Review & Price:Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier
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By pppggg | 08 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Review & Price:Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

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For a household, indoor environment, specifically air quality is of vital significance to you, family, pets, and loved ones. Indoor air quality is a prevalent cause of early death. On average, people devote 90% of their time inside their homes. They are typically subjected to quantities of toxins 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor air at home. If you live in a heavily polluted urban environment or vulnerable to frequent wildfires, maintaining a healthy atmosphere in your home is essential. A good air purifier will reduce the movement of dust and contaminated air while also capturing and removing foul odors.
The incredible thing is that you will boost indoor air quality and protect your overall health, that of your family and your pets. Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Blueair markets itself as a good-looking, well-designed air purifier that prevents typical airborne contaminants, like toxins, odors, dust, mold spores pollen. BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is among the critical inventions proven to work by collecting 99 percent of airborne contaminants. Blue Pure 211 offers the same air quality as some other top-notch air purifiers of this company. Although strong, this air purifier has a pleasant price tag due to being part of the Blueair budgetary group. Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is an efficient, increased-performance air purifier of the proven Swedish Blueair brand. Built for moderate to wide rooms, it stands out for its vivid color scheme and outstanding features: the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ has a width of up to many square feet and a very outstanding CADR ranking.

It's still very energy-efficient, consuming quite enough power as a light bulb. And although it does not have a True HEPA filter, Blueair says that its own special particle filter exceeds the efficiency of True HEPA filters. This is much more remarkable when you remember that the Blue Pure collection is nearer to the affordable end of the business's world-class commodity range than the expensive end. In this article, the BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is reviewed by reviewing its dimensions, specifications, positives, and negatives.

Table of Contents
1. How does Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier work?
2. Review & Price:Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier
2.1 Pro & Cons
2.2 Size guidelines
2.3 CADR Rating
2.4 Capacity
2.5 Functions
2.6 Performance
2.7 Review
2.8 HEPA filter
2.9 Price
3. Compare with other brands of Air Purifier:Blueair VS Proscenic
Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier VS Proscenic A8
4. Where can I buy Those Air Purifier and the Best Black Friday air fryer deals 2020?
5. Conclusion

1. How Does Blue Air Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Work?

We're going to have a quick look at the 3-stage air purification step as mentioned below: 
The Blue Pure 211 pre-filter material is beyond the air purifier and is capable of catching big particles. This pre-filter is washable.
Particle filter
Rather than utilizing a True HEPA filter, Blue Pure 211 uses a polypropylene fiber filter to absorb 99 percent of all contaminants such as dust, mites, animal dander, spores, and fungi (HEPA technology).
Activated Carbon Filter
The activated carbon filter is inserted within the Particle filter and is victorious against smoke, bad smells, fumes, and VOCs.
Without even a True HEPA filter, Blue Pure 211 is at a drawback, particularly as the marketplace is progressively flooded with a certified HEPA filter. That being said, Blue Pure 211 is still useful with its unique HEPASilent Particle Filter system, which incorporates both mechanical and electrostatic filtration at the same time. This innovation allows Blue Pure 211 to equal the efficiency level of every HEPA air purifier. However, the polypropylene fibers in this air purifier are chemical-free and anti-bacterial. Even not as a simple air purifier, this Particle filter is reusable as a plastic filter.

2. Review & PriceBlueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

2.1 Pro & Cons 

· 3 stage filtration
· 46 sq. ft. wide particle filter
· Quite a high airflow, ideal for quicker clearance of pathogens
· Whisper quiet activity
· Pre-filter multi-color fabric
· Considerable design single-button
· High ventilation
· Whisper-quiet activity
· There is no Wi-Fi networking or advanced features
· No True HEPA filter
· Not appropriate for the elimination of odors
· No timer feature, no sensor for air quality

2.2 Size Guidelines

The Blue Pure 211 has put in motion a new product course for the business.  Owing to a somewhat smaller size, with just 20 inches in height, the profile of this Blue Pure 211 is perceptibly slimmer and is more compact, but, much beyond, the changes tend to be minor.
This air purifier shares a standard design philosophy as other portable air purifiers in the market place, with a 360 Degree air intake to enhance fan control performance. The air outlet is positioned at the top of the Blue Pure 211.

