWERbot R7040 has a rubber blade that removes dust from hard-to-reach areas such as wall edges and corners. This ensures no dirt particle remains after its done cleaning.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You can quickly change settings and monitor your R7040 as it cleans via your phone. This is thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. Connect the vac with a Wi-Fi network and control it remotely. You can also issue cleaning instructions to the robot vac through voice assistant apps like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby.

EasyPass Wheels

Forget about manually moving your vac as it changes from one-floor type to another. The R7040 has EasyPass wheels, large enough, and lifts when transitioning from hard floors to carpet without any difficulties.

Intelligent Power Control

After transitioning, the suction power needs to change. This is because the suction power used on hard floors is not high. But on carpets, a high suction is required to trap dust. That being the case, the vac robotically detects the change in floor type and shifts the suction power to the required.

Schedule Cleaning

Are you busy throughout the week? And you don't have enough time to clean your home? Then worry no more as this machine is made for you. You can schedule cleaning by choosing the cleaning mode, suction control, or scheduling mode. This makes cleaning simple and stress-free.

Automatic Recharge and Resume

Suppose the robot vacuum cleaner is in the cleaning process, and the battery power is insufficient to continue. It will dock automatically and recharge before it resumes from where it left.

Washable Filter

Some robot vacuum cleaner models in the market don't have a washable filter. This increases the cost of maintaining it. But that's not the case when you buy the POWERbot R7040. It has a washable filter, which is easy to remove and fit.


The build quality of this robot vac is exceptional. The body is made of hard plastic, making it durable even if it comes into contact with an object (rarely). The control buttons and panel are on its top, which great too.
Additionally, the dustbin is transparent, enabling you to see when it is full. The only issue is that the emergency switch is located at the bottom part of the cleaner. This is not okay with customers.


This Samsung robot vacuum cleaner costs $499. (current price)
2.3. Specifications
The following are the specifications of the Samsung POWERbot R7040.
  • Suction power – 10 air watts
  • Brush width – 11 3/8 inches
  • Dust capacity – 0.3 L
  • Brush type – combo
  • Run time (Min/Max) – 30 – 60 minutes
  • Product dimension – 13.7” x 13.4” x 3.8”
  • Warranty – 1-year
  • Weight – 8.8 pounds

4.Comparison Between Samsung POWERbot R7040 Vs. R7010

After a comprehensive guide about the POWERbot R7040, which is its best alternative? According to our analysis, we found out that R7010 is best. Although it has almost similar features, some specification of these robot vacs differs.
The POWERbot R7010 has the following features.
  • Visionary mapping plus and FullView sensor 2.0
  • 20x suction power
  • Cyclone force technology
  • Edge clean master
  • Washable filter
All these features are found in the R7040. So, for a complete comparison, here is a table showing these vac's specifications.
  POWERbot R7040 POWERbot R7010
Suction Power 10 Air Watts 20 Air Watts
Maximum Run Time 60 minutes 60 minutes
Cleaning speed 32 cm/sec 12.6 cm/sec
Dust capacity 0.3 L 0,3 L
Type of Brush Combo Combo
Weight 8.8 lbs. 8.8 lbs.
Warranty 1-year 1-year
Filter Washable Washable
Brush width 11 3/8 inches 11 3/8 inches

5.Difference Between Samsung POWERbot R7040 Vs. Proscenic M6 Pro

Instead of the POWERbot R7040, Proscenic M6 Pro takes the day to the best model. Why do I say so? This is because this robot vacuum cleaner is high advanced than the R7040. Unlike R7040, which is only a vacuum cleaner, the M6 Pro is a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot mop.

This makes it become the best smart robot, vac, and mop. The similarity of these two robot vacs is they have app and voice assistant control.

To know more about the Proscenic M6 Pro, here are its features.

LDS 360˚

To ensure it moves safely and to prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from falling and colliding. It has a laser distance sensor which is 360˚.
NB: It has 15 laser sensors.

iRoom Cleaning System

The M6 Pro has the iRoom cleaning system, which allows you to choose the rooms it will clean at a specific time.

Voice Assistant Control

You can command the M6 Pro via voice assistant apps such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Some of the commands you can issue include start, stop, and recharge.
Comparison chart between R7040 and M6 Pro
  Samsung POWERbot R7040 Proscenic M6 Pro
Suction Power 10 Air Watts 2600 Pa
Dust capacity 0.3 L 0.55 L
Maximum Run Time 60 minutes 120 minutes
Weight 8.8 lbs. 7.5 lbs.
Warranty 1-year 2-year
Product Dimension 13.7” x 13.4” x 3.8” 13.78” x 13.78” x 3.7”


How to clean a robot vacuum
First, empty the dustbin, then rinse it with warm water and let it dry. Then detach the filter and remove the dirt particle. If it is washable, please clean it with enough water. Now clean the brush and wheels.
It is vital to clean these parts because most pet hair and other filth tend to entangle, leading to reduced suction and slow movement. Finally, wipe the charging contact as dirt may have dampened the contacts preventing fast charging.
How to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner
Maintaining your robot vacuum cleaner entails checking your filter often. If it is so dirty, replace or wash it (for washable filter). Don't forget to empty the dust collector after every cleaning session. Also, check the suction inlet for any dirt that may have clogged the channel reducing the suction power.
Where to buy robot vacuum cleaners
There are very many places you can purchase a robot vacuum cleaner. As for offline stores, I can advise you of any as of now. But when it comes to buying this product online, you should be careful. Only purchase them from Amazon or Proscenic.


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