The 7 Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors of 2021; Shark, Eufy, Ilife, iRobot Roomba, Neato and more
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By Joey | 07 January 2021 | 0 Comments

The 7 Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors of 2021; Shark, Eufy, Ilife, iRobot Roomba and more

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The 7 Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors of 2021; Shark, Eufy, Ilife, iRobot Roomba, Neato and more

1. Introduction

Looking at a sparkle clean hardwood floor is makes you feel the luxury, and the sense of quality will definitely overwhelm you. The only dark side of the hardwood floors is how hectic and tiresome it is to make them gain the cleanliness it had before once they get dirty. The condition of the house can be even worse if you are a pet enthusiast and all pet, fur, and dander are likely to be found on the floor, and it can be impossible clear the hair, thanks to the modern robot vacuums that bring you every answer you need to make your hardwood floor always clean and welcoming.
Use of robot vacuums can be prudent since there are places you cannot be able to reach physically and clean due to narrowness of the space, for example far underneath the living room seats. It will be important if you take your time and get to know the right vacuum cleaner that will satisfy your hardwood floor needs.
At the end of this article you would have known the features to look for in a robot vacuum and the model that you will be assured of perfect clean floors, and most importantly how each can be controlled once you acquire the robot vacuum of your desire.

1. Introduction 
2. Shark Robot Vacuum 
2.1. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum 
3. Bissell Robot Vacuum 
3.1. Bissell EV675 
4. Ilife Robot Vacuum 
4.1. ILIFE A4S 
5. Eufy Robot Vacuum 
5.1. Eufy 11S 
6. iRobot Roomba 
6.1. iRobot Roomba 960 
7. Neato Robot Vacuum 
7.1. Neato Botvac (Neato D7) 
8. Proscenic Robot Vacuum 
8.1. Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner 
9. Comparison Table 
10. What is the Best Robot Vacuum? 


2. Shark Robot Vacuum 

2.1. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

When it comes to hardwood floor cleaning, the Shark IQ robot vacuum is a decent device that comes with hot and high-performance features. The magnificent building of the machine is eye-catching and brings more beauty, especially when placed at a given point in your house. What makes the Shark IQ robot vacuum to be excellent in picking up debris and other sorts of dirt such as pet hairs and dust is the powerful suction power it manifests on the floor.
The device employs a high level of technology as it can be controlled by just the SharkClean mobile app that you download. Whatever you instruct the device to do, it is quickly executed. Through the same app, the Shark IQ robot vacuum can do the mapping of your entire house, and once the map is produced, you will have to name each of the rooms to be cleaned, and you can be able to command the robot to clean specific rooms.
Dealing with the Shark IQ robot vacuum is all about resting and watch all the cleaning happening. You will be delighted with how the robot can empty itself due to the self-emptying base that automatically gets rid of the full dustbin and gets the cleaning session in progress without any of your intervention.

3. Bissell Robot Vacuum

3.1. Bissell EV675

Suppose you need a simple to operate robot vacuum. In that case, the Bissell EV675 robot vacuum is the best choice since it does not involve the overuse of technology and can be ideal for small rooms or apartments with hardwood floors. The best part of this device is the triple Action System that is composed of the brush roller, auto-adjusting suction, and side brushes. This feature can detect changes in floor surfaces like the transition from a carpeted surface to a hardwood floor and automatically provides the appropriate suction.
The 13.65 x 13.65 x 3.8 vacuum has been designed in such a way that it attains a low profile body so that it can easily maneuver under most furniture and other hard-to-reach areas in your house. You will never find it hard to carry or move the device due to its lightweight of just 4 pounds. The device's compactness to the ground contributes to its inability to topple over and fall since it measures 12.8" W by 3.5 inches.
The robot's dustbin of 0.4 liters is enough for the device to run tirelessly for 100 minutes and gather each dirt that prevents the floor's sparkle clean outlook from being exposed. The remote control of the Bissell EV675 robot vacuum can do some slight scheduling within the times of that particular cleaning day. You will never want to miss this budget-friendly device.

4. Ilife Robot Vacuum

4.1. ILIFE A4S

The Ilife brand has come up with a small robot vacuum that only measures 12.2 inches diameter and only 3 inches tall. This device is the Ilife A4S robot vacuum cleaner.  The machine operates straightforward and makes use of the On/Off button that is positioned on top of the machine. The 0.5 liters dustbin capacity of this device surpasses most vacuum cleaners, which makes this device a better option than the robot vacuums.
The device is most suitable for busy people who will not find time cleaning themselves or control the vacuum cleaner since the Ilife A4S robot vacuum is pre-programmable and all cleaning is done as scheduled. This robot really helps pet owners a lot since the hair that falls on the floor cannot easily be picked manually. The Ilife A4S robot vacuum comes in and offers its powerful suction and leaves the hardwood floor amusingly admirable.

Sometimes as humans, we can forget to charge even our mobile phone, and the same incident can also happen when it comes to putting the robot vacuum into charging. For the Ilife A4S robot vacuum, this is not an irritating issue since the robot returns to the charging dock by itself without the need for your intervention. Besides, your robot vacuum has the ability to detect the type of floor and automatically adjusts to the suitable cleaning mode.