2.3 CADR Rating

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a metric unit for calculating the flow of air and air filter performance in collecting particulate matter. For instance, if the air purifier has a 100% performance and 200 cfm, the Clean Air Delivery Rate is 200 (cfm). In order to build a healthy atmosphere with few or no ambient pollution, air purifiers must have a robust Clean Air Delivery Rate.  AHAM separately tested the Blue Pure 211+ for CADR for dust 350, pollen 350 and smoke 350. The Blue Pure 411 is also properly verified by AHAM for CADR of dust 120, pollen 120 and smoke 105.

2.4 Capacity

Blue Pure 211+ is ideally suited for wide living rooms and offices.   As per BlueAir, the Blue Pure 211+ is suitable for large spaces of up to 540 square feet. Blue Pure 211 ACH is a big 5X ranking. As a popular maker of good quality German-engineered fans, it is no wonder that all Blueair devices will have extremely high air changes each hour, resulting in Blue Pure 211 cleaning your space every 12 minutes. In wide areas, the air purifier can entirely absorb air pollution and clean the air 12 minutes. While doing so, it helps reduce the number of bacteria, viruses, and pollutants matter.

2.5 Functions

There are no extra functions in this one-button air purifier. Blue Pure 211 arrives with zero additional functionalities, no air sensor or timer.

2.6 Performance

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ performs wonderfully. It decreases airborne particulate matter by 99.95 percent. The Blue Pure 211+ is among the friendliest and quietest purifiers of air. That being said, Blue Pure 211+ has a heavy lifetime running rate that is the main flaw against such a purifier.

2.7 Review

If you stay in a large, large open area, the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is a healthy option to ensure that all air is purified. It's a moderately good looking, energy-efficient air purifier that will do everything you want at a cost that won't strain the budget. Specifically, this air purifier is recommended for those who live in places vulnerable to flames or industrial smog or in households that appear to accumulate dust.

2.8 HEPA Filter

Without a True HEPA filter, Blue Pure 211 has a bit of drawback, particularly as the competition is overwhelmingly flooded with a qualified HEPA filter. Even so, Blue Pure 211 also is effective with its unique HEPASilent Particle Filter system, which incorporates both mechanical and electrostatic filtration at the same time.

2.9 Price

At $299, Blueair's Blue Pure 211+ remains firmly in the center of the queue for domestic air purifiers. We believe that's a decent cost for the filtration systems it offers. It's much more economical when you take in its efficiency—Blueair promises to be incredibly low in energy use, and we've noticed it to be valid.  

3. Compare With Other Brands Of Air PurifierBlueair VS Proscenic

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier VS Proscenic A8
Blueair Blue Pure 211+
Proscenic A8
Coverage Area
540 sq. ft.
430 sq. ft.
Air Quality Sensor
Noise Level
31 – 56 dB
Filtration Type
3 Stage
4 Stage
350 Dust/ 350 Smoke/ 350 Pollen (cfm)
220 m³/h Dust/Pollen/Smoke

4. Where Can I Buy Those Air Purifier And The Best Black Friday Air Fryer Deals 2020?

Air purifiers much minimize pollution and enhance the quality of indoor air. Air purifiers aim to filter pollution out of the air. Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is widely available on various online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and retail stores. It is easier, though, to buy from well-known, reputable web sources dealing with original goods. Besides, you can still make the most of the best black Friday sales deals on Amazon and other online retailers.

5. Conclusion

Remarkable efficiency in a compact yet sleek design renders the Blue Pure 211+ a premium air purifier. Blue Pure 211+ is an excellent air purifier capable of cleaning space of up to 540 square feet in 12 minutes. Easy to run and sustain, the air purifier can be freely put in any room without losing its quality compared to its 360-degree air intake.
The Blue Pure 211+ air purifier is strongly recommended for allergy sufferers because they only have to switch it on and do not require functionality other than looks and particle filtration capability. That being said, its absence of sensor and auto mode, along with higher running costs, is just a little disheartening at this price range.
However, when it refers to air purification, the Blue Pure 211+ outclasses many other air purifiers in its budget range, considering their extra noise. So although it might not be one of the most feature-packed air purifiers on the marketplace, it virtually eliminates airborne pollutants and is very strong at booting.


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