The 8 best air purifier for home of 2020: Dyson, Honeywell, Levoit, Holmes, Coway, Winix and more
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By Joey | 08 January 2021 | 0 Comments

The 8 best air purifier for home of 2020: Dyson, Honeywell, Levoit, Holmes, Coway, Winix and more

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The 8 best air purifier for home of 2020: Dyson, Honeywell, Levoit, Holmes, Coway, Winix and more

1 What does an air purifier do?

While we may not see it, the air around us, even in our homes, tends to be full of impurities and other foreign material. This material may include dust, pollen, allergens, asthmatic triggers, smoke, odors, toxins, harmful micro-organisms, debris and even mold. Most of these are potential health hazards and therefore should be avoided whenever possible. Thanks to the fast paced-innovativeness of the technological industry, we now have a solution for all this, an air purifier. This convenient lifestyle appliance works to clean the air in a room and purify it of this foreign material. To do so, they use a series of air filtration technologies, whether standalone or systemic. Having an air purifier in your home is a proven way of guaranteeing healthier, cleaner and fresher room air hassle-free. This coincides with a better lifestyle and a longer lifespan. Air purifiers are ideal for:
  1. Protecting the users from asthmatic triggers giving them an easier and safer experience in their homes, free from attacks.
  2. A home with an air purifier guarantees a disease free environment. Not only do you get to unwind at home, but you also get to ensure a healthier environment for your family.
  3. They are exceptional when it comes to getting rid of odors and unwanted scents such as sprays, pet smells and cooking smells.

1 What does an air purifier do? 
2 Dyson Air Puriifier 
2.1 Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier 
3 Levoit Air Purifier 
3.1 Levoit lv-h132 air purifier 
4 Coway Air Purifier 
4.1 Coway ap-1512hh mighty air purifier 
5 Winix air purifier 
5.1 Winix air purifier c545 
6 Holmes Air Purifier 
6.1 Holmes HEPA Air Purifier 
7 Molekule Air Purifier 
8 Proscenic A8 air purifier 
9 Comparison Table 
10 What is the best air purifier? 


2 Dyson Air Puriifier

2.1 Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier

This appliance comes in either a desk or a tower design. The desk design has a more circular loop while the tower design is tall and has an oval design. This is accompanied by a compact design that makes portability possible. In addition, it comes with a convenient weight of 9 pounds. Aside from this, it is built with triple functionality. It is able to act as a heater, air purifier and a cooler. The appealing design makes it a desktop appliance able to fit into any room. It is fitted with a 360 degree filter that is the basis of its 1 stage filtration process. Air flows into the appliance through mesh air intake at the bottom, is purified by the 360 HEPA filter and released through outlet vents on the circular part of the appliance. A convenient feature allows the user to set the top part to rotate for even air distribution.
On purchase, the manufacturer recommends that the unit is used on rooms measuring 400 square feet. Contrary to its size, this shows immense efficiency. A small user interface is fitted on the appliance to enable the user draw more utility from it. Here they can access the Wi-Fi indicator and power the unit on or off. This appliance comes with a magnetized remote that not only expands its versatility but can be stored on the appliances body when not in use. Wi-Fi compatibility allows the appliance to be connected to a smartphone app, for both iOS and Android devices. This air purifier also features 3 sensors to detect Temperature, VOCs and Humidity.

3 Levoit Air Purifier

3.1 Levoit lv-h132 air purifier

The Levoit lv-h132, in spite of it compact nature, guarantees immense efficiency and versatility. Users can purchase it in either black or white. It adopts compact cylindrical design that houses a 3 stage filtration system while allowing it to be extremely portable. Impure air is sucked in through the mesh intakes on the bottom sides of the appliance. It is then passed through the filtration framework which purifies air by first passing it through a pre-filter, then an activated carbon filter and finally through the True HEPA filter. Purified air is expelled through vents located atop the appliance. This framework gives it the ability to efficiently purify air in rooms measuring 128 square feet. It has an energy friendly consumption rating at 28 watts, which does not dull its performance. Alongside the vents on the top of the unit is a control panel. Here users are able to conveniently reset the filter life indicator, power the appliance, shift modes and fan speeds. The night mode, when activated, makes the unit dim its lighting and considerably lower its fan speed to a more energy saving setting. On Amazon the Lv-h132 retails for an affordable $69.