5. Eufy Robot Vacuum

5.1. Eufy 11S

The Eufy 11s robot vacuum is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners that are believed to bring out the best to floors, especially at removing stubborn dirt from hardwood floors, due to the 1300Pa suction power that readily sucks up any pet hair, pet dander, debris and dust that make the floor dirty. Apart from the triple-filter system that eliminates all allergens, the robot grants you a super quiet operation that will not disturb even a sleeping baby in the room.
In a full charge, the machine continuously runs up to 100 minutes and collects 0.6 liters of dirt for every fill. You will meet the BoostIQ technology in this robot, which has the grand capability to automatically increase the suction power for every one and a half seconds of vacuuming. Therefore the more time you vacuum, the stronger the suction delivered.
For the device to give you its noble for a long period, without getting damaged easily, it has been equipped with an Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover that offers vital protection. An infrared sensor plays an excellent role in detecting obstacles that come in the device’s way. Much appealing, the drop-sensing technology in the device will never allow the device to fall when navigating stairs and other steep floor levels accidentally. Make the Eufy 11s robot vacuum cleaner your top cleaning assistant in your house or office.

6. iRobot Roomba 

6.1. iRobot Roomba 960

Among the exceptional models, the Roomba brands produce, the IRobot Roomba 960 vacuum comes to the top due to its prowess at making any hardwood floor as clean as anyone can imagine. It does not depend on the size of the hardwood floor you would wish to clean. The robot can give the cleaning coverage you wish as long as it has a powerful battery, which can be recharged after 75 of successful cleaning depending on the cleaning level you would have used.
The three stage-stage cleanings are instrumental in determining the kind of suction power and cleaning speed the device should apply depending on the kind of dirt eliminated. The machine comes with a multi-surface rubber brush along with an efficient power lifting system that gives the robot 5x the suction power of other vacuum cleaners. All particles that measure less than 10 microns are captured by the high-efficiency filter of the robot vacuum.
You are offered the iAdapt 2.0 technology along with the vSlam navigation that ensures that your rooms are the cleanest in town since the robot can now map all the rooms in your house. After the robot has done away with mapping, you only need to relax until it has completely cleaned the entire house.  You can also make use of voice control apps to issue commands, and they are obeyed by the marvelous IRobot Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner.

7. Neato Robot Vacuum

7.1. Neato Botvac (Neato D7)

The Neato brand brings you the Neato D7 robot vacuum cleaner for the cleanest hardwood floors that displays the latest features that every robot vacuum owner would admire. The device brings you the zone cleaning feature, No-go lines, multiple floor plan mapping. The zone cleaning feature is useful you want the device to vacuum a specified area or room, mostly the frequently used places in the house. The multiple floor mapping feature is meant for the general cleaning of the entire house, which is different from the no-go-line, where the device is restricted to a certain vacuuming area.
Without the Neato app for android or iOS, you cannot do much with the Neato D7 robot vacuum. Through the app, you can connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. Now on the main screen in your Smartphone, the name of the robot is displayed, and its current status is indicated. The app also shows the battery level. You will see the start button, and also the cleaning history is provided. All cleaning options can be simply executed through the Neato app.
The Neato D7 robot vacuum's cleaning power is almost similar to that of the Roomba 960, and it can deliver a satisfactory sucking up of hair and other dirt from the hardwood floor. Find a way to own this technologically advanced device.

8. Proscenic Robot Vacuum

8.1. Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If there is an outstanding robot vacuum in the world of robot vacuum cleaners, it is the Proscenic M7 Pro that employs advanced and modern technology for the maximum and adorable floor cleaning result, especially when it comes to cleaning hardwood types. The robot provides the LDS Laser Navigation Technology that makes the vacuum to create a virtual environment map via probe scans. This greatly helps the robot vacuum to plan on the excellent cleaning part for admirable cleaning results.
 The Proscenic M7 Pro employs the Y-shaped mop function that enables you to wipe the device in three passes and hence clean all dirt. Of course, the Proscenic M7 Pro is run and controlled by various apps, like the Google/Alexa assistant, allowing you to use your voice to instruct the device on what you need it to do. Then, the ProscenicHome app allows you to make cleaning schedules, start or stop the cleaning session, and many other significant options.

Through the laser navigation technology adopted by the device helps it to avoid stumbling on objects and also be able to detect and stairs or edges to avoid falling. This keeps the device in good shape all the time. Enjoy the super-powerful suction of the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner for the cleanest hardwood floors in your house today.

9. Comparison Table 

Model Weight
Dustbin capacity
Battery life
( minutes)
Shark IQ robot vacuum cleaner 13.2 0.6 12.9”L” x 12.6”w” x 3.5”H’ 70
Bissell EV675 robot vacuum cleaner 4 0.4 12.8”W x 3.5”H 100
Ilife A4S robot vacuum cleaner 4.9 0.5 12.2”L” x 12.2”W” by3.0”H” 140
Eufy 11S robot vacuum cleaner 5.73 0.6 12.8”L” x 12.8”w” x 2.85”H” 100
IRobot Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner 8.5 0.6 13.8”L” x 13.8”W”by 3.6”H” 75
Neato D7 robot vacuum cleaner 7.5 0.7 13.2” L” x 12.6”w”  x 3.9”H” 120
Prosenic M7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner 5.2 0.6 13.65”L” x 13.65”W’ x 3.8”H” 150

10. What is the Best Robot Vacuum?

Here, you are to make your own choice on which robot vacuum cleaner can suit best your needs and also, most importantly, the one you are able to afford, like the Bissell EV675 Vacuum robot vacuum. You will need a perfect and high-performance device like the Proscenic M7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner that serves with the best quality cleaning results.


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