Guide and Tips: How to clean our house in an efficient way
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By Lauren Quan | 04 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Guide and Tips: How to clean our house in an efficient way

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As humans and even animals, one of the very important ways of ensuring a sound and healthy state of mind and body is to ensure that our environment remains clean all the time. Living in a healthy environment, apart from the fact that it promotes sound health, also enhances activeness and happiness in humans. There are a whole lot of ways to ensure that our house remains clean every time. In this article, we shall be looking at how to clean your house in an efficient way and the most effective of these ways. We shall also be discussing how vacuum cleaners help a lot in maintaining a clean and healthy house.
Guide and Tips: How to clean our house in an efficient way
1. Ways of cleaning your house
1.1 Wipe all mirrors and glasses while cleaning
1.2 Clean all sinks and Tubs
1.3 Clean Stoves and Microwaves
1.4 Clear all Clutters
1.5 Disinfect Surface Areas
1.6 Make use of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner
2. Some Robot Vacuum cleaners you can consider
2.1 Eufy robot vacuum cleaner
2.2 Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner
2.3 robot vacuum cleaner
2.4 Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner
2.5 shark robot vacuum cleaner
2.6 Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner
3. Conclusion

1. Ways of Cleaning your House

When it comes to cleaning your house, there a lot of ways you can achieve that. Some of them are:

1.1 Always ensure that you wipe all mirrors and glasses while cleaning
This is very important but most people do not pay much attention to it. Wiping out mirrors and glasses would give your house a complete clean look. You would not like to have every other place sparkling at the end of your cleaning but your glasses and mirrors full of dust and dirt. This would make the whole thing look shabby and imperfect. The next time you clean your house, make sure that you do not leave out all the glasses and mirrors you have in the house, this would make cleaning efficient.
1.2 Clean inside and around sinks and tubs 
Another important part of cleaning that people tend to leave out is cleaning the sinks and tubs. Sinks and tubs should not be left out every time you clean. They are part of the things that are mostly used in the house, and so they are very good places for germs and other microorganisms to build up if not well-taken care of. Clean all sinks in the house well, and even disinfect them to get rid of any harmful growth of organisms too. Clean your tubs and other closets well too, to prevent germs and some other harmful bacteria.

1.3 Clean inside stoves and microwaves
A good way to ensure healthy living is to make sure that what we put in our mouths are clean and healthy. Ensuring that your stoves and microwaves are well clean and neat is highly important and essential. Make sure to always pay attention to them when you clean. When you want to clean your stoves, microwaves, or even other home appliances, it is important to note that you should always refer to the manuals that come with them. This will put you through the best ways to safely clean them without having them spoilt.

1.4 Clear all clutters
 Always remember this! Do not end the whole process of cleaning without clearing out all clutters and piles of dirt or waste. Leaving them out would only make it look like you never even cleaned in the first place. Clear out all clutter and piles and make sure that you dispose of them well. Check out every room in the house for any form of clutter and piles of dirt, pack them all out and throw them away. Clear out other clutters of useful items too and put them all in their rightful places. This will make the cleaning more arranged and tidier.

1.5 Disinfect surface areas
 One thing you should never leave out while cleaning surfaces and floors are disinfecting them. Even though you can easily wipe out dust and other dirt from surfaces, there are lots of unseen harmful microorganisms that grow on home surfaces and floor. If left unattended to, these microorganisms can multiply in number and find their way inside the human body or even inside essential utensil in our daily activities- they can cause a lot of harms that way. Make sure that you always disinfect all surfaces to get rid of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms.

1.6 Always use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner
If you are looking for a very efficient way to successfully get rid of all dirt and even microorganisms, this is the best option for you! Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed with features that make it possible for you to effectively clean your spaces easily. It is stress-free and easy to use. There are a lot of Robot Vacuum cleaners out there in the market today, you can choose from any of them.

All of the above ways are very effective in cleaning your house efficiently. The most important of them is the use of an automatic vacuum cleaner. This is a very easy and no stress way of cleaning. They are healthy to use and there are a lot of automatic vacuum cleaners from varieties of companies out there.

2. Here are some Vacuum cleaners you might like to consider

2.1 Eufy robot vacuum cleaner

Eufy is one of the many sister brands of a Chinese company known as Anker Innovations. This company is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and they are very famous for producing and selling computer and mobile accessories like earbuds, headphones, power banks, and so on. Anker was founded in 2011 by a person known as Steven Yang, and the part of the company that is charged with producing various smart appliances is known as Eufy.

Eufy has produced different home appliances including automatic vacuum cleaners. Some of the hot models of vacuum cleaners produced by this company are:


2.1.1 RoboVac 30C MAX


2.1.2 RoboVac 15C MAX


2.2 Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

The Robot vacuum cleaners sold by the Xiaomi Company are produced by a third-party company that is partnered with Xiaomi. The name of the Company is known as Roborock. The Xiaomi Company initiated the sales of robot vacuum cleaners on March 31, 2016. They are well-known and popular for producing and selling varieties of tech appliances and other home appliances. Some of the top-selling robotic vacuum cleaners of the company are:

2.2.1 Roborocks S6


2.2.2 Xiaomi S50 Smart Robot Roborock Vacuum Cleaner


2.3 iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner

The iRobot company is located in America and it is a technology company that deals in designing and manufacturing various robots. The robot vacuum cleaners created by this company are known as Roomba. The Company was created in 1990 and it is owned by three members of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab that deals in building robots for military purposes and also for the exploration of space. The Company are producers of various robotic products including floor mops, vacuum cleaners, and other home appliances. Some of the top vacuum cleaners of the company are:

2.3.1 iRobot Roomba 671


2.3.2 iRobot Roomba 675

 2.4 Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner

A man named Qian Dongqi established the Ecovacs Robotics Company in 1998. The Company was created as the manufacturer of Vacuum cleaners under the name: TEK Electrical Company. In 2006, the Company rebranded as an independent manufacturer of robotic devices for cleaning of homes. The first-floor cleaning Deebit series of the Company was introduced in 2007.

Here are two of the leading robotic vacuum cleaners of the company:





2.5 Shark robot vacuum cleaner

The SharkNinja is a company that deals in household appliances and many other cleaning solutions that suits the taste of people, especially the ones with tight schedules, around the globe. The company, which has now become very popular amongst people, is based in Needham, Massachusetts, immediately after Boston. It was founded by Mark Rosenzweig, and the company mainly deals with the production and the sales of high-quality products like robot vacuum cleaners, tea makers, air fryers, and pressure pots, and many other home appliances.

Two of the hot robotic vacuum cleaners from this company are:


2.5.1 Shark ION Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi

2.5.2 Shark® AI Robot Vacuum R201

2.6 Proscenic robot vacuum cleaner

The Proscenic Company is one of the top home appliances producing company in the world today. . The Company got the name “Proscenic” from the merging together of the two words: Prosperous and scenic.  The name is said to mean: “The future of the intelligent life”. The Company was established in Japan by a Talwan group in 1993 and has since then produced numerous home appliances that go in par with the digital age.

2.6.1 Proscenic M7 Pro


2.6.2 Proscenic M6 Pro



The robot Vacuum cleaner is an indisputably awesome innovation in technology. Everyone likes it when his activities are made easy. There are very good choices if you are someone that values effective cleanliness with much ease. Every home must ensure that there is a robot vacuum cleaner handy. The above-mentioned Vacuum cleaners are all awesome and they are among the leading robot vacuum cleaners in the market today. If you are however looking for a unique vacuum cleaner with lots of additional features, you should try out the Robot vacuum cleaners from the Proscenic company- they are all extra-ordinarily awesome!


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