4 Coway Air Purifier

4.1 Coway ap-1512hh mighty air purifier

The ap-1512 mighty air purifier can be purchase in either black or white. The device is mostly made out of plastic bust is in actuality a top quality appliance. This air purifier works by taking in air through intake vents located at its front. Once purified, the air is released through a vent located at the top of the unit. The innovativeness behind this design is meant to guarantee performance even when placed close to other objects. This performance is backed by a filtration system with 4 stages. These comprise of a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, a True HEPA filter and an ionizer that can be turned on optionally. Beside the vents is a control panel that features 5 buttons and an air quality indicator. True HEPA filters are proven to be 99% effective in filtering out up to 0.3 microns. It also features an ECO mode that has an energy star rating of 4.9 watts, which is one of the most energy efficient on the market.

5 Winix air purifier

5.1 Winix air purifier c545

This tall appliance guarantees the user a well-rounded experience. The Winix c545 air purifier is unique but exceptional. Its uniqueness is seen in how they implement their flagship PlasmaWave Technology in their air purifying appliances. The c545 in particular incorporates this innovation in its 4 stage filtration framework. This is seen in how it works efficiently alongside a pre-filter, a carbon filter and a True HEPA filter. The Winix PlasmaWave ionizer allows the user to optionally turn it on or off, depending on their preferences. Besides this technology, those who purchase the Winix c545 also get to enjoy what high end models usually have to offer, especially the smart features. These features are WiFi connectivity, Smartphone app compatibility, ability to use Alexa and Google voice assistants, air quality sensors, a filter reset indicator and an LED air quality indicator. The elaborate control panel allows you to interact with up to 4 fan speed settings and even select a sleep mode or auto mode. The all-white c545 works by taking in air through vents located at the lower part of the unit, passing it through the filters and ionizers, then releasing pure air through the outlet vents located at the top. Impressively, it has a 65 watt energy star rating, which shows that it can deliver great performance while saving you money on power bills. The manufacturer recommends its use on rooms with a capacity of 360 square feet.

6 Honeywell Air Purifier

6.1 Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier

The Honeywell True HEPA air purifier makes use of a 3 phase filtration system. This comprises of an antimicrobial filter, a granular carbon filter and True HEPA filter. The HEPA filters have 99% proven efficiency when it comes to capturing material down to 0.3 microns in size. This framework makes the HPA600B an efficient and exceptional air purifier. It is also very energy and budget friendly. This is seen in how it saves you on energy bills, given its 44 watt energy consumption on the highest setting. The appliance retails for $500, but delivers enough utility to return value for your money.
The bulky nature of this appliance is as a result of Honeywell incorporating their classic design with modern technologies and innovations. A user friendly interface, fitted atop the appliance, allows the user to draw full utility from the appliance. They are able to choose among 5 modes, apart from a convenient night mode. Other features on the appliance include a power off timer, air quality sensor and indicator and a filter life indicator. Users are also able to connect their phones to the appliance via Bluetooth for added functionality. The users are also able to choose a mode among 5 that are apart from the convenient night mode.

7 Holmes Air Purifier

7.1 Holmes HEPA Air Purifier

The Holmes HEPA air purifier stands out for being very efficient. It has a long track record for being an extremely reliable air purifier. To back this reputation, it utilizes a 4 stage filtration system that is uniquely fitted with 3 HEPA filters alongside the activated carbon filter. The manufacturers were able to do this by arranging the filters using a modular arrangement. This unique innovation makes it effective when ridding the home air of odors, dust, pollen, allergens, debris, pet dander, mold and even microorganisms. All this can utility can be acquired by purchasing the appliance for just $149.
The Holmes HAP756U comes with a recommended room capacity of 418 square feet, therefore it is the ideal appliance for large homes. This is backed by the ability to select among 4 fan speeds and even set a cleaning timer for up to 16 hours. The control panel also features LED indicators for both pre-filter and HEPA filter replacement. On its most powerful setting, it only consumes 97 watts which is quite energy efficient. The HAP756U measures 10.5 by 21.5 by 22.5 and has a weight of about 25 pounds.

8 Molekule Air Purifier

The cylindrical Molekule Air Purifier is built using Aluminum hence the silver color scheme. For enhanced portability a strap is fitted at the top. This 18 pound unit measures 8.25 (diameter) by 23 (height) inches. The touch screen LCD display atop the unit is quite simple to understand and use. This control panel allows the user to interact with the unit and modify its settings and cleaning modes such as Boost Mode, Dark Mode, Silent Mode and Auto Mode. These modes give the unit varied efficiency, cleaning power, lighting and noise levels. To purify air, the unit uses a two phase filtration system made up of a miniature Molekule Pre-Filter and a PECO filter. The intake vents at the bottom take in air, which is passed through the pre-filter to capture huge dust debris, pet hair and other pollutants. The air then rises upwards to the PECO filter for even more intense cleaning. In addition, the appliance features Wi-Fi compatibility enabling the user link their smartphones to the device. Once this is set up, they can remotely turn the machine on or off, get real time air quality readings, switch operating modes, receive filter replacement notifications and schedule cleaning.

9 Proscenic A8 air purifier 

The Proscenic A8 utilizes a cylindrical design to support its functionality. This is seen in the way it works. Impure air flows into the appliance via the 360 degree mesh intake surrounding its bottom. Once inside, it is passed through a 4 phase filtration framework that is made up of a pre-filter, a Nano Filter, H13 True HEPA filter and a Carbon filter. This system makes it exceptional when used in rooms measuring about 430 square feet. The filtration framework comfortably gets rid of smoke, debris, dust, pollen, allergens, micro-organisms and other toxins in the air.
Users can use their phones to remotely interface with this appliance given its Wi-Fi compatibility and the Smartphone app. The app allows them to remotely power the unit, adjust the timer and choose among 3 fan speed settings. It also comes with a child lock and 3 modes to choose from. These are the auto mode, a sleep mode and a night mode. An air quality sensor reads the air conditions and the user sees the readings through an LED indicator. It also as a filter replacement LED indicator. It also allows for accurate Voice Control through Alexa and Google Assistant.
Some of the advantages of using the Proscenic A8 include:
  1. The Proscenic A8 has an amazingly large room coverage of up to 430 square feet
  2. The smart feature allows for remote control, scheduling cleaning and monitoring cleaning.
  3. The Wi-Fi compatibility of this device brings out its smart features. It can be linked to a smartphone app which gives the user increased versatility.
  4. This appliance is proven to efficiently rid the air of dust, smoke, debris, pollen and other harmful allergens.


10 Comparison Table

Brand Dyson Levoit Coway Winix Honeywell Holmes Molekule Proscenic
Dimensions (inches) 4.3 x 7.7 x 40 8.5(diameter) x 14.5 18.3 x 16.8 x 9.6 15 x 15 x 15 17 x 10 x 24 22.5 x 21.5 x 10.5 8.25 x 23 9.45 x 9.45 x 16.54
Weight (lbs.) 8.6 6.48 12.3 30.9 32 25 18 10
Room capacity (sq. ft.) 400 126 465 698 325 418   430
Control method Voice
Remote -
  1. 360 HEPA filter
  1. Pre filter
  2. Activated Carbon filter
  3. True HEPA filter
  1. Pre filter
  2. Activated Carbon filter
  3. True HEPA filter
  4. Optional ionizer
  1. Washable fine mesh pre-filter
  2. Carbon Filter
  3. True HEPA filter
  4. Plasma Wave Technology
  1. Activated Carbon Filter
  2. True HEPA filter
  1. Activated Carbon Filter
  1. 3 True HEPA filters
  1. Molekule Pre-Filter
  2. PECO filter
  1. Pre-Filter
  2. Nano Filter
  3. H13 True HEPA
  4. Activated Carbon filter
Air Cleaning Rate (up to 0.3 microns) 99.7% 99% 99% 99.93% 99.97% 99% 99% 99%

11 What is the best air purifier?

The Proscenic A8 air purifier is notably efficient given its ability to handle large rooms and a variety of air purifying jobs. The 4 stage filtration design gives it immense versatility and guarantees 99% air cleaning efficiency. The H13 True HEPA filter goes the extra mile in ensuring there is no foreign particulates in the air. Its smart features, such as the air quality indicator, give it the ability to more precisely and accurately monitor air quality and adjust accordingly to the new conditions in order to give the best air purifying results.


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